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-What y’all do all night? -So hazy… MUSIC -You get a lap dance last night? -No. -My relationship with my mother-in-law, it’s um, it’s like, uh, you know. -Something ain’t right with that, Marsau. -Mom! -You had a full blown relationship with somebody else. -I don’t care if I slept with a thousand people, we keep that in our household. -You shoulda kept your penis in our household! MUSIC

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  1. I love this show, BUT I don't like the way Martell flat out lies to his wife knowing full well the things he did at the bachelor party would be shown on T.V. He needs to grow up…

  2. Martell and Melody make me wonder why they got married? They act like they don't know each other or something. For Martell to cheat on Melody simply because he was seeking something apparently he was not getting was the lamest lie he could have uttered. but on the flip side, if Melody is not being accommodating or denying him then why? He has to tell her why he did it but not in a nasty or snippy way. Melody needs to start taking her own advice too. She keeps holding onto the past and she's holding herself back. She either needs to stay and work on trusting Martell again or simply leave for herself. She can't be concerned with what everyone else thinks. This front they've put up is going break.

  3. To The Men Huntsville Now you know that the women are going to see everything you guys did at the party with the strippers

  4. Honestly ladies answer questions. What is the big deal if your man/husbands goes to a bachelor party with strippers it’s attend that’s they’ll
    Be drinking and lap dances. I feel long as there nothing sexual and he ain’t trying to get with any of the strippers it’s should be a free pass and a normal passages. If your very secure in yourself and relationship a man can cheat on you anything and anywhere. so is it really consider disrespectful.

  5. I love this show so much! I know I am in the minority, but my fav couple is Tisha and Marsau, it may be because they are both very attractive, but I do appreciate the traditional roles they believe in!

  6. If I were Marsau I wouldn't let his mother in law move in. She is OUT OF LINE. She's not married and will destroy theirs.

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