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-I think you need a nurse. -The doctor said avoid pain, boy, this is good pain. -We’re not getting a divorce. -Well, you don’t get to make that call. -You out here working hard, what happen if you lose the very thing you’re out here working for? -You still cheatin? -No. -I just know your ass is. -I know that I have been a good wife to him. -I am removing myself from holding hope. MUSIC

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  1. A failing marriage consist of 2 people. And both have to bare the burden of Responsibility. No MATTER if it 50/50 or 80/20…NO ONE is Perfect in their Unit of Marriage.


  3. I know he has cheated and it’s wrong…..BUT you can see that he does not see his worth in their relationship. He thinks she is better than him and I believe this may be why he continues to cheat. He must see and appreciate his value exclusive of the relationship then I think he will be able to honestly love and commit to her.

  4. Wait so ALL of them got the vasectomy at the same time? I mean I know Marsau had to get it after Miss Wanda told him they'll be on the same team once he don't get none of them "20 womens" pregnant 🤣🤣🤣 but Maurice too?

  5. 😖 my heart feels her pain 💔 it's such a betrayel when your spouse is cheating on you and not only that, he can bring back a incurable disease, I think she should leave him, and focus on herself and her personal one on one relationship with God 🙏

  6. Marsau mistress is already pregnant, he thinks he's slick, hope his wife can count months, because she has been playing that dumb wife well. He feels invincible.

  7. Hope Mel doesn't mind sharing her children with their new step mother. Same women who slept with her husband. Lots to think about Mel. Put your ego and pain in check. You are just keeping him around to inflict pain on him, not to work on the marriage. $hit or get off the pot.

  8. I think Mel is trying to stay strong and thats why she acts differently infront of the girls and other people. I believe him cheating did happened and probably during the taping was still occurring. You can tell that he wants her to above and beyond for him. Yet he doesnt feel like he has to return that.

  9. At this point Mel and Martell should just get a divorce. They not trying. Plus things wont get better nor will they ever be the same.

  10. Melody takes the bad wig off her head and glues it to her eyes…I'm dead…those lashes are hideous. When will people learn that natural beauty is the best beauty. When you're pretty, you dont need all those faux dramatic enhancements.

  11. I believe Tisha is smart but plays dumb so Marsau &everyone else can continue to underestimate her &therefore not see her moves coming. Remember the deal she secured end of last season that blew Marsau away& ultimately convinced him to let her work? Tisha is laying a foundation for her moves. I don't think she's as unaware as she's letting on.

  12. If Melody were my sister, I would advise her to seek counseling. Martel can do his, and they can do couple's therapy but she also needs help to work through her pain and even other issues whether or not she decides to stay in her marriage.

  13. Mel girl bye! Your husband cheating on you is file AF but you're going to stay, keep making threats about leaving and telling all your personal business! Y'all are CURRENTLY STILL TOGETHER and you WILL CONTINUE to stay because you don't want to feel like a failure and you FEEL as though your "marriage" validates you as a woman! No hate! Just FACTS!

  14. Gday luv
    My Father taught me love isn't supposed to hurt
    Betcha by golly wow..I would never stay with s peanut head cheating man or get pregnant for revenge

  15. Mel forgive him, make him pay for 3 years, like he has done to you or get a divorce. Choose but don't let the kids come home to the stress you are both dealing with.

  16. I understand Mel's hurt and pain, but I hope she doesn't remove herself from the holt company that she worked hard for.I wouldn't give anyone the satisfaction,and if she's getting a divorce get one if not pray for that man and let God do his vengeance.

  17. Good for her! Now stick to it! Damn! What’s wrong with these women, acting like they HAVE to stand by their man and be treated as subservient women who have no say-so as to when they are allowed to hurt and get over it. They trying to make them forget about all the pain, and just get in line and do as their told.

  18. Let's be honest. Martell can't stand Melody. He's only trying to fix it because divorce is long, he stands to lose out "bigly" and he's worried about his reputation.
    Unless this is all fake for the cameras, he really doesnt seem sincere about making amends and you can tell he has a grudge against Melody.

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