First-Generation College Celebration: Honoring Vanessa Duran

My name’s Vanessa Duran I am senior academic advisor
in the Veteran Affairs Center and currently serving as interim director. Getting an education, for me,
was just something that I wanted to accomplish for myself. Being raised in a single-family home college wasn’t necessarily encouraged. Obtaining a good-paying job
was very encouraged. But once I started college at Brookhaven and took my first class I knew that education was going
to be a lifelong journey for me and I wasn’t going to stop
until I received a degree or two. My advice for a first-gen student is to take their college experience one semester at a time and just be in the moment. And when you go to class
don’t think of it as a chore or something that you have
to do to obtain a grade Think of it as an opportunity
to learn something and to walk away with real knowledge and just be in the moment and enjoy it.

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