Fire Emblem Fates ~ Children Guide Part 2 (Max Stats, Marriages) – The MetaGame

Welcome to the MetaGame with me, Oni Black
Mage, here to share tips and suggestions towards optimization of marriage and children for
the newest installment in the Fire Emblem Franchise, Fire Emblem Fates. If you haven’t seen the first part of this
guide that covers class and skill inheritance basics, I would suggest watching that now,
as this guide will be approaching marriage pairings from a stat growth rate and class
perspective. Whether you’re new or veteran to the series,
let’s cover some basics first. Growth Rates Children are rebalanced in general in Fates
so as to not completely overshadow their parents like in Awakening. In fact, there are many
units that stay more effective than children throughout the game given the constraints
on classes now amd they have competitive or better growth rates. Growth Rates are the percentage that determine
how likely a unit is to gain a stat increase at a level up, so the higher the better. After all, Stat caps don’t matter if you don’t
have the Growth rates to reach them. There’s individual growth rates and class
growth rates, with total together to give a character’s full growth rate. For example, if a character has a natural
Str growth rate of 40 and they are currently a class that has a Str growth rate of 20,
then their full Str growth rate is 60. Meaning, if they level up as that class, then they
have a 60% chance of gaining +1 to their Str stat. Going forward, I will be talking about growth
rate pools, which is the all of the ability growth rates of a character totaled up into
one number. Now, keep in mind a single number doesn’t tell a whole story. Characters lacking
exceptional gains are generally more well-rounded or dump magic or strength entirely, including
the Avatar. A character with a lower pool of growth rates isn’t necessarily weaker,
as most characters are biased towards being martial or magical characters. What is does
help show is the larger the growth rate pool, the more likely the character will gain stats
on level up across multiple abilities, and likely max out their stats. Don’t forget,
growth rates, stat caps, skills, a large amount of RNG luck, and your own tactics determine
how effective and powerful any given unit actually is. For reference, I am only noting the Strong
gains=50+ growth rate and any exceptional growth rates above 60. I will also be approaching
this from a Revelations perspective, so all potential parents and marriagable characters
are considered here, in addition to exceptional growth rates they can pass onto their children.
Not surprisingly, the Avatar and the royal children are all top tier when it comes to
growth rates. The only thing unique here is Mozu, as I listed her growth rates with Aptitude
equipped, and without. Children Children will have their own growth rates,
but their real growth rates will be the average of their own and whomever their dedicated
parent married. So, they start lower, with the opportunity to be curved up depending
on the spouse. Some Children have exceptional growths, so beware spouses that can curve
the growth rate down Child’s growth rate=(Spouse’s growth rate
+ Child’s Growth Rate) / 2 Now let’s take a look at each child unit from
the perspective of their growths and how well they match up with their classes, and see
what potential parents they can have to complement their strengths. Keep in mind that, again,
there are no best combinations, and its up to personal combat style. I will be approaching
this from a maximization standpoint, so I tend to have characters play their strengths,
and specialize in either martial, magic, or defensive roles. This is as opposed to a well-rounded
approach where I could pair characters with parents who have different strengths so they
average out. I personally just prefer a team of specialists vs a group of average units.
So, I will be suggesting mothers and classes they pass down that line up more with the
strengths the character already has so as to increase the likelihood of early stat maxing. Kana is well rounded, despite starting off
on the lower average side of growth points among the children. This is fine as Kana gets
the equally well rounded Nobility class but also the ability to fit into any class the
avatar choose as a talent. Since Kana is such a blank slate, any parent for the avatar is
fine since it likely means an upward curve of growth points for Kana. Shigure has almost nonexistent magic, so the
Troubadour option is only there to make him a support unit and work with his personalized
Rally skill. Consider a physically minded father to work off his strong Str and Skl.
Xander or Silas are natural fits, especially passing along the Cavalier. Saizo or Kaze
work if you also want to grant Ninja too and take advantae of his high skill. Then there’s
Ryoma for Samurai, and Arthur for Fighter as alternative offensive options. Dwyer may seem to have opposing choices among
his classes, but he’s a well-rounded character with good potential as front-line support
or offense, so he really is a great Butler. His low skill, spd, and average magic suggests
