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  1. The fact that they think this is normal and okay is really disgusting. You're supposed to love your family, but not in a romantic way! You can even tell they're related just by looking at them!

  2. this is so disgusting so they prob think sister and brother father and daughter son and mother is ok too just disgusting there are things in life you just dont do

  3. How’s it disgusting huh? All your doing is being married to another person. Being “first cousin” wtf that’s just a title . They love each other and who those dr philps thinks he is calling them mental or that’s like child abuse that’s crazy ! And the fact is why do get less respect because they have a title . Wanna know what’s really disgusting the way there family treating them

  4. You people are delusional. It’s not incest you morons!!!! There’s only a problem if generations of their relatives married within the gene pool. Albert Einstein married his first cousin and he was one of the greatest minds in the last century!!!!

  5. And something unnatural and absolutely disgusting like gay marriage is allowed???!!!! Give me a freakin break! Look at all the statistics of the dangers same sex relations!

  6. They both seem mentally off their rocker especially the woman. If you watch their Dr. Phil episode you'll see what I mean

  7. That's disgusting, they are fucking related and they have the same blood… Ewww… My first cousin and I are like siblings, i can't even imagine marrying him, ewwww omg 🤢🤢
    They obviously need psychological treatment…and whoever embraces this disgust is just as disgusting

  8. The people who are saying you can’t help who you fall in love with and think it’s ok for family members to date are the same people who think it’s okay for pedophiles to fall in love with kids

  9. Good for them, it’s totally a norm most of the world to marry your cousin unlike gay marriages but somehow in the u.s. it’s the opposite gay marriages benefits the government to decrease its population which decreases cost and just The opposite legalizing marijuana benefits of them capitalism their god and is the law maker

  10. Do u know what I don't get about u western ppl. So being gay is ok changing ur gender is ok. Having a freesom is ok but when 2 cousins get married it's not……… yh……. this makes sense. Not that I will do it. But don't hate them for doing it. As long as they are not harming others it's fine I honestly don't understand why ppl hating.

  11. 4 to 7 % omgggg woooooow like go protest about gay marriage I hate America make good things seem sooooo outraged but bad things so regular fuck out of here I don’t follow the mass I’m not brain controlled like the rest of you boxed brains

  12. I guess she figured she could get plenty of dick but there ain't nothing like that cousin dick lol. Truth be told if I had the chance I would fuck a couple of my cousins. They are hot AF.. but not marry, eww.

  13. "It's ok for homosexual marriage but marry your cousin is taboo"???!!!
    people of America are fucking retarded and primitive creatures

  14. I totally thought this was some sort of sick spoof and then they kissed at the end. I had to stop eating my food. Why wouldnt you just not go to the news with this and keep it low key? Are you two already missing a chromosome or just raised stupid?

  15. What is so wrong about this..they are cousins not brother and sister. I dont ser this as bad they really love eachother

  16. People seriously don't understand that the genetic risk isn't as much as they think. It's barely a couple of digits higher in percentage. Scientifically, its not even considered incest, however that's how the general public labels it. And the statement "ThEyRe LiKe YoUr SiBlInG" is pretty much baseless because u could treat anyone like your sibling, even a friend but they don't become your sibling. They are your cousin and you just need to understand the difference. Just because some people don't like it, it doesn't mean they should discourage others from doing so by hurtful comments.

  17. 🛑🛑🛑🛑 It's against the law to marry your cousin unless you're 65 or 55 and prove you're infertile?????????? Yet the "fertile myrtles" crackhead baby killers of the world don't????????

  18. I know some family of mine that were first cousins that got married and both the children had birth defects. They’re good people don’t get me wrong but there are health problems.

  19. So what. I have a close friend who married her first cousin. And they had twins and the baby's came out healthy. I'm the godmother of the twins. If they happy that's all it matters. Congratulations.

  20. Having sexual relations with your first cousin is just as unnatural as a man having relations with a man or a woman w/ a woman…

  21. In levitcus in the holy bible,marriage between first cousins is not mentioned as being forbidden.It forbids other close kin marriages but does not forbid first cousins from marrying.Some people back then were allowed by god for first cousins to marry.Google it.

  22. Whats wrong with marrying your cusion, I married my cusion it's absolutely fine. It's crazy we can have homesexal , transgender shit but marrying your cusion is seen as something wrong. This has been practiced for generations it's only after ww2 that there been all this propaganda against it.

  23. As far as I’m concerned marrying or being in a sexual relationship with a first cousins is basically like being with a sibling 🙄🙄🙄

  24. They are adults. They are not hurting anyone and everyone should move da fuck on. Ilegal in one state and not in another give me a fuckin breaks. Laws are meant to be broken. I hope they last and wish them happiness

  25. Who gives a fuck they're adults this is no different than gay people getting married. Sure it may be gross but who cares let them do what they want

  26. This is exactly the same story as my uncle. He and is cousin are from Utah, they went to Colorado to get married as it is illegal in Utah. The main reason incest is bad is because you create children with genetic issues. It is equivalent to drinking alcohol while pregnant. I do not find it nasty, but I do find it highly irresponsible because of the risk of creating babies that are going to have a hard life because of those actions. My uncle and his cousin were in their fifties when they got married, so they could not have kids, so I find it acceptable as it will not have kids. I find it incredibly hypocritical that society condemns this as abominable yet they praise gay marriage, gay children strippers and exotic dancers, and gender assignment surgeries for 5 year olds.

  27. Depending on how you look at it, Adam and Eve were related as well. Eve, made of Adams ribs, placed her either as his sister, or his daughter. So congrats. We're all products of incest.

  28. Get a gene test before trying to have kids, and just be good partners for each other.

    Disapproval is predominantly based on faith and if that's not their cup of tea then so be it, they aren't telling anyone else what to do.

  29. Only losers and cowards resort to incest. It only says that he couldn't get a woman outside of the family. Loser! Incest is wrong and people who practice it deserve to be shot to death!

  30. Hypocrits, if two men/woman can marry how can you prevent ANY two legal adults from marrying. It's none of the state's business, is it ?

  31. These dudes are obviously attention seekers who never even bothered to research the relevant scholarly research on inbreeding and things of this nature, so I have zero sympathies for them and the way Dr. Phil treated them. They weren't prepared to defend themselves and cousin relationships in general – they were just interested in fame and clout.

    With that being said, people are so badly misinformed about cousin relationships and their alleged impact on the health of children made from these unions. Look it up, people.

  32. My sister son married my brothers son had a normal girl then 2nd boy stillborn 3rd daughter is 16 months doesn’t talk or walk that INCEST & GROSS!!!

  33. where I live, its prohibited to marry parallel cousins, and generally not sttictly restricted among first cousins. But any second cousin marriages ahold be limited to two generations only.

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