Firefly Fun House box now available at WWE Shop

[MUSIC] Hi, do you wanna join
the Firefly Fun House? Well, now you can, [LAUGH] thank you. This [SOUND] is the Firefly Fun House box. It has all sorts of goodies
to help light the way. What’s in it, you ask? Well, let’s see, you, too, can own [SOUND] horrible reminders of my checkered past,
super! Paper cutouts of the Muscle Men and all
your favorite friends from the Fun House. Make sure, kids, you ask your parents
first before you use scissors or chain saws. [SOUND] Yowee-wowee, stickers!>>[APPLAUSE]
>>And remember, all you have to do is [SOUND] let me in. [SOUND]

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  1. I guess this is what happens when you tear down a match with Justin Bieber and would have lost to him

  2. When someone is so over people will buy a box full of stickers and a shirt just because its their merch you know you have a treasured person

  3. I really want to see Bray going backstage and approaching different wrestlers in his “Mr. Rogers” gimmick and trying to encourage them after loses and then to finish it off by saying “Let me in.”

  4. An to all the people that dislike this i really hope yeah start to come around to bray because all you gotta do is Let Him In

  5. He had 1 match and they are already trying to milk it like a cow…..smh…..they will wreck this like they wreck everything else! As soon as he gets really popular they will job him out to Roman reigns

  6. He is so handsome 😍! I absolutely love his new entrance and everything! Very handsome and sexy and beautiful 😍😍!😍😍😍

  7. They need to make a bray wyatt The Fiend costume for holloween complete with bray wyatt headlamp or instead of it bieng a lamp it could be a basket for kids trick or treating.

  8. I'm still amazed how Husky Harris redefined himself as one of the biggest stars in today's WWE. He really got the whole world in his hands. Bravo 👍🏻

  9. All sold out within a few hours which shows the immense popularity of The Fiend/Bray Wyatt. Hottest thing in wrestling without question.


  11. No Bray Wyatt Head Lantern?
    No Fiend Replica Mask?
    No Ramblin’ Rabbit or Mercy The Buzzard puppets? …

  12. If you throw in a limited edition Fend action figure you have yourself a su…… I mean you have yourself a customer

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