avoiding those types of mothers so I suggest Camilla and Beruka for Wyvern Knight, and
Oboro for Spear Fighter. His high HP and good defenses work as the base for a decent tank
as well so consider Effie for the Knight class option. Sophie has great Skl and Spd to make a great
Mercenary, but a concerningly low HP, Str, and Def to be a front-line cavalier. She reminds
me of the token Green Cavalier you got in older Fire Emblem games that focused on speed.
Consider Camilla to bump up her offense and give Wyvern Knight, or Beruka to boost her
defensively with the same class. Also consider Charlotte for Fighter and essentially turning
her into a glass cannon. Otherwise, Hinoka will improve her all around while giving her
Sky Knight to really take advantage of her speed and skill. Likewise, Kagero can give
her Ninja and a huge strength boost while complementing her high speed and skill. Speaking personally, I don’t use Apothecaries
or Merchants despite their solid HP and Str gains, and since Ninja also offers Mechanist,
I consider Midori a ninja like her father. Like Kana, don’t be fooled by the Growth Pool
score.Midori has the structure to make any physical class work, making her flexible for
mothers while staying competitively strong. Kagero is the natural choice, while also giving
the great Basara class through Diviner. Hana will also boost her Str and Spd while also
giving the Samurai class, which works very well on Midori. Hinoka works too for giving
Sky Knight, and allowing Midori’s high Skl and Lck to work. Finally, Camilla for Wyvern
Rider and Charlotte for Fighter work if you want to lean heavier on an offensive Midori. Now let’s talk about children exclusive to
the Birthright or Revelations paths. These kids have a lot less tank options to the physically
heavy classes of Nohr. Shiro is the ideal heavy hitting tank, also
making him an excellent Spear Fighter, but it’s ironic because he doesn’t have the speed
and luck common to more a effective Samurai and he has a limited selection for mothers,
half which want to make him a mage. The real options are Azura for her high Str, Skl, Spd
and also Sky Knight diversity, Kagero for exceptional Str, Spd, and Ninja, and Camilla
for all around solid physical boosts and the Wyvern Rider. If the Avatar or Kana could
pass along the Knight class, Shiro would be among the best tanks in the game. Consider
making Sophie his wife or Seigbert his best friend so he can access the Cavalier class,
which he would do very well in. Kiragi is also ironic, because he’s intially
an archer, but has almost a perfect foundation to be any front-liner fighter with his amazing
HP, Str and Def, and be a better Samurai than Shiro. He’s a lot like Shiro with the same
selection for mothers, so the recommendations are the same, except also adding Hana as a
complementary way for great Str and Spd as well as the Samurai class. Martial or Magic Asugi attacks everything
well offensively. Period. He even has a Magic growth higher than most dedicated mages in
the game, and he even starts out with Ninja and Samurai. Despite his many strengths, his
only fault is the only Nohr ladies he can have as a mother are Beruka and Charlotte,
which are fine since Beruka gives him a needed defensive boost and Wyvern Rider, and Charlotte
makes him an amazing glass cannon with Fighter. Selkie’s growths don’t complement her inital
class options except for eventually Basara. I suggest moving into the mother’s class asap
though nearly all of her class and mother options leave her with danerously low HP options.
Consider Hana manly for her Str and Skl gains, but Selkie makes for a decent Samurai. She
can leverage her high evasion as a Sky Knight through Azura or Ninja with Kagero. Also,
Charlotte helps the HP and Str situation, but Selkie’s defense is already a bit low. He may have the lowest Growth Point Spread
among the children, but don’t be fooled. He just doesn’t bother with any Magic or luck,
making him an good, bulky physical fighter. He also starts with two classes that actually
complement his natural strengths, making him surprisingly effective with little effort.
You can round out his class options while still playing his growth strengths with Hinoka
for Sky Knight, Oboro for Spear Fighter, or Selena for Mercenary. Overall, he’s a well
rounded unit best for well-rounded mothers. Mitama has amazing potential as a support
character, being bulky, and evasive enough to survive healing and buffing allies in the
thick of things, but also has a great foundation to make any front-line fighting work. She
fortunately gets Mechanist as another great support role, if not for Replicate alone,
but she would also pair very well with other well rounded physical mothers, like Hinoka
for Sky Knight or Oboro for Spear Fighter. Consider also specializing in her strengths
with Kagero for Ninja and Hana for Samurai. Mitama is easily one of the more versatile
characters for support or offense. Caeldori is a no-work required unit. She is
not only a very strong unit, she already starts with two classes that play her strengths very
