Four Times Lucky

One minute. Ladies and gentlemen, it is a
very happy day for me today. It is my daughter Sumi’s
marriage tomorrow. Agreed that they both suddenly
decided to get married. They did not give their parents
a chance to think. -Dad. -But I am very happy. I saved the money that I would
spend on a fancy marriage. John,
Elizabeth, I am right, aren’t I? My Sumi was fond of going
abroad since childhood. Whenever I traveled abroad… …she used to ask me
to get many things. Today she got a ‘Made in America’
husband for herself. Cheers for Alfie and Sumi. Cheers. I bless you both with a long
and happy marriage. Merry Christmas and
Happy Dusehra. Dad, not Happy Dusehra.
Happy new year. We call our new year as Dusehra. Right, Alfie? Sure. Happy Dusehra. Please eat ‘Dhokla’ ‘Dhokla?’ What is that? It’s our famous dish. Nice and soft. Is it cake? -Salty cake. -Yes. -I’ll get sweets. -Yes, get them. Poor brother,
he is unable to hide his grief. So he is drowning himself
in whiskey. What else?
I told him so many times… that don’t send a girl
abroad by herself. She would become open minded. And that happened. But my Soumil is a hero. He will make our family
name proud. -Soumil. -Coming Papa. -What? -What, what? You turned out to be
an expert bartender. Seeing you like this,
who can say that… …you don’t even taste alcohol. I know you since childhood. But today even I am in doubt. It is not important to drink
alcohol to serve it. Will you serve others all your
life or even drink yourself? The one who has never tasted
alcohol has never lived life. A man’s life gets shorter
by drinking alcohol. -Drinking spoils…
-A person’s liver. I know,
that is why you don’t drink. I don’t drink because alcohol
makes a person lose his mind. You were a very interesting
person in childhood. You used to run behind
girls and teased them. And after growing up,
you run away from girls. That was not me. You ran behind girls and teased
them in childhood. And now they run behind me. You see, I’m so irresistible. You’ll get beaten up one day. Come on Soumil,
don’t be such a bore. Your sister is getting married.
Drink to celebrate it. For her sake. Sidharth, you always… Sumi, Alfie, what is the matter?
Is everything all right? All well? I can’t see another sweet. My stomach will burst. Please get Alfie out of here,
right away brother. Are you crazy? Mother’s 10 course dinner
still remains. Jamnagar style. -No. -Are you crazy? If he eats all that,
then tomorrow… …he will be in the bathroom
and not at the alter. Aren’t you all supposed to leave
for a bachelor party right now? One minute. What bachelor’s party
are you talking about? I don’t know about any party. Because we did not tell
you about this party. If we had told you, you would
have ruined it. Isn’t it? Sid Mehra had promised and
he will fulfill it. The party’s on, sister. The last night of freedom
is not for sleeping. It should be memorable. And Alfie will surely
remember this night. Yes. I’ll just change
and be right back. This is like a brother! Sid, listen to me. Sid, listen to me. I very well know how you’re
memorable evenings are. I haven’t forgotten Raunak’s
bachelor party. Listen to me. Tell me the proper plan now. Chill. I have just organized
a small Bollywood bash. -At Coconut club. -Coconut club? -Bollywood bash? -Yes. Alfie likes item songs,
that is why. I knew it.
Items songs mean item girls. -I’m out.
-No bro, I’m out of here. Meet me at the Coconut
club in half an hour. -With an item.
-Have you become mad? I don’t go to such clubs. You don’t come but drop her.
Her name is Sona. She will meet you outside Bandra
auditorium and yes. Talk about the money, it will be
odd in front of the guests. -Money?
-Yes, will she come for free? Have you drunk a complete bottle? When I am not going to that club,
how will I talk? You’re unbelievable, man. Do it for Alfie, do it for
your sister’s happiness. You don’t have any problem. Every woman is like a mother
or sister for you. Make her your sister. 9821023132. -Sona Sia.
-Sidharth listen to me. -How will I go? -See you. Bye. Hi, I’m Soumil.
Soumil Seth. You’re Miss Sona. Not Miss Sona.
Hello, are you Sona? I have come to pick you up. Not pick up,
I have come to fetch you. I am Sid Mehra’s best friend. And do you charge by the
hour or full night… God Sid,
I am going to kill you, man. Hi. -Move.
