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  1. shes a white girl in blackface, dates white boys and stuff. like most of these african immigrants act. this would never work. my mans needs a real black woman. a sista, not a sister.

  2. She's got a great personality bubbly and outgoing and he's boring!
    He needs a more subdued quiet ie boring girl.😆

  3. Can you guys continue to do a Tell My Story episode every Friday and have the follow-ups be on a Monday or a different day of the week? My husband and I really look forward to watching an episode every Friday and get disappointed when it’s just a follow-up. Some follow-ups are great in place of a TMS episode, but some just aren’t and it sucks to have to wait another week for an actual episode.

  4. Aww, they seemed like a good couple but OH WELL cracks knuckles

    Might as well shoot my shot, anyone got John's Instagram? I'll text back fast and send back better meme's, I promise John!!

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