well. Consider oter complementing stat mothers and classes such as Hinoka with Spear Fighter,
Kagero with Ninja, and Selena with Mercenary, Rhajat is an offensive mage, no two ways about
it, with no real reason to leave Diviner. With her mother, you can go the easy choice
of Orochi for the better magic, skill and also access to Mechanist class. Though, consider
Nyx with still decent magic but now access to the Dark Mage class for some variety and
higher Magic and speed caps. Now let’s talk about children exclusive to
the Conquest or Revelations paths. These kids have a lot less speed and skill class options
to the attack and defensive heavy classes of Nohr. Seigbert is as well-rounded as they come,
fitting very well into his provided classes. Consider an equally well-rounded mother to
complement that, such as Hinoka for Sky Knight, or Selena for Mercenary. You could also specialize
him into an offensive role, taking advantage of his his skill and speed as well, with either
Charlotte or Beruka for Fighter, depending on if you want to raise his Strength to the
max with Charlotte or round off his Defense with Beruka. Forrest is quite remarkable, as he has the
highest HP, Mag, and Resistance for any default mage character in the entire game, even over
his own father, and has good starting classes for his growths. That said, his speed and
skill has taken a hit, so the best candidate is Sakura, not only for her boosts to those
as well as defense, but also granting Monk, which complements Forrest as well. Otherwise
your only other main choice among mages is Nyx which would still give a large boost to
Speed and offer a support option Ignatius is a natural Knight, but has such
a strong array to succeed in any front-line role, especially since his high defenses means
he’s a much sturdier than average Fighter. Camilla or Beruka for Wyvern Rider would be
a good fit, but Ignatius can also work leverage his high luck with Peri as a mother and gaining
Cavalier. Consider also Selena as he has the Skill to make Mercenary work as well. Velouria is one of the most reliable front-line
fighters in the game, with among the best array for growths to make her stats amazing,
even in physical classes less suited for her like Sky Knight, Mercenary, Cavalier or Samurai.
It’s such a shame her starting classes aren’t well matched, as Wolfskin doesn’t have great
skills and she would have rather low Luck for a fighter, despite her amazing offense
and great defense. Having Effie as a mother would make her the highest Strength in the
game a a Fighter, but also make her one of the best tanks in the game too. Camilla or
Beruka for Wyvern Rider would also complement her array, but the fact is Velouria is too
good of a a front-liner not to use in some way. Percy is an unusual one. Despite his terribly
low HP and Str, they give him Wyvern Rider and Fighter to round him off. In addition,
he would make a great Samurai or Oni Savage with these gains, but none of his mothers
grant that. Instead, I suggest leveraging the fact that he has the highest luck in the
game, and the best defense among the children, and make him a tank, or a critical hit fiend.
Effie would help his physical score, and give him the Knight job that he’s be great at.
Also consider Azura or Beruka for Sky Knight to keep his luck high in a class that can
really benefit from it. Just give him a Killing weapon and watch the sparks fly. Here again, Ophelia is an unsual case as like
her father, her stats are like a wierd fusion of Dark Mage and Samurai without a clear winner
in either. Again, she would actually make a great Oni Savage or Shrine Maiden but none
of her mothers offer it. That said, she still makes a great mage or support character, so
consider Elise or Felicia for Troubadour, or Orochi for Diviner. She would also make
a good Sky Knight from Azura with her high Luck and Staff support. Soleil is yet another odd case, as she has
the highest Str among all the children and the lowest HP among all the children, with
a high resistance of all things. She really isn’t suited to be a great Mercenary or Ninja
without a lot of help, so fortunately both of those are great classes for skills. She
would make a great Fighter, so consider Charlotte as a mother, especially with her large HP
gains. Gaining Wyvern Rider through Beruka is an effective choice too for some variety
and growth rates, though Soleil is frankly fine with her starting classes. Nina’s growth’s match well with her stqarting
classes, and sugggest she can be a solid support character. Consider Felicia for Troubadour
for more support options and complementary stats, or Oboro for also staying well rounded,
but gaining some offensive options. Lastly, she would make a fairly good Wyvern Rider
too, so consider Beruka or Camilla as mothers. So, I hope all this helped. Remember that
skills are much easier to gain, and they can turn any battle around, despite stats. Also,
in the end, playing tactically and having fun are the most important things, so have
fun your way. List your favorite pairings in the comments below and stay tuned for more
videos. Until then, thanks for watching and I’ll see you at the next battlefield.

