Fire Emblem Heroes – Feh Channel (Feb. 1, 2020)

It is my pleasure to make
your acquaintance, most esteemed summoners. You may call me Fehnix, Chief of the Sovereign
Order of Avian Reporters. While my subordinate, Feh,
is cavorting on an island getaway, it is my honor, privilege,
and solemnly sworn duty to share the latest information
on the Fire Emblem Heroes game. Foh! Yes, speaking of which… I wanted to share this letter that
the little rascal found time to send me between naps in the sun. Hello Chief, Feh here! I’m taking a well-deserved vacation
on a tropical island, and teaching one lucky
Nohrian prince how to swim. It’s probably pretty cold where you are,
but don’t worry about me. It’s super warm and sunny here! I won’t be able to record
the next Feh Channel while I’m away, but I got everything
all lined up for a great show! As always, I prepared a bunch
of juicy bits of information for our loyal summoners to enjoy. Please make sure our friends
learn everything they need to know, OK? I’m leaving this one in your
very capable talons, Chief! With that taken care of, it’s time for me
to get back in the water. But first, maybe a nap.
I am on vacation, after all! Sincerely, Your ever-loyal Feh. To think that Feh would take the time to update me even
in the midst of a vacation. Such dedication is truly the mark of
a proper messenger owl, if I do say so! My dear Feh! Rest your weary head
and worry not for the summoners, for they are in the safety
of my guiding talons. Without further ado, steel thyselves for a briefing on the latest information
on the Fire Emblem Heroes game. It’s time for… Feh Channel! Now then, today’s first topic awaits! Announcing the results of
the Choose Your Legends: Round 4 event! I really must thank you summoners
for your fervent participation. It is my distinct pleasure to
introduce the four winners of Round 4. As with previous winners, special versions of these Heroes
will appear in-game in the future. I hope you’re as excited as
I am to see their new attire! Next on the docket, it’s time for the 3rd
Anniversary Celebration! Thanks to the passionate
support of summoners like you, the Fire Emblem Heroes game
has reached its third anniversary. To celebrate, we will be holding a variety of
events beginning on February 1st. There are quite a few events to cover,
but I’ll limit my elation and only introduce some
of the more notable ones for now. Starting things off, we have a series
of 3rd Anniversary Hero Fests. Winners from the previous
three Choose Your Legends events will appear in their own
Hero Fest each week. Part 1 features the winners of the
Choose Your Legends: Round 3 event and starts at 11 PM Pacific
Time on February 1st. Adding to the excitement, you can get up to five First
Summon Tickets for each Hero Fest just by logging in during each event. This is one series of Log-In Bonuses
that you won’t want to miss! There are also Daily Bound Hero Battles
with accompanying summoning events. Beginning with Alm & Celica’s Battle, a total of 18 daily battles will be held. Of course, you can summon on each
of these daily summoning events once without using Orbs. What’s more,
daily quests will be available, so even those of you who played
the original battles can earn rewards. Are you prepared for more? How about some 3rd
Anniversary Reward Maps! These reward maps will
be themed on 13 entries in the Fire Emblem series of games, and will be made available
over a span of 13 days. Since you can attempt each of these maps
on both Normal and Hard difficulties, you can earn up to 26 Orbs if you have
the gumption to complete them all! Next up is… Fohfoh! A guaranteed five-star
Special Hero summoning event, just like last year’s anniversary! So many Special Heroes were released between February 1st, 2019
and February 1st, 2020. And you’ll have the opportunity
to summon one of them. What color summoning stone
do you desire, I wonder? Lastly, we’re holding another A Hero Rises
event for the 3rd Anniversary! This event will be appropriately
titled A Hero Rises 2020! Heroes who have appeared in
the Fire Emblem Heroes game until now are eligible to participate
in this event. The 2020 edition of the A Hero Rises
event is special, however, for it will have 8 finalists. And how will we narrow them down to one? By having the finalists duke it out
in an in-game Voting Gauntlet, of course! The lucky Hero who manages to
make it through the gauntlet unscathed will be gifted to players
after the dust has settled. The Voting Gauntlet will have
a special set of guidelines as well. If you’ve chosen someone to support
who you haven’t summoned as an ally yet, don’t fret, in this Voting Gauntlet,
you can use anyone you like without worrying how
it will affect your contribution! It has been my great
pleasure to introduce just some of the 3rd anniversary
events that are on their way. What could be more exciting than this?! Hmm… well… It would seem that love
is in the air, dear summoners, and this year’s Day of Devotion
festivities will be attended by Special Heroes from
Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows of Valentia! Let’s take a closer look
at them one by one. Holding hands with you like this,
sure brings back memories! I love you so, Alm.
