Five siblings plan a surprise party for Donggook! AWW♥♥ [The Return of Superman/2018.05.20]

– One, two, three, four. / – One, two, three, four. (The five siblings in Jeonju) (They’re preparing for a surprise birthday party.) (Sibling choir) Let’s freeze! (All of a sudden?) The first person to move is the loser. One, two, three. (Perfect. I’m completely still.) Why isn’t Daddy coming? (He’s planning to wait in this position.) (Teasing) (We’re moving.) (He is determined for the birthday party.) (Turning) (Do you think you can fool me?) – Don’t be mean. / – Okay, okay. (Farting) You moved! Seola just farted. (Seola is good at surprises.) She just farted. It stinks! (Due to the children’s request…) It’s their dad’s birthday today. We installed cameras everywhere for a surprise event. We don’t want Donggook to find out. Will they be able to surprise their dad? What is Donggook doing at this hour? (Donggook works in Jeonju.) After a game, Donggook’s bus arrived at the clubhouse. (The bus is arriving at the clubhouse.) Soon, we spotted Donggook’s car. (It’s Donggook’s car!) There are 20 minutes left. (It takes 20 minutes to drive home.) (Daddy is home!) He’s heading home without a clue. Donggook doesn’t know the kids are in Jeonju. (He’s heading to his empty house.) What kind of surprise did the kids prepare? (He’s used to seeing his empty home.) (What is that?) That’s when he finds a suspicious message. (What is that?) (He heads outside after seeing the message.) (Was it the first floor?) (Why is he going to the fourth floor?) (The elevator stops on the fourth floor.) – Dad! / – Dad! (Surprise!) – It was hard… / – To raise five kids, right? – What happened? / – Dad. (There are cameras too?) What’s going on? – I don’t know. / – What? (He tries to figure things out.) No, Dad. (Stunned) It was hard to raise five kids, right? It was hard to raise five kids, right? No. (They’re stopping on the third floor as well.) Are you the only ones here? – Dad, we love you! / – Dad, we love you! (Here they are!) How cute. What happened? What’s going on? We’ll be five times… Be better at treating us. Okay, I’ll be good to you. We’ll be better at treating you. – Do you even know what it means? / – No. Where is Sian? Sian? I don’t know. Wasn’t he home? – We don’t know. / – I don’t know. Dad. Dad is here. (The final member had to wait for the longest.) (They’re coming!) (Nervous) Are we stopping on the second floor? (What does it mean for the doors to open?) (Surprise fairy,) (Sian is here.) Sian! Dad, I love you. I love you. Why are you guys being so touching? (Moved) – Come here. / – What? – Come here. / – Follow us. – What’s going on? / – Come on. – Come with us. / – Dad, hurry. Where are we going? Why are the lights off? Is this a surprise? – Yes. / – No, we don’t know yet. Why are you still up? Did we surprise you? – Yes. / – Did we surprise you? Mom told me you guys would come tomorrow. – Yes. / – Yes. (He’s still stunned.) Where are we going? – Come with us. / – Just hang on first. It’s this way. – Dad, close your eyes. / – What? – I can’t. / – Close them. – We’ll lead you. / – Close your eyes. This way, Dad. – Don’t fall in the water. / – You’re scaring me. – There’s water too. / – Don’t worry. You’re going to fall in. – Over there. / – You’re going to fall. Be careful. (You’re not trying to make me fall in, right?) One, two, three, surprise! (Ta-da!) – Do you see it? / – Do you see it? What is it? “Dad…” – We made it. / – We did it. (Dad, we love you.) Dad will be so surprised. Do you think so? Will he like it, guys? – Yes. / – Yes. What if Dad cries? – Do you think he’ll cry? / – No. Let’s make him cry. (The five siblings were glued to the window) (until Donggook arrived.) (They express their feelings for Dad.) Sian, what is this? It’s a really cool car for Daddy. Is it a car? What is this circle for? This? It’s a soccer ball. – A soccer ball? / – Yes. They might be a little unskilled, but they prepared this surprise together with the love they have for their dad. It’s so touching. Dad, you should cry. – Did you really do this? / – Yes. Dad, you should cry. Were you surprised, Daddy? Of course, I was surprised. I didn’t even know you were here. It’s your birthday. Let me see. Stand in a row. “It was hard to raise five kids, right?” “We’ll be five times better at treating you.” “When will I get a little sibling?” You won’t get one. Sian, you’re the youngest. You guys are the ones who have it tough with a prankster dad like me. (How did he know?) – I’ll raise you better. / – Dad, look at it! Okay. (It’s so touching.) Cry. Why aren’t you crying? (Happy birthday, Dad.) (It’s the first birthday party) (prepared by the five kids.) (Happy birthday, Dad.) Why do I only have four candles? – You’re 40. / – You’re 40. I’ll try harder to become a dad who’s more devoted to you. I can’t believe how old I am. You’ll always be by my side, right? – Yes. / – All right. You have to stay with me even when you get old. – Okay. / – Even when you’re old. – One, two, three. / – One, two, three. – Sit down. / – Thank you, Dad. Is this for me? Line up to give me your gifts. One by one. – Me first. / – Okay. – What is it? / – It’s a gold medal. Why am I getting a gold medal? Because you won. Mine is… – It’s flowers. / – Flowers. (Sua got Donggook some flowers.) If I carry this around, I’ll look like Leon. Okay, thank you. Who is this from? – Yours. / – It’s clothes. – Clothes? / – It’s yours. It’s yours. It’s your underwear. – Did you buy these? / – Yes! We bought them. It’s your underwear. – These are pants. / – Okay. Thank you. – Also… / – Thank you. We made you coupons. Here you go. One at a time. Tell us if you want to use one. – Can I use one now? / – Yes. I’ll use the massage coupon. – Massage. / – Massage. – Massage. / – I need it on my legs. I’ll do it. – Legs. / – That feels good. Do the shoulders. I’ll do his arms. I’ll massage over here. Sua, do his arms too. That feels great. Sian, I don’t need a massage on my shin. My shins are hard, right? – Can we stop? / – We’ll massage you. You guys are pretty strong now. I’ll use the “Make Dad smile” coupon. – Let’s go. / – Let’s go. – Make me smile. / – Let’s go get ready. – Let’s go get ready. / – Did you prepare for it? Of course. We prepared for everything. – Okay. / – Come on. How will the kids make him smile? I might not smile. (Smirking) (It’s an alien soccer player.) – Dad. It’s a soccer ball. / – Yes? It’s so bright. (Here comes the second player.) (Superstar Seola is here.) I’m not smiling. I’m not smiling. You’re holding it in. You’re holding it in. You smiled. – You smiled. / – You smiled. (She’s making a sacrifice to make her dad smile.) (Giggling) Help her out. (Somebody stop Jaea.) Why is she always the funny one? Do you want us to do it for you? – No, thank you. / – Let’s do it on him. Dad, shall we put this on you? Dad, play soccer. Here are the sunglasses. (Is he from the Alps or outer space?) Guys. Do it on Dad. Was this coupon supposed to make me cry? – “Make Dad cry” coupon. / – You have to cry. I’ll read it. “To Dad.” “Dearest Dad, it’s Jaesi and Jaea.” “It’s your birthday, but you had to practice.” “You must be really tired.” “We want to be supportive daughters when you’re tired.” “We’ll achieve our dreams” “and look after our little siblings.” “We love you. From Jaesi and Jaea.” Here you go. You guys were just kids, but now you’re writing – letters for me. / – Me, too. Is there a coupon for kisses? – Yes. / – There is. It’s a bonus. (We’ll give you kisses for free.) Happy birthday, Dad! – Happy birthday, Dad! / – Happy birthday, Dad! Thank you.

