Fishing Cake Tutorial-90th Birthday Cake Ideas

In this video I’m sharing a fishing cake
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This cake was crafted for a 90th birthday celebration and begins with my
chocolate buttermilk cake recipe, butter cake, and grandma Jasinski’s cherry nut
cake. 2 batches of white chocolate buttercream. Simple syrup adds a boost of flavor and
moisture to your cakes. For good measure I added a dab of raspberry jam. This is
the white chocolate buttercream, Raspberries, fresh or frozen, sealed with
more luscious buttercream. Continue with all three layers. The cherry nut cake is filled with a
German-style buttercream. Soooo good. This is the birthday boys mother’s recipe.
Talk about cakes and memories, this is the ultimate. My chocolate mousse recipe is next. And
by the way, you can get these recipes in my book Wedding Cakes with Lorelie
Step-by-Step on Amazon. There were a lot of letters for this
cake. I used gum paste and mini alphabet cutters. I’ll leave a link below
for you to the alphabet cutters. For the Cattails use gum paste or modeling
chocolate to create long leaves like these. Place a spaghetti strand in
between two of the leaves with a dab of water and then sandwich them together. This is an Orchid throat cutter from a
Wilton flower cutter set. Using this and an impression tool from an old version
of the Wilton cutter set I made a mock Lily Pad type of leaf.
You’ll be amazed what you can create with the cutters and mats.
The tools that I use can be found in my Amazon shop and I’ll put the link below
for you. This is dark chocolate modeling paste. 10 ounces of chocolate and 4
ounces of corn syrup. Use this or gum paste to create the Cattail heads and
the boat. If you search for gumpaste boat you’ll
find a template including the one like I used. The large square will be the sign
for the fishing cake-topper. Roll out and then cut your pieces for your boat. Make horizontal marks and a few vertical
ones to look like boards. Use a skewer or some other sharp tool to
create nail holes. Yellow petal dust for highlights and brown petal dust for additional
color. Melted chocolate is perfect for
attaching the parts. Use gum glue if you’re using gum paste. You can dust the leaves the same way to
make them look more natural. Make the sign the same way as you made the boat. Attach 2 skewers with chocolate, If
you’re using chocolate modeling paste, to push into the cake top. The rocks are made with gray and blue
gum paste. This is the birthday boy. The birthday boys hat adds a personal
touch Enjoy the rest of the decorating and
leave me a comment or question below if you have any questions. I hope you picked up a tip or two in this
fishing cake tutorial. Thanks for watching. Happy baking and cake
decorating and I’ll see you in the next video.

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  1. Happy Monday. Hope you enjoy the fishing cake I made for Joe. His family asked me to make his moms cherry nut cake with Ermine buttercream. Sooooo good. I'll share me version in a future video if you like. It's quite old fashioned and delicious.

  2. So happy your getting better! You still sound a little sickie. You must’ve had a pretty bad upper respiratory. Boy this cake looks delish!! You do such a good job!

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