FLOPPY FUN RUN 😂| Midget Apple Plays Human Runner 3D

(upbeat techno music) (laughter) (rock music)
– [Midget Apple] Yo yo yo little apple back in the
house once again that’s right! And we are playing a game
called: floppy, letter human faller, fartin’,
flapjacks on a Friday, yeah! Best game ever, whoah! (laughs) Whoa aww you have to start all over? Get out, jeez! Okay, so I dunno what this
games actually called. It’s like floppy something. Floppy Runner or Human
Runner, or whatever. Whoa! I was just looking on the app store and I saw a game where it was
like one of those floppy games so I was like “I better try it,” Yeah! Winner winner! Can’t stop these flying
fruit farts that’s for sure! What!? (laughs) I don’t even know what’s going on. So it looks like at the end of each round, someone gets eliminated, the last person. Get outta here! (laughs) Stiff-arm his face, That was so awesome! Oh yeah, Oh ye-aww right in the booty! Oh no get around the
swinging arm, oh yeahaha, Another stiff-arm to the face! Oh, oh, no! Oh that was so close. Yeah I think I beat ’em, yes! Just barely beat ’em, that was so close. Eat that Judge! I said that because that’s his name. All right we’re down to
three people here we go. See if I can stiff-arm this- oh! (laughs) You fell over right
away thanks a lot buddy. Cream cheese caterpillars lets go come on! Aww yeah. W-whoa giant pendulums just
gonna roll right past us, don’t worry about it. Oh yeah, oh yeah, going for first place there it is! Uh oh it’s me and Judge again. All right, who’s gonna win? What the!? (laughs) I fell on my butt before I even started. Cream cheese caterpillars. No, no- oh! No no no no come back,
come back, come back, okay. Okay he fell off, okay,
that’s good that’s good. Ah! (laughs) I just trip over everything! Oh, oh no don’t fall, don’t fall. Oh boy, oh boy yes! Okay just blast right through. Whoa, I just got tossed! Oh yeah, oh yeah, no
no no don’t hit me yes! Yes! First place! That’s how you do it. Yo Little Apple’s got skills! League F. Oh we can change
the colors? Oh cool! Oops. I didn’t mean to- oh well. I guess I’m orange now. Hopefully less annoying than uh, you know our regular Orange. Okay come back here. Whoa (laughs) Wow! Oh, he landed on his car keys! (laughs) Somebody call the doctor! Whoa! No no not again, Oh man! Cream cheese caterpillars!
I can’t believe it! I just keep falling off here. Okay just coming up on the red guy here. Come back here! Your mom was a blobasaurus rex! (laughs) Yeah, he didn’t like that insult. He’s like “hey, my mom
is not a blobasaurus!” What the- oh! No all the way back to
the beginning again. Look who went- I don’t think any, oh no somebody actually made it. I just saw the wall come down. Okay, come on, come on, come on. We’re still in second
place, it’s fine, it’s fine. It’s fine, fine, porcupine! Just don’t get hit by this. No no no, no no, no are you kidding me!? Are you kidding- okay, okay, okay, okay, someone else fell off too. All right, still ah! (coughs) (laughs) Dude you gotta walk on- oh no no! No no, no no, don’t fall! (laughs) Oh, man I really gotta
work on no not again! Not again! (groans) No, you guys, I’m in 5th place. Okay, okay someone else fell off too. Jeez! This level I dunno what’s going on, why am I having so many
trob-problems with it? Ah, troblem problems, that’s not a word. Can’t worry about that, no. Whoa! I actually got 2nd place you guys! What!? (laughs) And then I just punched
that guy in the butt. I just can’t believe how
many times I fell off the map and I still got 2nd place. That was awesome, okay. All right there’s four of us this time. Yes, stiff-arm to the
face, how you like it? Oh no (laughs) everybody’s
running over me. (laughs) No! Ah man, not again! Caramel cow pies! (laughs) No, no oh (laughs) Ooh, right in the hip. Do not dare, oh come on just
squeeze right through there. Come on, I wanna give ’em the stiff-arm. Yes! Get outta here! (laughs) Oh no, okay okay (mumbles) Ooh wee baby, yeah! Now you all have to eat caramel cow pies. Since I’m trying to make
that a new catch phrase. Be kind of disgusting but, as long as I’m not the one eatin’ ’em! (laughs) Loser eats a caramel cow pie! No, no, You know what this
reminds me of a little bit Ah jeeowow! Slippin’ on an ice cream sundae! Man, okay anyways you know
what this reminds me of? You remember the- ah how’d that even ah! How’d that even happen? I can’t talk, bluh, bluh, bluh, bluh bluh. Yeah it reminds me of
that game show, Wipeout? You guys ever see that one? You know the one where they gotta jump on the big bouncy balls over the water. And everyone just gets
tossed every time? (laughs) Oh no, no no, oh no, aww
man I almost held on. Okay okay okay, quickly, quickly. I’m in last place, I gotta catch up. I can’t be killed. Okay I see ’em both up there, they’re both getting tossed around. Yes, they both fell off! Okay okay, we’re all
right, we’re all right. We’re doing just fine. Yes, yes, Little Apple style! In the house! That’s right! That’s how you do it! Don’t come near me bro I’m gonna give you a
chicken parm, stiff-arm. (laughs) Which is way worse than
a regular stiff-arm. Lemme tell ya that much. Ow! (laughs) into the rings of death. They kind of look like giant
spinning nose rings. (laughs) I don’t have to worry about
those cause I don’t have a nose. Ow! (laughs) Oh, come on, no! Oh no no no, hopefully
that guy falls off too. Oh boy, yes he fell off!
