Fostering Bright Futures Holiday Celebration

Tonight was our annual holiday party for
our youth for our students here Wake Tech in our fostering Bright Futures
program and every year this is our fourth year having this party and every
year we have sponsors who are so kind who take our students wishlist and they
go out and they shop for our students and we get the opportunities that bring
people together to do a wrapping party and celebrate here at Wake Tech on the
night of their party where they get the opportunity to actually open their
gifts from Santa. This is so important for me and as well as for the students
because these are youth coming out of foster care or transitioning out of
foster care who have never had the opportunity in the traditional type
setting a home setting where they actually have the traditional type
Christmas and for these students this means so much to them but know that
people in the community support and love and want them to celebrate Christmas
just like any other household in America I can’t give my thank-you enough. This wouldn’t have happened if it wasn’t for the heart and care and love
of strangers who just know me as a name and
they put a face to my name and want to know who I am personally and I
appreciate that.

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