welcome back to game TV I’m your host guy and today’s and I got a playful bear shirt oh and we also got some Freddy fazbear’s balloons oh we ran out of power yeah there’s a red one with mango that says let’s hurry a yellow one with chica that says let’s eat a purple one with Bonnie that says it’s me and one with Freddy I already make a can I scream and open the most of my presents but I just stayed some for this video from my sponsor at some gold it’s fuzzy in a 4-pack of vinyl figures now it’s tear off boxes face and see what’s inside him I could see toys trade places so this father’s open and see what’s inside expression Hodge also to Jana so this is my new friend he’s just like Freddy except he’s purple he has a hat bow tie and some creepy eyes and lips foxy he has an eyepatch nine years here he’s red and he has two teeth when his aunt and one is white now let’s look at the keychain as you can see it’s pretty he is a microphone in this topic so now we have the four pack at the front of the phrase figures so as you can see it comes with chica foxy golden Freddy and the skeleton image Ernie’s on the back of the box it shows also show the characters and set to it that are Freddy Bonnie spring shop and Balloon Boy so first we have cheetah she’s holding her cupcake and has a bill that says natete Riskin looks kind of dirty thank you to the gates we have foxes he has a metonic part showing his legs and and he has a hook and a eye patch just like a pirate she’s going Freddy he has a hat a bow tie and a microphone he’s in his sitting position maybe he’s broken his skin is also pretty early I think he needs it back finally we have the amazonica skeleton I think he’s the scariest one of all I hope you enjoyed this video thank you for watching and leave a comment down below which was your very funny – Freddy’s character B thumbs up subscribe and bye

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