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  1. is it just me or are you forced to marry a child? like, the number of fathers and potential mothers are dead even in every version (excluding corrin-sexuals).

  2. So I forgot about Ryoma until it was too late and all he had was Setsuna. Is a Shiro with Setsuna as a mom garbage or can I actually make use of him, because I looked at his joining bases they were fairly decent across the board, him actually having more speed than I expected him to. He gets Archer slapped on him so I'm worried about his viability, despite being a royal.

  3. Great vid as usual. One thing I feel is an absolute must if you're doing any inheritence planning is this tool: . This helps you manage skills, stat caps, classes, etc. for all characters. Thanks for the info!

  4. My parings (Conquest):
    MU + Flora
    Jakob + Azura
    Silas + Camilla
    Kaze + Mozu
    Xander + Charlotte
    Leo + Felicia
    Laslow + Selena
    Niles + Peri
    Odin + Nyx
    Arthur + Effie
    Benny + Elise
    Keaton + Beruka

  5. I've never had the chance to test this myself and most times I google it I don't find the answer but say if Azura and Silas get married married will both children be conceived or will it just be one of them? always wondered this when it comes to the female Avatar as well wouldn't mind a answer to this before I get towards the third campaign route.

  6. I only have one marriage and children that I will always use, and it's Azura and Azam to get Shigure and Mitama. I only like it because story reasons for Mitama, but then again Mitama with blue hair is really cute..

    BTW. Mitama's Backstory is that when her mother would visit her in her deeprealm, her mother would sing lullabies to Mitama, this led to Mitama mimicking her mother but never focused on the tunes but on the words, leading to her to loving haikus.

    The fact that Mitama's mother sang to her every time she arrived is similar to when she visited Shigure, where she said that they "came up with a song" which was actually her teaching Shigure her song, "Lost in Thoughts all alone."

    This is coming from someone who doesn't mind stats but loves storylines.

  7. I've tried Takumi!Shigure once with sniper and he's not half bad, and Azura!Kiragi isn't bad either though kagero!Kiragi is better but the idea of shigure and kiragi being sibs fits so i went with that

  8. I paired in Birthright
    Kaze x Rinkah
    Azura x Jakob
    Hinata x Mozu
    Azama x Felicia
    Subaki x Kagero
    MU x Caeldori
    Hayato x Orochi
    Silas x Hana
    Kaden x Hinoka
    Ryoma x Oboro
    Takumi x Setsuna
    Saizo x Sakura

  9. Ever since they introduced children into the game, I've never really cared about the stat growths and skills and all that, I've always paired units up according to their personalities and if I thought they fit together from a character perspective.

  10. Great guide! I just wanted to ask (since I can't find this anywhere), which characters have tertiary classes and what are they? 🙂 Thanks in advance!

  11. i can't decide between oboro!mitama!kana and azura!selkie!kana for a +str/-luck corrin on birthright. anyone have any suggestions?

  12. Holy hell, I just realized something broken as all hell:
    Step 1: Have Effie be Velouria's mom
    Step 2: Make Velouria a Berserker
    Step 3: Give Velouria the Skills Gamble, Quixotic, Astra, Death Blow, and Certain Blow
    Step 4: Hand Velouria a Great Club
    Step 5: Watch the blood flow out of your foes.

  13. This is super awesome, and thank you for putting it together. I have a question though! Do you happen to have a graph/spreadsheet/flowchart/notepad doc/etc. that you were using with a lot of these thoughts written down?

    I really want to plan out my own team and it would be nice to have such a well-thought-out analysis right in front of me while I do. I could just skip around the video continuously but it's confusing to find each character I'm looking for and you speak so fast that I can't keep up, lol!