We’ll be together now and forever. Doesn’t the sight of this strapping lad
and remarkable lass just melt your heart? It is my distinct pleasure to present the lovebird duo of Alm and Celica. Reunited at last following
a series of trials and tribulations that resulted in the salvation
of their homeland of Valentia, these two radiate an effusive joy
that I find positively contagious! I’m the archer of love and I’m taking
aim straight at Alm’s heart. This little lady is Faye, not to be confused with
my vacationing counterpart. My sources indicate
that the baskets she carries are stuffed full of meat for Alm,
the apple of her eye… and him alone. What a shame.
I’m feeling a bit peckish myself, but I’ve an odd suspicion that
she’d be less than willing to share… best not test my luck, eh? I hope everyone enjoys
the presents I got for them. Say hello to Conrad. This conscientious young man has come prepared with a gift
for his younger sister Celica. Isn’t that so kind of him? Putting others before yourself
is certainly to be commended. He had a proper upbringing, and it shows! I am Rudolf, Emperor of Rigel. It was brave of you to summon me. What’s this?
Speaking of proper upbringing, we have the very image
of austere authority himself: Rudolf, the Emperor of Rigel! Is that a pair of daggers
I spot in his hand? Of course. One is for his son, Alm, and the other is for his nephew, Berkut, both matching, lest one boy
become jealous of the other’s gift. Good thinking, Your Majesty! Would you like a flower?
It would look great on you. Finally, we have the ever-pious
and caring Silque. It seems she’s using
the Day of Devotion festivities as a chance to repay her comrades
for their constant support. The flowers that she’s handing out
must be symbols of her gratitude. I don’t suppose she’d have one
extra for a certain high-ranking, hard-working messenger owl, would she? Alm and Celica, Faye, Conrad,
and Rudolf will appear in the upcoming Special Heroes
summoning event, Lovely Gifts. You can also play the upcoming
Tempest Trials+ event for a chance to make Silque your ally. My trusty sources have delivered
some breaking news! Starting with this summoning event,
one of the four Heroes featured will also be available as part
of a 4-star summoning focus! I’ve been deemed worthy enough
to summon a 4-star Conrad. He must be the 4-star focus
Hero of this event! Going forward, Special Heroes summoning
events and New Heroes summoning events will feature the appearance
rates shown here. It’s wonderful to see that new Heroes may be easier to summon
than they have been! I’m sure Feh will appreciate
the new company! Moving right along… Introducing a new
subscription-based service, Feh Pass! In exchange for a set monthly fee, subscribers to Feh Pass can enjoy
access to five special benefits. I must say, it feels a bit odd
to introduce the Feh Pass while its namesake is away… I hope Feh won’t be upset
with me… but no matter! This is positively vital information, and I would be remiss in my duties
should I fail to deliver it! The first benefit is… Freezing winds, heed my call! Subscribers will receive
Resplendent Heroes! Resplendent Heroes are Heroes
who are dressed in the Resplendent Attire of Askr, Nifl, and other regions
from the world of Fire Emblem Heroes. As you can see, Lyn has donned the sacred garb
of Nifl, the Kingdom of Ice. Should the Resplendent Hero
version of Lyn become your ally, your existing Lyn: Lady of the Plains
can also don the Resplendent Attire. Resplendent Heroes feature
brand-new visuals and voices, but this isn’t just a cosmetic change… I’ll finish this! For all Resplendent Heroes enjoy
a boost of +2 to each of their stats! Feh Pass subscribers will receive
two Resplendent Heroes per month. That being said, I wonder who
the second Resplendent Hero could be… Please, allow me a moment
to check my sources… I finally feel like a full-fledged member
of the Order of Heroes. Oh my! If it isn’t Cordelia! The Resplendent versions
of Lyn and Cordelia will be distributed
during the periods shown here. Note that you will not receive
a particular Resplendent Hero if you are not subscribed to the Feh Pass
during their distribution period, so keep the schedule in mind, summoners! Starting in March, a Resplendent Hero will be distributed
to Feh Pass subscribers on the 10th and 25th of every month. The lineup of upcoming Resplendent Heroes will be announced
on the Feh Pass website. Well, that was something, wasn’t it? But we’ve got quite a ways yet to go! The remaining four benefits
are some exceedingly useful perks. If used properly, these perks can help enhance
your gameplay experience. This bears further investigation! The first perk is
Special Feh Pass Quests. These quests reward you with valuable
items such as Orbs or Heroic Grails in exchange for completing tasks. These quests will be made available
twice every calendar month, alongside the Resplendent Heroes. The second perk is
Expanded Summoner Support. You’ll be able to form
Summoner Support bonds with up to three Heroes
instead of just one. If you’ve ever found yourself
unable to choose between supporting Alfonse,
Sharena, or Anna, then fear not!
