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-You’re saying you’re going to bring your son, your ex-wife and her husband to move down here, and your wife somehow doesn’t agree with that? -I didn’t bring up any BS about husbands and marriages, you did. -You know what you said. -I wanna go. -No, you wanna run from the situation is what you’re saying. -Okay. -My stomache starts really killing me! -So what’s up? -I think I’m pregnant. -Huh? MUSIC

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  1. If Melody had that much of a problem with him cheating she would have been gone already. But no she's still living with and sleeping with this man

  2. Marsau makes me so frustrated. As soon as he replied, "I can't answer that for you." when asked about the 20 girlfriends, I would've packed my bags. He is not worth the mental space.

  3. Ok 😳 So Wait a minute!!! how are you pregnant melody when you made your husband move downstairs into another room! Smh 🤦🏽‍♀️
    So if you’re Pregnant you’re putting on for TV lol 😂 he still knocking down you and his side-pieces #Melodyfake just like that 27 piece 💇🏽‍♂️on the side of her head# Guh Bye 👋 lol 😂

  4. A baby won't keep a man… Mel must forget that he cheated around the time she gave birth last time. Carried on a 3+ yr affair.

  5. Here we go…. 🐴🐴🐴🐴….. here's some high horses for all of the fronting females to get on that's about to dog Melody in this comment section. Remember 1 thing ladies! She's pregnant by her husband, while y'all still getting pregnant by ya baby daddy!

  6. Everyone bashing mel but would yall rather her go sleep with another man and get pregnant by that guy vs until your divorce is final have drive bys with your soon to be ex husband? Y'all just cant make up yall mind I see

  7. How the heck you pregnant??? When you moved him out of your bed😜😝🤣 Right, y’all still getting it on👀🥰

  8. This DUMB BEHIND GOIF Ball 😒 & his 20 women bro UGHHHH!!! 😕
    Funny how all the men have "M" names & they all became friends… 😮

  9. Marsau is or was cheatin, period. When Tisha’s mom came to visit and said “ I see you’re wearing your ring” and he said “Yeah because I was bullied into wearing it”, I was done.

  10. Melody is still human, some of the women in the comments have clearly never been married or been in a long term relationships. Just because she hates his actions, she still loves him. The pain runs deep, but she is not a robot. Yes, he was sleeping downstairs, but I'm sure its possible she felt freaky one night, and Martell scratched that itch. He is still her husband and that is who she is sexually comfortable with.

  11. Tisha is the prime example of the type of woman that, you could never tell her "Your husband is cheating", even if you knew he was. She wouldn't believe you.

  12. Why is melody so fixed on trying to tear Trisha down a about her husband has cheated?? Let the girl find out for herself. Damn!!

  13. Marsau always has an irritating frown on his face, Tisha and her mother are annoying and foolish, I like Mel. Her voice just sounds like OliveOyl from Popeye, and Kim is okay!!!

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