  14. I am confused about the max stats,for example I have a level 27 Rhajat as a Sorcerer.Her parents are Hayato and Nyx and I was trying to get her magic to max 60 but it stopped at 42. Any help would be appreciated,just so confused how i messed up.

  15. Damn this is a really good and entertaining video! Although I'm curious now, what do you consider a good base growth rate, classes not withstanding?

  16. Woah. I had no clue Shigure's magic growth rate were so low. No wonder he has been having a hard time getting those magic points.
    I made him into a strategist.

  17. This really helps! Just one question. If I marry Keaton, what stat bonuses will kana get? Can I make him a tank?

  18. Are any of these good for Birthright?
    Ryoma x Kagero
    Saizo x Orochi
    Takumi x Azura
    Hinata x Hana
    Azama x Felicia
    Subaki x Oboro
    Kaden x Mozu
    Hayato x Sakura
    Jakob x Setsuna
    Silas x Hinoka
    Kaze x Rinkah

  19. Are there any units you think work well as the children of Rinkah, Setsuna, and Mozu? I'm sure Mozu would go well with almost any physical unit, Setsuna could provide a lot of speed for a child who needs it, and Rinkah could round out someone's defense and give access to Oni Savage.

  20. Have a +STR/-LCK Corrin marry Charlotte!Velouria and watch Berserker Kana reach the highest STR in the game.

  21. Soo, I paired Jakob with Oboro, and I must say… Dwyer is pretty much a beast.

    I paired Saizo with Orochi. I'm actually not too happy with my Asugi. He's a ninja, but has too much magic.

    I paired My own unit with Subaki. Kana's now pretty strong against physical Units, but he has some useless magic and poor resistance

    I paired Hayato with Setsuna, and for some reason Rhajat is one of my strongest units!! She has immense speed, great magic, and also has good luck and resistance.

    I paired Azama with Hana, making Mitama pretty acceptable. Nothing special though.

    I also paired Hinata with Mozu, and Hisame is pretty okay. Still one of my weaker units.

    I paired Kaden with Rinkah. Uh, well, my Selkie's pretty week.

    I paired Azura with Ryoma, giving Shigure a pretty decent skill and speed boost. Shiro is pretty okay I guess.

    I paired Takumi with Felicia. I regret it. Kiragi may be my worst unit.

    I paired Kaze with Hinoka. Midori obviously has now great speed and resistance, though she isn't too strong in her strength.

    That's pretty much it.

  22. Soo, I paired Jakob with Oboro, and I must say… Dwyer is pretty much a beast.

    I paired Saizo with Orochi. I'm actually not too happy with my Asugi. He's a ninja, but has too much magic.

    I paired My own unit with Subaki. Kana's now pretty strong against physical Units, but he has some useless magic and poor resistance

    I paired Hayato with Setsuna, and for some reason Rhajat is one of my strongest units!! She has immense speed, great magic, and also has good luck and resistance.

    I paired Azama with Hana, making Mitama pretty acceptable. Nothing special though.

    I also paired Hinata with Mozu, and Hisame is pretty okay. Still one of my weaker units.

    I paired Kaden with Rinkah. Uh, well, my Selkie's pretty week.

    I paired Azura with Ryoma, giving Shigure a pretty decent skill and speed boost. Shiro is pretty okay I guess.

    I paired Takumi with Felicia. I regret it. Kiragi may be my worst unit.

    I paired Kaze with Hinoka. Midori obviously has now great speed and resistance, though she isn't too strong in her strength.

    That's pretty much it.

  23. Quick question:
    How many child characters are there, and which characters in the "Birthright" path can have children?

