– Ah! – [Woman] Do you guys want to try it? – No. – [Woman] It’s pretty fun. Look. All right, so today, Elise is doing this, what is it? It’s like a dino fizz bath bomb. You excited? – Does it explode? – [Woman] What do you think? – No. – [Woman] Does it smell good? – Mhm. – [Woman] Mm, I’m excited? – [Caleb] Can I smell? (sighs) – Smells good, huh? – Great. – Anyway, she’s been
really wanting to do this, and we just keep forgetting about it, and so I decided to let her do it today, but I’m actually turning I into
a bit of a school activity, which she doesn’t know that yet. Do you know you’re going to
do school in the bathtub? How are you going to do
school in the bathtub? – Um. – [Woman] You don’t know? These are laminated sight word cards. So you’re going to get to
pull them out of the bubbles and read them. – Oh, so we’re going to, so it’s going to be in the bubbles? – [Woman] Yep. – Oh, so we have to find one? – [Woman] Yep. And then when you pull
it out, you read it. – Oh. – I don’t want to do the explosion. – So Caleb is convinced there’s going to be a real explosion. – [Caleb] Not going to explode. – It’s turning the water purple. – [Woman] So Elise is enjoying
her little bubble bath. – And Elise’s armpits smell so good. – And my feet. – Yeah, everything. – So, apparently Elise smells
good from the bath bomb. – Went, went. – [Woman] Went. Good work. – I want to get in bath tub. – [Woman] You want to
get in the bath tub, too? – Mhm. – [Woman] Should we get
your bathing suit on you? – Mhm. I did. – Does it hurt me? – It’s not going to hurt you, pumpkin. I decided to turn the jets on and let them try that. These two are a little nervous, so they’re going to watch. – It’s loud. – [Woman] You’re nervous
it’s going to be too loud. – Ah! – [Woman] I think we need
a little bit more water in. – How loud is it? – [Woman] That was how loud it was. – [Elise] It’s not that loud. – When you cover your
ears, it’s still that loud? – [Woman] Yeah. Laura, what did you think? – It’s loud! – [Woman] You want to get in? – Yeah. Will you get me in, Mom? – [Woman] Yes. – Wait, actually no. – You’re the one, you get to come in. It’s fun. It seriously is, Caleb. – [Woman] ‘K, you guys
want to see it again? – Yeah. (jets roar) (giggles) – This is so fun. (Elise giggles) – [Woman] Do you guys want to try it? – No. – No. – [Woman] It’s pretty fun. Look. Look at all those bubbles. – Bubbles! – [Woman] Want to try? Getting brave. – Woo! – [Woman] He’s getting brave. He’s going in. – Woo! Woo-hoo! – Get in this, Laura. – [Elise] Woo hoo hoo! Woo! – [Woman] Laura, do you
want to try the bubbles? – No. – [Woman] Laura, do you want to get in with the bubbles? – Yeah. – [Woman] Okay. If I turn the jets off, she’ll
get in with the bubbles. (Laura mumbles) – [Caleb] Do the jets again! – [Woman] All right, we talked Laura into giving it a try. – Bubbles. – Let me fix your hair. Great job. Your hair looks so great! – King hair. – Ah. – Yeah! Or I’m going to give a beard. – I know you need my beard. – [Woman] Uh oh, where’d Caleb go? I can’t see him. He’s all gone. Let me get a towel for your little face. – Full jets! (both squealing) – So I think we’re
going on, almost an hour in the bathtub. Like how long can you let
kids stay in the bathtub? I don’t know. – Woo! Good night J House. – Would you rather live
in a beautiful old home or a beautiful new home?

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