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hi Amanda van der Gulik here from fun
cake decorating ideas and today I’m going to show you how to make a fishing
cake I started by taking some fondant and rolling out a body legs arms and a
head for my fishermen here you can see a close-up of the head I made this cake
for my dad and he has a big beard so this was the cake to resemble him
fishing he absolutely loves fishing once I pieced him all together using
toothpicks to hold him into place I positioned him on a plate so that he
would be in a sitting position I created a fishing rod for him using a
skewer and some fondant rings then I created a fish and put a little handmade
hook that I had made out of a twist tie I painted both of these and let them dry
on the plate until the cake was ready to put them on while I was getting the rest
of the cake ready I had my two children Xanthian Quinn create their own two fish
so that they could each place a fish on the cake for their granddaddy as well
here you can see Xanthi painting her fish and here you can see Quintin
painting his so while they were painting their fish I was preparing the cake I
made a simple rectangle cake that I sliced in half and filled with icing
then I covered one portion of it with green icing that I sort of scooped up to
make it look like there was a little bit of hills on the landscape and on the
other side I filled it with blue icing to resemble the pond that he was going
to be fishing in I then took a spoonful of lighter blue and white icing that I
had globbed together and with the spoon I smoothed it around the cake to make it
look like there were some waves in the pond then I fashioned a black Boulder
out of fondant for my fisherman to sit on I placed the boulder at the edge of
the pond and put more green icing around it and put a couple of reeds alongside
then I put fish in the water and then I took some clear thread and connected the
hook to the fishing rod so that it looked as rulers could be next I placed
the kids fish in the pond as well alongside mine my dad absolutely loved
his fishing cake and my kids enjoyed being part of it it’s fun to me
cake together with your children I hope you enjoyed this video please check us
out at fun cake decorating ideas calm and on facebook at
backslash fun cake decorating ideas for more fun videos and contests we’ll see
you later bye bye

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