What are you doing? -Excuse me. -Hi. -Hi. -I’m Soumil. -So? Not so. Soumil. Soumil Seth. Soumil Seth. Very funny. Really? Thank you. So are you the dancer? No, I like standing on the
streets in such clothes. -Really? -Duh? What do you mean? Helen, the song. Yeah, I know. I know. Actually I don’t like Bollywood
movies too much. That is why… But I know Helen. Mr. Salman Khan’s mother. You know her personally.
I’m her big fan. No,
I mean I know her professionally. I have seen this song of hers.
I have even seen this movie. With Papa, on the DVD. Deewar. -Sholay. -Sholay, who? Forget it, bye. Why bye? I came for you. For me? Look, you are not much
interested in Bollywood. So what will you do in
the Bollywood night? I was not going. Sid… Sidharth Mehra is my childhood
best friend. He trapped me. This was his idea. Anyway on what songs
are you dancing? Sidharth has trapped you
so now see for yourself. What songs I dance on. No, I’m not going there. I will drop you at Coconut
club and go. Coconut club? Don’t worry,
it’s actually a nice place. Alfie and the other boys
will be waiting for you. Alfie likes these item songs. He is American.
This is a novelty for him. Alfie. Item songs. Alfie, my brother in law. To be. This bachelor’s party is
being organized for him. But it not my idea.
It was Sid’s idea. I told him no so many
times but… What? Huh? Oh, I remembered. Do you charge according
to songs or… …will you take for
the full night? Your payment must be in cash,
doesn’t it? You… -You. -Excuse me! Anjali Singh. Sid I will kill you. Bloody hell, what does he think
of himself? How dare he? -He called me an item. If I ever
see him… -Sorry…sorry. Where were you? You told me that we would me
at 9 ‘o’clock at the gate. Traffic dear friend. From east to west,
there was traffic jam everywhere. And when I reached Juhu beach… …such a such a big accident
had happened. You will not believe it but
even my bus broke down. -I walked half way.
-Just stop it. You were with your good for
nothing boyfriend Dev. Right? How do you come to know
that I am lying. Because when you are with Dev… …your mind and heart both
are not in control. And this is what I call effect of
being with a boyfriend, abnormal. Are we still talking about
my boyfriend or… No, I am not talking about Aryan. Till when are you going
to avoid him? He said that he is sorry. What sorry?
He told me so many lies. I am never going to forgive him. He is lying for that Seema. I am
very sorry, take me back baby. I will never forgive him. I tell
you “all men are bastards!” Why are you all looking at me,
even you all know that… …all men are bastards!”
And this is a fact. Wow. Can I ask you the reason
for this outburst. -Soumil Seth. -Who? What? When? -Now who is this new character?
-He is characterless man. Bastard came up to me and asked
me the charges for full night. -What?
-What is there to laugh about? And all this happened
just because of you. I said that I am sorry. Forget all this and tell
me what happened? I was waiting for you at
the gate and this man… …came near the gate and
was moving up and down. And was saying hello, hi how are
you? He started talking… Sit down dear. Aryan just brought a proposal
for you and I agreed. Congratulations! I am sure you
both will be happy together. Go and show this sense of humor
to him as he is the only one… …who can tolerate your
this stupidity. Yes, you are tired of me and
want to get rid of me. That is why you are after
me to get married. But dear what is wrong in Aryan? Good family, well to do and loves
you deeply, what is the problem? Problem is not with me but you. You are just hell bent upon
throwing me out of this house. Why are you going on
about marriage? You know this is the most soft
topic for grandma and… …that is why you are taking
advantage of it. What is this? What you have done with me,
I am never going to forget it. And nor am I going to
forgive you for that. I just knew that you
will never change. Forget marriage, I don’t even
want to see your face. Do you get that? -Anjali, please I am really
very sorry. -Leave me. I love you. I swear. I made
a mistake. I was stupid. But I promise that if you
forgive me this time… …I will never give you
a chance to complain. I agree that I am not
worthy of you. I don’t deserve but you if you
me this one last chance… …I promise to be
a better person. And for this Miss Anjali Singh,
will you marry me? -Have breakfast. -Yes. Time. Do whatever you want to do,
it goes on forever. If the right time to do
something passes by… …then the rest of the
time goes waste. Papa, I have sent the tax
on time. Don’t worry. How can we not worry dear,
this is your biggest problem. Whenever you think you
think only about work. Think about yourself also. Just think if we both had not
married at the right time? Not even a month has gone by
since Sumi’s wedding… …aren’t you all still
satisfied of weddings? Do parents ever get satisfied
with their children’s happiness. Can’t we dream about grand
children and daughter in law? Mummy, please don’t cry now. You dream, no problem. But this
is not a home shopping network… …where you dream and the
grandchildren appear. Maybe not grandchildren but you
can get a beautiful wife. Mama, I will get one. -See all these. -What is this? Photos of daughter in laws.
