Fishing for Sushi Dinner in Shibuya | Zauo Restaurant

[ SHIBUYA ] Hey guys, I’m KemushiChan / Loretta! Today we are trying something different… I’m going to try and FISH for my own dinner tonight at the restaurant back there! [ ZAUO Fishing Restaurant ] So this is my first time fishing EVER in my life! …and somehow it’s in a Shibuya restaurant? Typical Tokyo, for ya! But let’s break it down for a second: the menu here is full of different fish, and the only one that I can usually read is TUNA. So ME + Lots of FISH KANJI Usually=me taking to long to order. [ TOO SLOW!] So instead, my buddy Charly here suggested that I try out MyOrder a service that lets you use your phone to toggle between Japanese and actually good translations of each menu item. Let’s try it out! So what you do is scan the menu to pull it up in English Pick out what you want to eat, and then hit “translate” and show it to your server. I should learn how to read these myself… I see like… “TEN”…. what does this say? TEMPURA Oh, Tempura?! FAIL!!! Good Japanese lesson! I like it because it helps to learn the actually Japanese names for food But it’s also helpful because sometimes the English menus aren’t the same as the Japanese or even if you order something in English your server still has no idea what your saying so it kind of bridges that last step so that they can easily take your order. Sometimes restaurants will give me an English menu but if I actually read it off as it’s written, like: ONE “TAI” – Fish, Sea Bream! It still doesn’t convey if servers only speak Japanese. Yeah, that happens. We want to make it easier to understand. So I’m going to try fishing for Sea Bream which is called “TAI” in Japanese. I’m going to go fishing! In we go!!! Patience guys, patience! You can tell that I’m a pro fisher! This is the pro stance! You elongate your weakest arm and DANGLE. THE PRO STANCE!! (C: Have you ever fished before?) Uh… no…..??? First try: FAIL! He ran away… Did he bite? Oh! He’s taking it!! I did it!!! How do you want it cooked? Sashimi!! Look at this! I caught this!! It looks so good! It’s really pretty! We have ice and some little garnishes… then that’s allll sashimi! That’s about as fresh as it gets! So fresh! Bon Apetit! You know how sometimes you eat fish and it’s like a little bit salty or a little bit fishy? No, this one’s a little bit sweet! I’m going to quietly eat this whole thing! Here I go!!! For my first time fishing, I didn’t do half bad! So if you’re curious about Zauo fishing restaurant or more places where you can use MyOrder check out the description below this video! Thanks for watching today, guys! I’ll see you next time!

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  1. I FISHED A FISH! 🙂 Best part was that Zauo wasn't just a gimmic, the food was ACTUALLY delicious. Have any of you guys tried this spot yet?

  2. ケムシちゃん鯛釣れて良かった!

  3. さっきまで泳いでいた魚を刺身にするのはちょっとなぁ。
    さすがに気が引ける。(/ω\) あえてそうする必要ないのでは無いかと。

  4. Google Translate on a smart phone can do the same thing. There is an option to take a photo within the app, then highlight the sections you want translated with your fingers. The English translations will then appear. Is it accurate? As accurate as Google Translate is.

  5. Man, this restaurant looks really awesome! I wish I could go to Japan one day…

    well, once I learn how to use chopsticks.

  6. 私は刺身が(それなりに)好きですけど(←ちなみに私は和食よりも海外料理を外食では食しているかも。)、刺身大好き・和食大好き先輩が私に言った。しょせん、刺身も醤油とワサビがなければさして美味しいとは思わない・・と。


  7. 天麩羅←天は分かったけど、麩羅(ぷら)の部分が分からなかったんですかね?(‘∀‘ )

  8. I've done this twice, once in Osaka and once at Shinjuku, it is soooo fun! I did find it expensive, but the experience was priceless 😀

  9. Lol nice so I am taking it tempura was spelled 天麩羅 or 天婦羅 instead of テンプラ lol But also isn't たい焼き based on a historical image of sea bream or something ? Bc that would make sense 😛

  10. Hi just recently found your channel and subscribed! I am so inspired by you! I plan to go to Japan for my 25th birthday next year and will be diligently studying to learn basic Japanese to help me in my travels! Wish me luck!

  11. Firstly, THANK YOU for not screaming…


    Secondly, loved the video! Very informative and definitely makes me want to visit the restaurant.

  12. よくおつくり苦手だって外国出身の方の声聞きますけど(まあ日本人でも苦手な人はいますが)

  13. this reminds me of the time I was in Matsue (small ass town in Western Japan but so cute) and we were looking for a restaurant at 9pm. However, one knows that in Japan, most rural area restaurants are closed. So  I spent about 30 mins trying to find somewhere until I found the best restaurant ever.
    It was exactly the same type where we could catch our own squid and eat it while it was still wiggling in my mouth !!!
    I definitely recommend it to anyone, great experience ! 🙂 🙂

    ps great video !!! I swear that waitress killed by simply saying "tempura"  :')

  14. I've wanted to go there for such a long time! Ive been here for two years but still havent gone. Kemushichan, I'd love to talk to you more about your experience in Tokyo.

  15. Hi there! I'm Vanessa and I'm a producer at's "In the Know" Facebook page. I'm creating a video on Zaou Fishing Restaurant and would love to use some of your video, if that's okay with you! You'll be credited in the top left-hand corner. Please let me know if it's okay with you! My e-mail is [email protected] if you have any questions for me.

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