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  1. Aww this was so cute but emotional as well. They really love their dad more than anything and he loves infinitely as well. I hope this family never leaves TROS

  2. I want to have kids like them when I have a family on my own and also a husband like donggok even though he's busy he still spare some time with his kids I really love him I wonder where will I get a husband like him? His wife is so lucky though

  3. these kids were raised so WONDERFUL AND BEAUTIFUL~ soooo BEAUTIFUL..this kind of relationship is what every family needs. every family~👨‍👧‍👦💕

  4. Well I was crying like hell 🤧😅… I didn't know why he wasn't crying really… I'm sure he was crying on the inside 🥰🥰💜
    They are such a nice family… I wish in the future I have a family like them.. I really admired them..each and every one of them!!!🥰
    I really miss my dad too.
    R.I.P Daddy 🥺
    My heart will be broken forever without you!!!💔💔😔

  5. My late dad had 4 of us watching this makes me miss him n cry
    Ps he was a highschool teacher and was a good footballer 😊😊

  6. When sian and his sibling watching back this video 10 years from now, i am pretty sure they will miss this moment.

  7. 11:32 what a beautiful sight! I wish to have a family like this of my own. Youre doing great appa and eomma!

  8. I cried at the elevator scene🥰😢🥰🥰 donggok is so lucky to have children like them. watching them want to have many kids 💪🏻😅😌🥰

  9. Oh…. The best birthday gift ever is a genuine love…Their parents raise them so well… I cried a little

  10. Sian: When will I get a little sibling?
    Appa: You don’t get one. Sian, you’re the youngest.👍🏻😀😁

    Lee family❤️😘😍🥳🎁

  11. Im crying so hard until seola appeared with pink wig and lipstick on 😂😂😂😂😂😂
    He is so lucky, having such a wonderful children ❤

  12. Dongguk, you must be proud of your kits.Are your children so lovely? I also proud of you Dongguk. Thank you for raising five kits are keeping brightly and nicely.

  13. This is it. The best video on the internet. Nothing. Absolutely nothing can beat this. My heart is so full of love for their family. This is so sweet 💖

  14. I know that im too late to watch this, but this episode is so heart touching. Suddenly i miss my dad in countryside 😞

  15. It was so touching. I’m crying😭😭 Having kids like them is a precious gift. Also the 5 siblings are so lucky to have Donggok as their father❤️

  16. This is the cutest video ever….Now I am also thinking to have 5 6 children…..hahaha ….but for this I have to get married first…

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