There are many of them. All of them are slim,
tall, convent educated… …and from Gujarati
business family. By the way your father
likes the second one. -And I like the first one. -Why? Because the children will
have silky hair. Mummy silky hair… -See all of them. -Yes see all
of them, come let’s go. I don’t believe this. I will have to drink loads of
tea, talk about here and there. What a waste of time. Waste of time. You think having those cups of
*tea served by those beautiful hands… …is waste of time?
I don’t believe this. Sid, you tell me does
it look good in 2010? Go to the girls houses, check
*them out and all those stupid things. One minute, if you cannot do
*this, I will do this thing for you. “Madam just walk and show
for my friend’s sake. “Madam just sing and show
for my friend’s sake. “Madam just for my
friend’s sake… Stretch up.. Madam…. Sid you think this is a joke. So, how was your big date? -Did you do something?
-Shut up, we did not do anything. Oh come on, moonlit candle night
dinner, Aryan and Anjali… …and you said nothing happened.
I don’t believe it! Moonlight, candle light, flowers
everything was there… …but nothing else.
So stop imagining things. Cool. You are calling this big banner
Karan Johar types as cool? Come on, Anju say something. Everything was good. He was a gentlemen and treated
me like a queen. Everything was perfect. But you know how I get scared of
these perfect things…I… You are just…Aunty is right,
you have an allergy to happiness. Till the time there is no drama
in your life, you don’t enjoy it. Anju, do you even remember the
last time when you were happy? I remember it very well.
It was last year… …when I danced with the street
children on Christmas eve. There was a kind of shine
in their eyes. Oh, every time it is dance. -Don’t you have any other topic?
-I have…Sanju… These days they don’t any other
topic in their lives All the time they talk about
marriage and seeing girls.. I don’t want to meet these
types of girls. Then which type of
girl do you want. We will meet the kind
of girl you want. Sid,
I don’t want to meet anybody. Because right now I am not
interested in marriage. And you will never be. That is why I am saying, let them
find the kind of homely girl… …who cooks and respects
everyone. Let us jog. I don’t like the way you
joke at every point. Sanju, I will have to go to
London to meet his parents. London! Really! you are telling
now about the most exciting part. But hang on,
will aunty allow you to go? That is what she wants. The farther I am she will
be more happier. Wow that means you
marriage is fixed. -How exciting! -Really? Sister in law should know to
cook chicken and all… …or I will die eating
savories and all. What happened?
Why did you stop here? And why are you smiling
like a stupid? Why? Why did you stop,
come on let’s go. I… Soumil come here. Yes papa. Soumil, he is Mr. Kanti. He has got a big diamond
business in Surat. Kantibai he is my diamond. He had done his MBA from Harvard
school of business. He only handles my business. -Now.. -I know everything. Who else can know about the value
of diamond better than me. What is all this dad? This is patara, dhokla, jalebi
all this is cooked by Suni. -Suni? -Her name is Sunita but
the short name is Suni. When she comes to our house even
*we will call her by her short name. -Wont we, dear son? -Of course. Here have some sweets. I am not hungry, excuse me. But I am very hungry, let me eat. Wow,
you have made very good jalebis. By the way what do you do? He is a Punjabi. I am not punjabi. I am a Punjabi. Aryan is such a stupid man,
he calls up in the morning… …and tells that the flight
is today evening. Morning? You knew it since 2
weeks that you had to go. Yes I knew it,
but the date was not fixed. All the preparations remain.
I have not done anything yet. The cold out there. He was saying that it is snowing
out there. And I just hate snow. You hate snow.
