First Look: Reunion Part 2 | Love and Marriage: Huntsville | Oprah Winfrey Network

-Is there anything Martell can do to show you he still wants you in his life. -A lot of stuff is just not true. -The fact that they were dating after we were divorced. -That’s 100 percent not true -Are you still in love with Maurice? -Did you threaten Mel? -I didn’t threaten anyone. -You ain’t going to be disrepecting me or my wife on this stage. period! MUSIC

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  1. Maurice needs to decide who He wants no woman going to put up with ex-wife and put them in a house. Mel husband is not the only cheater sitting on the stage. Marsau trying to act cool and quiet but He knows what He has done and His wife needs to stop acting like He’s innocent. Mel do what You got to do

  2. Wait a cotton picking minute did l miss something? It looked like Egypt chair was moved closer to Kimmie and Maurice? Suga

  3. Maurice is focused on whats best for his son. Its complicated & a bit unrealistic but i understand. Regardless his ex wifes husband has the final say.

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