  24. Castle Address: 00485-43761-51751-46080
    Playing Revelation
    Lv 3 Shops, Emerald, Ruby, Berries and Fish
    Uncommon Units have unique skills

    Gunter: Aptitude, Quixotic, Renewal, Astra, Death Blow

    Flora: Aptitude, Death Blow, Darting Blow, Astra, Renewal

    Arthur: Aptitude, Certain Blow, Dragonic Hex, Death Blow, Quixotic

    Shura: Aptitude, Lifetaker, Astra, Death Blow, Quixotic

    Azama: Aptitude, Quixotic, Astra, Lucky 7, Darting Blow

    Reina: Aptitude, Armored B,ow, Bowbreaker, Renewal, Death Blow

    Fuga: Aptitude, Vantage,Luna, Duelist's Blow, Rend Heaven

    Anna: Aptitude, Vantage, Astra, Bowfaire, Lifetaker

    Hinata: Aptitude, Quixotic, Locktouch, Aegis, Renewal

    Mozu: Counter, Death Blow, Lifetaker, Astra, Quixotic

    I have finished the game and now skill hunting.

    I am looking for AZURA and AZAMA with DEATHBLOW, NYX with ASTRA and EFFIE with QUIXOTIC.

    Please contact me asap.

    Also if you are looking for skills, contact me and I see if I have that skill available for you to seize.

  25. I'm in a community of pretty competitive players and they have conflicting opinions here with your suggested mothers. It's okay though, My Hinoka!Dwyer and Hana!Asugi will be fine.

  26. can someone rate my parings:
    MU X Leo
    kaze X sakura
    azama X hinoka
    keaton X camilla
    arthur X effie
    odin X felicia
    laslow X selena
    niles X peri
    jakob X mozu
    silas X beruka
    hayato X azura
    saizo X orochi
    kaden X rinkah
    hinata X kagero
    xander X charlotte
    Benny X elise

  27. can someone rate my parings:
    MU X Leo
    kaze X sakura
    azama X hinoka
    keaton X camilla
    arthur X effie
    odin X felicia
    laslow X selena
    niles X peri
    jakob X mozu
    silas X beruka
    hayato X azura
    saizo X orochi
    kaden X rinkah
    hinata X kagero
    xander X charlotte
    Benny X elise

  28. I get you point on growth rate, but imo max stat modifier is more important since you could soft reset to get better growth and you can buy skills. Effie and Charlotte for ex have +3 strength so if you pair them up with Keaton (+3) the child will have +7 to her max strength

  29. one question, why do you have for the children to specific games have parent from the opposite game as a parent. you cant have, for example selena in birthright but you suggest her anyways for caeldori's mother.

  30. I've loved your inheritance guides for both of the 3ds fire emblems. Idk if you've played it, but I'd love to see a guide from you on the genealogy on the holy war child units. Unlike awakening or fates, where the kids can be broken to passable no matter what you do, in holy war, it's very easy to ruin kids big time.

  31. I'm really stuck on who to pair Kaze and Jakob with, my remaining mothers being Mozu, Orochi, and Felicia. Does anyone have any ideas who to pair with who? I've found many mixed opinions regarding these pairings so I'm quite unsure.

    I heard Felicia ruins Dwyer's stats, and apparently Orochi and Mozu aren't too bad. But Mozu is good for Midori's luck growth but is also decent with Felicia as her mother. I'm really conflicted.

  32. There's a useful cheat with skills for Midori:Kaze plus Mozu. Try to pass down a non merchant skill.Now child seal her to merchant, and shell ALSO get all the villager skills.

  33. Just gunna bookmark this video and take notes for my next playthrough. My first time i just paired up inits that i liked the support conversatins for as Fates was my first FE game and i had no idea of how the children thing worked.

  34. Something I would recommend for Midori is to have Azura be her mother. With Azura as a mother, she can either pass on Miracle (by A* ranking Sakura), which is great as Midori's personal skill grants an extra boost to Miracle's trigger rate or you can pass on Luck+4 to increase her luck to utilise that personal skill.

  35. Hellow fellow Fates-player :3 I would love to hear a few opinions to my pairings 😀 I put a lot of work into it trying to make every single child decently usable.. Before I start I want to mention that this are my pairings for the Relevation-route… Also I grinded a lot of skills(including cheated skills from other castles.. damn.. there are hard to get by tbh..) so ye.. anyways! Without further talking.. here we go :3 (also could be a bit long 😀 Also I want to mention that english isnt my first language so I apologise for any typos I made.. I also play the german version so im sry if I accidently use the german names for the skills)