I don’t believe it, okay. It is my dream to see snow fall,
sing and dance when it snows. Come on Anju it is so romantic. What is so romantic
about frozen water? Open the fridge door and
stand in front of it. It will have the same affect. Atleast when you eyes and nose
*are freezing you can close the doors. What will I do?
My brains don’t work in cold. Your brains don’t work in
any season, my dear. She is worried whether Aryan’s
parents will like her or not. -And she is removing her anger
on the climate. -Very funny! I know I look very good and I am
sure his parents will like me. Of course Anju they will
like you a lot. In fact they should be glad that
their monkey son, got a princess. I know. I am getting nervous
for no reason at all. Exactly, get ready fast or
you will miss your flight. I’ll get ready and come. Mummy, please stop it. How many
cups of tea do I have to drink ? You know that I hate Gujju tea. -Dear son. -Lime water. How did you like our Sneha? How do you know that my Soumil
likes lime water? Even our Sneha loves
to drink lime water. Thank you. Urvashi, the priest has
got a good news for us. Tomorrow is a auspicious day and
what a perfect couple they make! Here…yes please. -I am very happy today.
-Yes, you look very happy. Is there some special reason
for this happiness? Today is the day to happy. Today is my favorite
day of the year. Tuesday is your favorite day? You are…not Tuesday,
Valentines’ day. Every where there are red
*flowers, red balloons and red hearts. I like all this.
And what about you? Do you know in which month there
are maximum cases of suicide? February. Firstly it is cold
and on top of that… …Valentines day comes
spoils everything. Boyfriends come with chocolates,
flowers, wine… …and all will get love,
romance, it is all bullshit. All this is their game plan
to show us women down. So that we depend on them always
for little moments of happiness. Trust me Sanju this
is not a game. I brought you here so that I can
tell you that, ‘I love you” Forget about these men,
boyfriends, Aryan. Don’t even mention his name.
Did I tell you what he did to me? -Yes.
27 times. -He cheated on me. -Sanju. -Again. That bastard. I hope you are comfortable. I mean do you want to sit
on some other table? -Not at all, I am ok. -Okay. Anyway I don’t think all men
are…you know…that. Oh.
Then what do you think about men? I think men are Mars and
women are from Venus. And if we understand each other
well, then we all are the same. Same-same but
know? So you…I hope I can you
address in that manner. -Of course. -Thanks. Do you know why we have
come here today? I mean why only today? I have some idea but if you
will say it I will hear it. Actually the fact is that my
family likes you a lot. Mummy praises you a lot. Papa likes food cooked by you And I.. Excuse me for a minute.. Yes tell me. Yes we reached here sometime ago. Yes I am talking but I have
not spoken about it yet. Why are you getting so excited?
Bye. Sorry, it was my friend
Sid, my best friend. It is ok. You should never
avoid best friends. You were saying that.. Never trust a man, never. They always begin
with compliments. I knew it from the start that I
*should not have come in his talks. I made a fool of myself. Anju, just forget about it. Why do you want to think about
the same thing again and again… …and pain yourself? No, Sanju we forget all these
things and this is our mistake. We should remember each and
every thing so that when… …the time comes, we can remind
them that all men are liars. I was saying that.. You are saying since a long time
but still you don’t say anything. Actually,
what will you have to drink? -I have ordered lime water.
-Good. One glass, we will share it.
I hope there is no problem. No, not at all. This is no big deal, our parents
want us to share a lot of things. -Even I.- What?
-Even I want the same. Really? Then everything is fine. Then even if we both… Excuse me I am really sorry. Yes tell me. No not yet. You celebrate your Valentine’s
day, why are you after me? Bye. That… -Sid. -Yes. Why don’t you switch
off the phone? That is a good idea. If someone talks to us sweetly
with an innocence… …we surrender ourselves to them
forever. We women are mad. Mad. We are mad. Do you know… I swear and promise
to you Sanju… …that I will never ever
talk to man in my life. -You know why? Because all
men are… -I know. -What? -Bastards, right. -Bastards.. Now it is enough,
my parents like you a lot. Father likes your cooking a lot. If you like me will you
get married to me? No way. -You? -You. -No way. Sanju he is the kind of
*person I was talking about. -Stop. He is a fraud. Here he is saying
will you get marry me? And there he was asking me
the charge for one night. -What? -Disgusting. Look, madam that was
a misunderstanding. You are getting me wrong. No madam and all.
