First-Generation College Celebration 2019

You know, honestly, to be a first
generation college student, hey, honestly you should be proud. So to be a first-generation Aggie to me means being a change, the start of something new because now you are starting off another generation of success and happiness and making your parents proud. For me, it means there is a lot of opportunities to open up Both of my parents are immigrants. In fact, if not for my parents I probably wouldn’t be here. They definitely did a lot for me and I just want to be able to make them proud. Each and every one of our first-generation
students truly are an incredible example of the Aggie family and exemplifies all of our core values. We are so lucky to have such a massive part of our community be first generation students and the impact that
they will continue to have on our community, as well as the world, is truly
incredible in measure. Being a first-generation college student means failing and succeeding at the same time and knowing that the past is behind you and you can just soar. Making your parents proud and knowing where you come from. It means never giving up and always giving it your all. Now is the time to realize that others have been in
your shoes and they have been able to get through it. You can too. Thanks and gig’em.

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