Flashback 25th Anniversary Collector’s Edition (Switch) Unboxing!!

hey guys welcome back for another
unboxing with popngames, today we’re going to be unboxing flashback 25th
anniversary collector’s edition for the Nintendo switch. we’ve got the PAL copy
in front of us because the US version drops in July. anyway right here we see
this machine as well as all of these animations in the background, we can see
that the game has a PEGI rating of 12 as well as this usk rating also of 12 and
the game is developed and/or published by Microids. okay moving on to the
left side there’s the title once again as well as the collector’s edition and
Microids logo. on the right side we’re gonna see the exact same thing, on the
bottom it’s just those more animations and same thing on the top. this is a
shrink-wrap copy for the outer box and on to the back we have three shots of
gameplay as well as a shot of the included content
it says the action-adventure classic is back to celebrate its 25th anniversary
and here gives you information on the content, it says game card retro style
metal case numbered metal card digital soundtrack and game manual and down
below we see the play modes, it’s single-player across the board in docked
tabletop and handheld mode. the game does not actually give rating on the pegi
I guess, nope we do not see anymore rating information just Pegi 12 once
again and it’s pro controller compatible it’s a little different on the PAL
boxes. anyway let’s go ahead and open up the outer box okay it appears to open from the top yes
it does right now let’s see what we got, okay so
here is the game box the instruction booklet and this metal case which is
themed after an SNES cartridge referencing the original of this game
okay so let’s actually take a look at this
first we can see the front there there’s flashback 25th anniversary on
the back it says 2142 ad youre Conrad B Hart Galaxis Bureau of Investigation
agent right now you’re stranded on a faraway planet after discovering an
alien plot to overtake earth you must travel and find your way to earth with
your memory artificially erased and fail- the I mean foil the aliens deadly plans
Did you know Conrad B Hart’s design has been inspired by a certain Marty McFly
Paul Cuisset. alright and I do believe this opens up, there we go so you can see
we will put the game card there as well as this instruction booklet will go
right in there and there’s also this limited run collector’s card which I can
take out if you take a closer look at maybe not supposed to take it out yeah
there’s nothing on the back of it but that’s what the card looks like, it says
31,315 out of 40,000 and the back is just plain so clearly it was not even
intended to be taken out and there we go alright now let’s take a look at the
instruction booklet, there’s the front these eyes, there’s the back mostly
plain black and let’s go through the pages. okay it looks to be full color
there’s the table of contents you can pause to look in more detail if you’d
like all right and now let’s go
ahead and take a look at the game box here’s the cover, it is different from
the cover that we saw on the outer box and most of the information actually we
do have a different back it says the award-winning action-adventure classic
is back and are these the same shots of gameplay that we saw no they are not so
we can see a little different stuff there. there’s more animations as far as
the information down below, it is all the same and this is a y-fold wrapped
package, so let’s go ahead and open this up and on the inside we’re going to see
even more, we have the game card right there and here this says flashback 25th
anniversary remastered original soundtrack and it has a code that you
can download the soundtrack with and the information on how to do so. right and
I’m going to take a look here on the inside we also have this character
artwork as well as this information here and put that back in and yeah guys that
is everything I’ll go ahead and put it in this collectors case so you can see
how that turns out, actually it’s not really meant for this instruction
booklet this is actually too big to fit in here so I guess maybe for just the
soundtrack sheet. I’m not quite sure why they did that but that’s what it looks
like, all right and let’s just take a look at everything once again and there
you have it guys, that is going to wrap up this unboxing of flashback 25th
anniversary collector’s edition for the Nintendo switch, as always thank you guys
for staying tuned to popngames for these unboxings and if you enjoyed this
one you can let us know by liking commenting and subscribing thanks for
watching bye bye

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  1. I dont get it, since its pal edition, why the heck steelbook(form factor) is US region and not Pal? It doest make any sense… Great edition non the less!!!

  2. That steelbook case is probably all scratched up by now just from the unboxing. I cringed every time you slid it across the table like that. Either way, I now know what it looks like and I'm glad I preordered it.

  3. This game brings back good memories. I don't have the switch but I'm definitely going to pick this up for my collection. Thank you for the thorough review. Now if they only would make a Out Of This World edition I'd be set.

  4. sad its rushed that manual does not fit etc etc and does card even hold in steel case? but still this is must buy

  5. just recived this game in the mail. my friend ordered me this as a surpise. so cant give a rate on ebay. but have this game on all systems, except snes need get that one as well. but me my little brother that passed away played that game all the time. so i hold dear to my heart. but wanna say thanks abunch, was a awesome surprise get in the 13th. and ill make sure they give ya a thumbs up on there.

  6. I just purchased a brand-new copy of the 25th Anniversary edition from an eBay seller for $40 with free shipping. I guess he had difficulty scalping the title, so he dropped the price to move what stock he had left. I missed out on this release, so it was a win for me!

  7. I got this FREE thanks to Verydice! Roll dice to earn tickets that you can redeem on REAL merchandise! My referral code is 3264530

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