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home holiday event wedding and DIY decor today I have a gender-neutral baby
shower centerpiece and set up here we go I had a couple of requests to make my
next baby shower centerpiece gender-neutral for all the Monday’s they
don’t want to know the gender of the baby until birth and I fell in love with
the idea of an air balloon centerpiece and here’s my version of it let’s get
started the very first thing I’m going to do is put my lantern together I got
my on line and these are very inexpensive I got it for about a dollar
to a dollar 15 but I did buy em in bulk so the more you buy the less surprise
can I deal but you can also find these at Party City I believe they have a
3-pack for $6.99 and I also saw them at Amazon for a 14 pack for $10.99 so if
you’re making more than one centerpiece that would be ideal
so all you have to do is just place these metal part in the middle of the
Atlantic just open the lantern up and then you are going to put it through
here and you are going to secure it putting it through those two little
holes scare and that’s it and this is going to serve as my balloon next I’m
going to embellish my lantern or I should say my hot air balloon with
ribbon I went ribbon crazy Michaels yesterday they were all 50% off and this
is their of Easter collection so you can find them right now
I love Britain’s I have a large collection and I’m gonna be adding these
to my collection anyway I’m going to be using the white ribbon with gold glitter
polka dots look how pretty that is I love polka dots I’m sure you have
noticed that as well so I’m going to make a few stripes around the lantern
and I think I’m doing about four maybe six we’ll see for this part here if you find yourself
needing to place a ribbon here you are going to cut right through the middle
just a bit and then you will glue it s so okay now I’m going to start working
on the bottom of my centerpiece which is usually a basket when it comes to
balloons but I’m going to be using this four point two inch paper mache box that
I got from Michaels I’m going to this post of the lid I’m not going to use it
and I’m also going to use four wooden dowels they are going to hold the
balloon together or in my case my lantern together so I’m going to place
this here these are going to serve as the ropes and the key of this to hold
the lantern up is that old for dolls will meet in the middle here and so to
hold the lantern together but these must touch each corner of the box so you are
going to glue them in a way where the bottom of the dowel will touch each
corner and so okay so you will have to glue all four of them like this to glue
the wooden dowels inside the box you are going to need a permanent glue like
e6000 I’ve been using this go to glue that I found at Home Depot I really like
it because you know it’s very easy to pour and it bounced in 30 minutes but II
6,000 is to glue that everyone trust and if you’re more familiar with
it I recommend that you use that and I’m also going to use my hot glue gun so it
can hold the Dow as the glue dries I’m going to cut a few pieces of this floral
foam to place inside the box so I can start on my floral arrangement you can
also do this step prior to gluing the dowels but since I love to make my life
complicated I did it after but everything went well so I’m going to use
this beautiful bouquet of Highbury roses from Michaels
they were 50% off of $10 so I got them for 5 bucks I painted a second bouquet in metallic
gold and I’m just going to add a few to the arrangement now I’m going to add
this beautiful lacy burlap ribbon to the top of the box I’m going to place it all
around here just to bring it out a little bit next I’m going to place my
lantern over my arrangement and I’m just going to place it over and you know just
make sure that it’s aligned wherever you want the ribbons to show now I’m going
to add a little bit of hot glue to the dowels so you can help the lantern stand
straight next I’m going to make sandbags out of
this white burlap ribbon and I’m going to hang one on each side this is going
to be very easy and by the way this happens to be a wire ribbon and that’s
what was on sale that’s why I got it but you can use any ribbon to make this
birla will be best so I’m just going to fold it in half okay you’re going to
measure how much you will want or how long the bag is going to be I wanted
about this long so I’m going to fold it in half and then I’m going to cut and
then I’m going to glue the ribbons together on the side and here’s my first sand bag or sack you
can add rice to it or some tissue to make it puff out a little bit I’m just
going to add a little bit of tissue and then I’m going to grab a little bit of
this rope ribbon to tie the bag and here it is now I’m going to go ahead and
place it right in front of here and I’m going to do the same with all four sides I’m going to use this round cutting
board and small base from Dollar Tree to make a stand for my air balloon
basically what I want to do is have the air balloon sit on top of clouds so what
I’m going to do is place our glue D on small base right on top of here and I’m
going to add a fiberfill to the cutting board and it should look something like this
okay guys this is f this is my air balloon
gender-neutral baby shower centerpiece and I absolutely love it I am teasing
from ear to ear I love it I think is adorable as you can see I added the Rope
ribbon in between the polka dot ribbons to fill in the empty spaces the cloud is
obviously optional is totally up to your taste I decided to add it for the sake
of being different because I’ve seen the centerpiece before and I wanted to make
it my own I hope you guys enjoy this video and if you did please make sure to
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now also leave me a comment let me know what you thought of my centerpiece and
leave me a comment anyway because I love to chitchat with you guys all the time
alright guys until next time

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  1. What size lantern did you use on this project I'm trying to recreate it but would like to know the size thanks!?!?!
    Btw this centerpiece is so beautiful!!

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