For Mom with morning sickness, William and Dad cook dinner! [The Return of Superman / 2017.07.02]

(Sam wants to make healthy food before his wife comes.) Cutting board. (I will use my cooking skills.) A cutting board’s friend is cutting edge. (He makes a lame dad joke.) I need to get ready. Play by yourself. (Bored) (Rice puffs) Would you like this? William. (I love puffed grain snack.) What are you doing? (It wouldn’t be fun to eat it nicely.) (He picks up the fallen puffed rice.) Stay here and pick up the puffed rice. (I will clean up the floor.) William looks uncomfortable. I think I know what happened. (Groaning) What’s wrong? (He hasn’t figured out the situation.) Is something the matter? Come here. Gosh, you pooped, didn’t you? You pooped. (He picked the perfect timing.) (Not knowing that Sam’s in a hurry, he plays around.) It’s hot. It’s hot. (It’s refreshing.) (He is exhausted before cooking.) Let’s get ready. Sam will prepare healthy food for his pregnant wife. Silkworm pupa contains a lot of protein. (Silkworm pupa is very nutritious.) Omija will lessen the morning sickness. (Omija will stimulate her appetite.) What is this? (He was picking ingredients earlier.) (Should I get mushroom?) It’s running away. (William caught sight of a soft-shelled turtle.) Do people eat it for health? Yes, they do. What about pregnant women? It’s good for pregnant women with a weak body. Can children eat it? Yes, they can. I see. Isn’t it hard to cook? The method is the same as boiling a chicken. Is this health food? (The Korean health food, mudfish) How do I cook it? – Mudfish? / – Yes. Sprinkle salt on the fish. After you kill them, boil them and blend them. I need to blend them. (My goodness.) I don’t think I can do that. Do you want mudfish or soft-shelled turtle? Which one would you like? This one or that one? Which ingredient did William choose? – This one? / – This one? Okay. (He chose a soft-shelled turtle.) – I will get one. / – You will get one. Are you sure? A soft-shelled turtle? (Look forward to it, Mom.) I am sorry, soft-shelled turtle. It’s for a healthy baby. I’m depending on you. I hope his wife likes the dishes. I’m already worried. (His stomach grumbles.) William, please wait a second. It will be tasty. (He adds strawberries to omija tea.) (He finished the omija and strawberry punch.) Okay. Come here. Come here. I have something. (He coaxes William with sound.) (Is it food?) It’s very tasty. (He feels his food first.) Take one. Okay. (He puts it in his mouth.) (This is good.) You have one in your hand. You are greedy. Finish that one first. (I don’t want to eat one strawberry at a time.) Are you going to drink it? Here it is. You can eat it your way. You’re a grownup now. Eat and clean up on your own. I need to cook for your mom. (I will play nicely.) While Sam cooks, William feels his food. (He feels his food.) (He throws his food) (and steps on it.) (Slippery) (He eats mashed strawberries.) (He can’t stop eating.) (He finished a bowl of punch after making a mess.) Hey, goodness. You made a mess. My goodness. Those are new clothes. (He has strawberries on his shorts.) (A beggar would be proud of him.) (Sexy back) (Falling down) (Will he cry?) (I acted naturally.) (A total wreck) (Sam gave up.) Look at me. (He shows a crazy dance.) (He must be going through a rough time.) What is this smell? What happened to William? Goodness, you’re a mess. Come here. My goodness. Hold this. Sam quickly gets the dishes ready. I hope his wife likes them. My goodness, you are a mess. (I took a bath earlier.) (When William is almost done with the bath…) (Surprise) (Sam is waiting nonchalantly.) William finished his shower. What did you make? – Sit down. / – Should I? What is this? William. I prepared some dishes for your morning sickness. What are they? This is the first one. (Curious) What is this? (It’s your favorite dish, silkworm pupa soup.) Gosh, it smells. You like silkworm pupa. I liked it before. I can’t stand the smell anymore because of morning sickness. Why did you make it? How did you make it? What is that? Is it chicken? This is… (The main dish, soft-shelled turtle soup) Soft-shelled turtle soup. – Soft-shelled turtle soup. / – My goodness. Wait a minute. (It worsened her morning sickness.) (My goodness.) William, what is this? Are you going to eat it? (He avoids eye contact with Sam.) (She pats her own back.) Let’s see how she is doing. Are you okay? I am not okay. I’m feeling even worse after looking at the toilet. I made the dishes to alleviate your morning sickness. I can’t believe you thought of that. (Sam puts away the dishes without a word.) (Yumi tastes the omija punch.) This is really tasty. I heard omija is good for morning sickness. This is really tasty. I tried my best. Is it good? You sweated to make the dishes. Thank you. Your dad’s the only person who cares. Say, “Thank you, Dad.” – Give me a high-five. / – High-five. Let’s cheer up for your younger sibling. Hey, King Kong. – King Kong. / – Do you know who King Kong is? That’s what we called you when you were in my belly. We haven’t thought of a nickname for our second baby. – You’re right. / – What should we use as a nickname? William, you should name it. Can you give us an idea? Tell us. What do you think would be a good nickname? – Spoon. / – Shall we name it Spoon? Spoon? – Chopsticks? / – Chopsticks? – Ding-dong? / – That’s not bad. William, what do you think of Ding-dong? Ding-dong. That sound is very welcoming. It’s pleasant. When you get a package delivery, the doorbell rings. I think William likes the nickname. (I approve.) Okay, we’ll go with that one. Thank you, William. We came up with the nickname together.

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