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One of the most effective ways to strengthen the institution of marriage would be to drastically improve how family courts handle divorce. At least that’s the premise recently made by Leslie Loftis in a piece she wrote for the Daily Caller. Loftis, a member of the Leading Women for Shared Parenting, says people are much more familiar with the divorce experience than previous generations. Divorce and marriage are intertwined these days. It’s no longer, divorce is no longer kind of the thing where you get struck by lightning. It is relatively common. Most people have some experience with divorce either through themselves, they were from a divorced home, they had aunts and uncles that got divorced, something. So we all have some sort of experience with it so it’s not like getting hit by lightning. While just about everyone has some familiarity with divorce, Loftis says there’s still a lack of knowledge concerning how the family court system works. She says couples need to have a better understanding of how difficult the process can be before they decide to call off their marriage. The biggest problem we are having is education. Most people assume that equal parenting, shared parenting, of some sort, they assume it’s the norm in the country so in with as much experience as people have with divorce either being a child of divorce but even then their parents probably tried to keep them away from it a little bit, also other family members and such. Divorce still surprises people when they’re actually going through it and there are a lot of little bit, ‘I didn’t know you know I didn’t know that it was going to destroy my life like this. I didn’t know it was going to cost that much.’ And honestly, I think one of the best things we can do to advocate for marriage and for divorce reform is just raise awareness of exactly how difficult it is, how expensive it is, how emotionally raw, etc. For more information on how the divorce process works, visit That’ll do it for another episode. I’m Shawn Garrison, editor of, thank you for watching. you

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  1. "the institution of marriage…" bawahahaaha institution of marriage?? Marriage isn't an institution anymore it's merely a relationship. Although it still might be the highest form of a relationship in western society it's all just loved-based. You're in love you stay married, you fall out of love you usually divorce. In order to keep people married who aren't in love you would have to put institutional pressure on them to keep married. Like what? Well adding back illegitimate laws that were a staple of marriage for thousands of years would be one. Husband biased laws that required a husbands signature for a loan, bringing back fault-based divorce, legalization of marital rape, etc. On top of all that it wouldn't be enough proven by the equal/women's rights movement of the 60s and 70s. You would also have to have an economy that made it impossible for wives (or husbands) to support themselves and their families if they got a divorce. All of this isn't very likely.

    A class teaching future divorcees that they might be worse off after a divorce imo wouldn't help people not divorce but rather *not marry*. In the end of the day the two people who are in love that want to marry will marry regardless if they, or one of them, falls out of love eventually. Especially since both ex-spouses will be able to support their family solo.

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