    Firstly we have one of my weaker childs.. Azura!Caeldori.. the reason why I picked Azura as her mother is.. well.. she was the last female character I had left I think.. so! Actually Caeldoris only job is to heal since shes pretty much too glassy and weak to fight in the frontlines.. I tried to make her a bit more usable tho with giving her a few decent skills :3

    Caeldori: Falcon Knight Skills: Hosh. Unity, Dragon Fang, Quixotic, Death Blow, Astra
    Kp: 51
    Str: 29(maxed)
    Mag: 23
    Skill: 46(maxed)
    Spd: 40(maxed)
    Lck: 42(maxed)
    Def: 28(maxed)
    Res: 35(maxed)

    I probably will also split this comment into a lot ones. since otherwise the comment will be probably too long.. I pray that yt doesnt see this as spam…

  36. Ah, yes, because at some point Lunatic runs will coax you toward the finer positives of eugenics.

  37. I have an idea that sounds fun.
    Have a sorcerer Kana that has the Avatar boon of magic and a magic child (Ophelia, Rhajat etc)
    Sorcerers can equip nosferatu. Have that + vantage (Always attack first when under half health) and awakening (When the user's HP is under half, their Hit Rate, Evasion, Critical hit and Critical Evade is increased by 30)
    All that = a Kana that has to be killed in one turn or get unlucky or else she gains all her health back with crazy buffs.
    But with me being me I'm probably missing something like surviving one turn may be an issue.
    But I want to hear an opinion on this maybe some other skills to have. I think this would be hilarious.

  38. I had a friend with an Ignatius with Oboro as a mother. The monster had renewal, tome breaker and wary fighter on top of having over the top defense and decent res. Terrifying

  39. For me I just randomly put couples together to get wacky combination to see how far I can get. It sometimes backfires…..a lot.

  40. I know this is a silly and really weird question, but are you able to marry adults with the children? I know that Corrin can, but I don’t think characters such as Felicia, Camilla, etc can. I married Silas and am playing the Conquest version. But I noticed that everyone was married off except Felicia. I’m doomed XD. So can characters other than your avatar marry the kids? If not, Felicia is gonna be single all her life.

  41. This helped SO much, this made my conquest play through a cake walk! Thanks for the awesome vid. did you make an awakening video for the child system?

  42. But what would happen if I decide to give one of the children just to make them better a DLC path? Ex. Dread Fighter, Lodestar, Great Lord, Dark Flier, Ballistics, etc.
    Who would be the 1st or 2nd Generation of FE Units who are best for adapting these exclusive classes?

  43. Setsuna can be a good mother of Selkie Rinkah can be a good mother of Hisame Mozu can be a good mother of Sophie

  44. So over the course of my first playthroughs of Birthright and Conquest, I managed to do something interesting with Shigure & Laslow.
    The result was a father son Ultimate Rally Bot duo. Literally all the rally skills between the two of them. I did this because their personal skills are also rally skills.

    How I did this was in Birthright I had Azura marry Jakob to give Shigure Wyvern Rider and this Rally Defense. I then had Shigure marry Mitama to give him Monk allowing for Luck and Magic. He already has Res and Speed rallys at base.

    Then in Conquest I had Laslow A+ with Keaton to give him Rally Str, & used inheritance to pass that onto Shigure. The latter gained Bow Knight and Rally Skill from Laslow.
    I love the idea of song and dance unifying, so I doubt that I’ll deviate from AzuraxLaslow.

  45. I'll be honest, I gave soleil camilla as a mother in my recent conquest run, and she patched some weaknesses, esp the low hp growth. not saying camilla isn't still better to be a mother for velouria, but she can work as soleils.

  46. don't forget the money skills of the merchand: Midori can be a good ressource as gold digger in Conquest path with her amazing skill over the luck to find gold. In Conquest money is…. well, very important

    Ophelia is born to be a dark pegasus as her personal skill make her very reliable for critical hits and a very good idea for galeforce (knowing that as a black mage, she can learn bowbreaker, making flying class very effective). Boosting her tech, and making her fight with Selena, you'll make critical hit in every place of the map (sorry for my english :'()

  47. Leo x Mozu
    They make a adorable Forrest he looks good with dark hair 😍 and there support is cute 2

  48. I don't understand what luck has to do with upping crit chance. Doesn't it only affect your ability to get crit'd?

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