Okay, we’re okay, we’re okay. Hooo, we almost lost
it that time you guys. The swansong of the crappy- ah no no, no! Rumpelstiltskin on a rhinoceros! No no no, you’re not
even gonna do it buddy. Don’t even think about it,
I’m gonna stiff-arm you. Ohoho, oh I’m gonna give you
a chicken parm stiff-arm! Oh he already fell off. Ow okay. Enough balls, okay seriously! No, I’m gonna fall down the crack! Ah, whoa, oh, come on save it! What, I didn’t even fall down! What kinda, what kinda of Chipotle barbecue
bean bags is going on here? This is ridiculous. Okay, (laughs) you just jumped
right off the side! I didn’t even have to, ow (laughs) (mumbles) that didn’t look
like it felt very good at all. Kay this time I’m gonna
wai-oh ow, ow, oh jeeze. I was gonna stop and wait for it. No no, no no, don’t even think about it! Yeah! Yeah, Little Apple with
the chicken parm stiff-arm. Winner winner baby, how
about that little apples? You like that. Ooh, I’m in the sweet E league. E for especially awesome! (laughs) That was terrible I’m sorry. Okay, TootFruits is on the way up, he’s on the rise, kicking some booties. Okay so I can pick from two poses? I’m gonna pick the, the
wide stance I guess. (laughs) What are you guys doing? Everybody’s falling over. Yeah, stiff-arm! How you like that action,
pretty delicious huh? Chicken parm stiff-arm,
yeah yeah, oh yeah. Look at this, Little Apple (laughs) I was kicking all the butts in the world. So many butts. There were no butts left to kick. This is a butt apocalypse. Yes, yes, yeahaha! Yeah, two chicken parm
stiff-arms right in a row baby! Just gonna flip right over that thing, yes, looking good. Oh, how’d you get first place? Yeah, Little Apple in the house! Okay second place, not too bad. At least I get to move on. Mowin’ lawns and movin’ on! I dunno even know what that means. I just said it cause it rhymed. I’m gonna go to the right, I bet you people are gonna
go to the left and get, oh no they didn’t that
guy didn’t fall over. Oh yes, yes, so far I am rulin’ it! Yeah! (laughs) You see that massive
amount of points I got, that was awesome. All right, all right,
through the nose ring, oh yeah, Little Apple in the house, once again that’s right. Gettin’ a win like it’s
a sin baby! (laughs) All right, we’re down to three people. Man I hope you guys are hungry,
you better be super hungry, cause I’m servin’ up chicken
parm stiff-arms all day! (laughs) This is so weird, (laughs) okay, all right through the giant nose rings. Lookin’ good, lookin’ good! Oh no no, no no don’t
push me off the edge! Oh no no, stop tripping over me! Okay okay, it’s okay, yes, chicken parm stiff-arm for the win! Yeah baby! Okay, it’s me and Freeshia? I dunno how you spell
that or say that (laughs) get off the ground,
don’t fall on your booty before the game even starts! Okay going around this, oh yeah, oh yeah, this is lookin’ good. Through the nose ring. Oh yeah grabbing them points, oh! (laughs) Oh no no no, oh no he’s ahead of me! Okay he fell down. (laughs) Okay, okay feelin’ good, feelin’ good. Okay which side to go on, no,
no I shouldn’t have turned! Ooh I jumped when I should’ve jived! Okay hopefully he falls off too, awww. Bummer burrito butts! I was eliminated by Freeshia, however you say it, I’m not even sure. Oh, all is lost, what will I ever do now? Probably just play again. (laughs) Hey guys, everybody do
the flop, uh! (laughs) Oh man I timed that just right! Man that was so good,
you ever seen that video? Everybody do the flop, uh! It’s so funny, I love it, okay here we go. Oh yeah, lookin’ good in the
neighborhood- no no (laughs) Man I hate it when I fall
down the crack like that. I’m like a piece of loose change, falling down the cushion of a couch. Oh hey buddy, you bout to
get a chicken arm, stiff-arm. Come on, come on, oh
you’re gettin’ tossed. Yes, yes, whoa got some
serious air on that one. Oh yeah, coming in, for the win. Oh, okay actually not the win. Third place, wasn’t that
great that time, okay. Okay I’m going to the right cause that worked really well last
time that I was on a level with a big ramp like that,
so, yeah yeah, yeah yeah. Oh, oh I didn’t know I
could shove obstacles into those things so I could
get points, that’s awesome. Oh yeah rising to the challenge, oh! Ow that ball hit me right in the booty, that did not feel good. Oh yeah, oh yeah, first place! First place in your non-existent face! (laughs) Get it cause they
don’t have faces, they’re just, I dunno, they don’t really
need faces it’s cool. They can operate just fine without ’em. Okay okay, okay stop, oh, oh ow , oh! See I always go to stop, so that the, that thing’ll rotate down and
then I can just run through it but then, it turns out I
had already run through it. No no, oh that was close that was close. Okay, giant nose rings, no! Oh, giant nose rings
you stinky, you stinky! Oh man please don’t
lose, please don’t lose. Ow, ah bootyhats, you kiddin’ me? Aww man, lost again. Whoa dude are you okay? (laughs) All right well, that was
a lot of fun actually! Uh, thank you so much
for watching everybody. Little Apple Army, you rock as always. Till next time, BYE BYE! (upbeat techno music)

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