Foam flowers. Foamiran. Glitter foam sheet craft ideas. Flowers on the wall. Foam sheet craft ideas

hi there welcome to my channel RICHIRA
decor. Today I am going to show you some tips how to make glitter foam sheet flowers we need two squares of paper with sides
of eighteen and twenty centimetres for the making of templates we will need one or two templates for the
first size and three or four seconds size of templates you can make a template with the
cardboard using a paper template for convenience I’m cutting foam templates for the
glitter foam sheet rose I’m beginning to collect a rose with glitter
foam. First. I’m going to use to templates off the first size I’m using second size templates for all
further assembling of foam sheet rose and giving shape for petals I’m cutting the corners of the rosebud thanks for you comments, go thumbs up don’t
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