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This season on bachelor in paradise the
fun in the Sun returns everybody’s kissing everybody here and it’s gonna be
the greatest summer in bachelor history there’s just so much love your shirt as
it’s so anything can happen in paradise especially falling in love is gonna be
really exciting when you get this many hot people on a beach it’s like everyone
is hooking up with each other to the boom-boom room not worry about the other guys because I
know I’m falling in love with Kendall good luck with grocery store bitch over
there how can you be in love with somebody in your heart there’s
definitely some enjoyment in the fact that I get to ruin Jordans summer oh
there’s one thing that Jordan still do Jordans don’t sweat their
Jenna could be the thing that ignites this feud between Jordan and David I’ve
got the keys to this place you’re on a date but sitting next to a girl that’s
going home tonight dave is just like a sneaky little boy
I’m pretty sure I’ve got a pair of testicles and the prettiest girl in
paradise around my arm every single time I make eye contact with her it’s like
this evil stare is she really doing witchcraft so I told her I go wait put a
spell on her bill everyone thinks Shoshanna is a witch definitely is a
Russian which I’m first I’m a Russian hooker expect you to feel like this spin
they can help Phil battles they won the holy one who’s a chance Oh shocker
another love triangle it’s going in it big surprise Gia’s put the Colton
situation behind her and I keep falling love with her more and more every single
day all of your favorite bachelors and
bachelorettes are returning to Mexico Robbie has had more work done to his
face that all the fake-boob stand Paradise and there’s a lot of things and
Paradise will never be the same I’m gonna basically be crying this whole
time it’s like a little baby paradise this season they feel really bad the
drama the heartbreak I’m really trying and the tears will blow you away say well paradise takes its toll on
people you

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  1. it seems like a good bunch! And crystal! and kendall! I wished to see one of the beccas lol. and more of the guys from recent season

  2. you guys included the single mom, the girl who cries, crazy gal, kendall, and that one dark hair girl from recent season. And the virgin guy and all the good guys. awesome. can't wait to watch

  3. “All of your favorite bachelors and bachelorettes”

    Shows Arie

    I’m gonna have to stop you right there Chris…

  4. Who was Eric Bigger or Biggers, aka 'Miracle Season,' kissing in the hot tub, and crying about? I can't wait!

  5. Is it weird that the things I’m most excited for are Jorge, and the Jordan and Robby face off? I just feel like Jordan and Robby are actually SOOO similar it’s ridiculous and I’m predicting a bromance if they’re not going for the same chick

  6. So happy this is starting next week. I really like Canadian Kevin who looks like he cries a lot this time around. I do think that there are too many repeaters, makes them look desperate, new people please.

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