Forever with you, Party Flag [Subtitles]

Your endearing and wonderful image In our hearts We have kept you as our mother Party flag, You are our hope Our beautiful future By devoting to you, our life that you gave We will love you alone Party flag Your ardent and tireless passion Your fluttering Is the song of the country developing Party flag, you are our beautiful dream Our happiness in full bloom Till the last moment of our lives We will remain true to your intention Party flag We believe earnestly in you To keep us from rain and snow forever Party flag, you are our united strenght Our beaming victory Together with you immortal We will greet all the glory Party flag

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  1. 노래부르는 발음이 이상해요. '그대~열정~'을 '구대~ 욜종~' 이라고 발음하는데… 어를 오로 발음하고 으를 우로 발음하고 여를 요로 발음하네요.

  2. Thanks for the English subs. Much appreciated.
    One of the prettier numbers by the original Moranbong Band, with the soaring violin of Sonu Hyang Hui.

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