Now you can support all three! The third perk is called Re-Act. This perk will allow you to return
to the start of your previous turn if your Heroes have yet to act
at the start of your current turn. However, if a Hero has already
acted on your current turn, then you will return to
the start of that turn instead. You can use Re-Act as many times
as you’d like over the course of a battle even when confronted
with the Game Over screen! Note that Re-Act cannot be used
in the Coliseum or Aether Raids, but everywhere else is fair game. Re-Act seems particularly useful
in Grand Hero Battles, does it not? I’m sure you intrepid summoners will find plenty of chances
to use it to its fullest potential. The fourth and final perk
is called Auto-Start. As long as you have stamina remaining, you will be able to play the same map
multiple times in a row. Automatically! Just enter a map, set it up
like so, and… TAP! You’re off to the races! Here we can see the number
of times remaining in a session. The game will continue
to play automatically until this number reaches zero. Auto-Start can be used
in the Training Tower, Tempest Trials+ and Forging Bonds. In Tempest Trials+, Auto-Start
will automatically switch teams. That was a lot to divulge,
but I think that about covers it! In summation, subscribers to Feh Pass may receive two Resplendent
Heroes each month and enjoy access to four
gameplay-enhancing perks during the subscription period. How silly of me to forget. I’ve gotten you all
interested in the Feh Pass and have yet to share the price! You can enjoy all of the benefits
that Feh Pass has to offer for… The monthly price shown here! (£9.99 / 11,49 €) You will be able to subscribe to Feh Pass after the release
of the version 4.2 update, which is scheduled for February 5th. My name will be first on the list! Perhaps I should use my sources
to put in a good word for a Resplendent version
of Hector or Sirius… Or maybe Brady… or Death Knight. Carrying on! I would like to congratulate
all of you summoners on your excellent work
with Mjölnir’s Strike! I imagine you’re more
than a little curious about the Divine Code items
you’ve been rewarded. Well, fear not! I called in a few favors just for you, and today that burning question
shall finally be put to rest! A new feature that allows you
to compile Combat Manuals will be added to the game as
a major part of the version 4.3 update scheduled for this March. Even Feh isn’t aware of the details yet,
but… we’ve come this far, so I suppose it couldn’t hurt
to use my chiefly authority to divulge a few more
morsels of information. That poor owl is missing out
on so much of the excitement! Right! You will be able to use this feature to take the Divine Codes
that you have collected thus far, and compile them into Combat
Manuals of various Heroes. Combat Manuals are divided
into separate paths that must each be unlocked in order. The first Combat Manual
that you unlock in a particular path may not seem like anything special, but you will unlock Combat Manuals
of increasingly strong Heroes as you follow the path to its end. Of course, you may begin
with any path that you so wish, and you are free to set
down a different path after you have already
started on another one. There will also be Combat Manuals that are only available
for a limited time. Obtaining these Combat Manuals
will require special Divine Codes, but they are not part of an unlock path, so you can exchange your hard-earned
codes for them straight away. And with that, my beak is sealed! For further information, you’ll just have to wait for
the version 4.3 update announcement. I do hope this little sneak peek has given you something
to look forward to! I say, I’m quite fatigued. How does Feh manage
to maintain this level of energy? Well, even the boss needs
to step up to the challenge and get his talons dirty
every now and again. I hope my very first Feh Channel
lived up to your soaring expectations, dear summoners! Ah, but there’s one last thing, and Feh would pluck
my feathers if I forgot. Our host playing hooky worked hard
to gather up delightful illustrations to celebrate the third anniversary. I can’t think of a better way
to wrap up our little briefing. By the way… This candy-coated confection
is my way of thanking Feh for being such a dedicated worker. It would be in my best interest
to keep an eagle-eye on it though. My sources indicate that the ever-famished Effie
is roaming the halls of the castle, and she’s out for a snack! And with that, it is time
for you and I to part. Fare thee well, dear summoners!

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