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-It’s sounds like you just might need two women. -In the bible days they had multiple women, so why not? -You have to learn and know the trophy that you have. -Are you divorcing me? -I’m not tolerating your bull- [censored]. -If you wanted things to be different in your marriage, you have to look and do what is best for you. -Do you think maybe she’s telling me need to leave Marsau for a little bit? -We’ll have a tame bachelor party. -I’m not gonna lie [screams] I was gone. MUSIC

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  1. Here we go…this pot has been simmering on the back burner for awhile and now the flame has been turned up to HI waiting for the boil over.

  2. Is "securing the bag" really worth risking the longevity of your marriage? I would consider chalking it up to a youthful mentality, but most of them look like they're in their early 40's like me. SMH

  3. Martel really needs to humble himself he’s going above beyond. Melody is a very beautiful educated young black female and believe you me there are a lot of successful black single men that will treasure what he takes for granted.

  4. Latisha is stupid AF she know that girl wasn't saying leave her husband. She was only saying go for your dreams and don't let you husband hold you back. Latisha get a grip. It's nothing wrong with a wife having a education.

  5. I think that Martel should look at the movie Why Did I Get Married (by Tyler Perry) to learn about the 80/20 Rule.

  6. Martell is THE LAST man that needs to go to the bachelor party…he can't be trusted and if he went, he'd come home to an empty house of it were me….these are the consequences of HIS choices to consistently cheat

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