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  1. Been a fan since Big Black and the Blue. Gorgeous ladies with tons of talent. Excited to hear what the new album brings

  2. Marvelous. Still sounding ever so wonderful! From when I first heard their music 6 or 7 years ago, I was struck by the solid songwriting and harmony only two siblings could have. Still one of my favorite bands.

  3. That was belting! What I want to hear from FAK – some of their best, Sure they have played Fleeting one before somewhere though- would have been good to hear 'Winter is all over you'

  4. Have Tickets to see you in Boston in Feb. I can't wait, I have been a fan for years and I think that you are great and keep getting better. Love it

  5. I was surfing around the ole interweb one night and came across the video for Hard Believer and have been following you ever since. You two are a gift and thanks for sharing.

  6. Thank you dear ladies for keeping the beautiful sounds and harmonies of folk alive. So refreshing, I am in my fifties raising 2 teenage girls who listen to rap and hip hop. My wife and I watched a 2017 live concert here and your Leonard Cohen tribute. If there is any consolation we heard our 15 year old daughter humming and trying to sing one of your songs afterwards….that made me happy. I discovered you here on youtube years ago with your FleetFoxes cover and have been buying your music ever since. I bet your dad is so proud of you two.
    Troy in Minnesota.

  7. Thank You for sharing. You know… I am not a real big religious person whether that’s good or bad but just saying…if there is a god, heaven and angels, your voices are what I would envision angels voices to sound like. It’s like candy to my ears. Don’t feel bad about leaving school early. I feel you we’re put here to make beautiful music.

  8. I'm obsessed! Just discovering them in January 2018! Viewing all their videos, listening to all their songs! Funny, the first song they sing is named tangerine. Well, I'm eating a fuckin tangerine right now! WTH!!! I love em….

  9. Been a major fan since y'all did that Fleet Foxes cover. This is the essence of music, raw and true. 💜 Can't wait 'til next time you're back in Austin!

  10. I just 'discovered' these ladies a couple of weeks ago. Their music is great. It is so upbeat it is close to being addictive. At first I only found 2 songs, those performed at the Polar Music celebration for EmmyLou Harris. Then a couple more, which I felt compelled to listen to every day. It's A Shame was one of them. Today I turned on the computer and a huge list of FAK covers and songs came up. — Yes, I am really impressed by these ladies. Don't worry, I am not a stalker. I just really like music and their music is beyond good.

  11. As wonderful as you always are, to see you play Heavy Storm and Fleeting One in this way is off the scales. Wonders

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