I get you right. You look for items at night… …and here you are trying
to entice innocent girls. Aren’t you ashamed of yourself?
You Mr. you… -Soumil..Soumil Seth.
-Yes right Soumil Seth. Don’t trust him,
he arranges bachelor parties. He thought that was one of those
cheap dancers and caught me. -Look madam now this is enough.
-Why, enough? I am trying to save this innocent
girl from your clutches? Don’t get married to him.
Or your life will be ruined. -You will dance in the
Coconut bar. -No. Go now… -Look Sneha.
Sneha, don’t cry. -Come on Sanju. Sneha please, look I… Listen to me, Sneha. -Excuse me. -Yeah, sure. -How did you dare to come here?
-Please. I agree there are many
shortcomings in men. But the drama you did by hurting
that innocent girl… …was not lady like behaviour. -Look Mister…
-Look, you had your turn. It is my turn now. And you won’t go anywhere
till I don’t complete. Look, I don’t know your
problem with men. That’s really your
personal matter. But concerning me, the night
you are talking about… …was just a misunderstanding. Seeing your clothes, I thought
you were the club dancer… …who I had gone to pick up. For my brother in law’s
bachelor party. That’s it.
A simple misunderstanding. And even if I thought you
were a club dancer… …what’s the big deal? Do you think your dance
is better than then? Or you felt bad because… …your dance is more respectable
then them. In that context,
I think a bar dancer’s talent… …is far more important
than yours. They do their work respectfully. They don’t humiliate other
people like you. Because you did not spare anything
*to give free advice to my friend… …so while going, even I want
to give you an advice. Instead of blaming other people
for your grievances… …try to find happiness
yourself. Happiness is not that
difficult to find. Excuse me.
One coffee for her from me. Wow, she is still sleeping. Wake up. Look at the state. Disgusting. Don’t expect any more
sympathy from me. It’s been a week since you
returned from London… …you have been just crying. I can’t get bored any more. Look at the room.
Even the room looks depressed. Now wake up.
I have to clean the room. Get up. -Oh God. -Sorry. As if you mean it. -Grandma. -What is it? I am really sorry. Is this your new plan? To confuse grandma with sorry. And then start a new drama. No drama. No confusion. Infact now I can clearly see. In the last two years,
ever since my parents expired… …I am behaving so stupidly. After that accident it seems
like, me or you… …no in this world has
the right to be happy. My child, you lost your parents. But even I lost my kids. Do you think it is easy
for me to stay alive? But I live for your happiness. I know.
And I just think about myself. I am very selfish. That you are. You are just like your Grandma. I promise to find my happiness
in my own self from today. And never accuse any one
else for my unhappiness. -Not even you. -All that is fine. But I don’t understand one thing. -What? -How did my selfish
grandma become so smart? Did you see a spiritual film
last night? Tell me. -No. -Then? I found someone. Hritik Roshan’s film. Yes, think like that. All right but even I should
ask you for forgiveness. Even I did not find
Aryan all right. But I closed my eyes
to see you married. So I’m also sorry. Madam,
the first rule of friendship. No sorry, no thank you. Maine Pyar Kiya.
Salman was so cute in that film. He is cute even now. -Why? -He is hot now. Grandma. Come on aunty. Uncle. You all are behaving
like someone died. Like someone’s world is ruined. My daughter’s life was ruined
before is started. It is nothing like that.
I don’t even know that girl. Why did she say all that
if you don’t know her. Because she is mad? Will you believe a
way side mad girl? And not your would be son in law? We want to believe you. But is there smoke without fire? If you don’t stop going to dance
bars even after marriage… …then what will happen
to my daughter? Uncle please,
do you think I go to dance bars? Mummy, papa, this is ridiculous. Look, think what you want to.
But dad. I explained to Sneha. Whatever happened that night
was a misunderstanding. That girl had drunk so much wine. And Sneha,
where we are concerned… …I still like you and
want to marry you. The decision is in
your hands now. All this happened because of you. Neither would you send me to
pick up that bar dancer… …neither would I be trapped
in this problem. I had said, pick up the girl. Get the girl respectfully
to the club. Not stand on the road and talk. You ruined my party. And seeing the state here, it
seems your marriage is canceled. Well, anyway. Because of your mistake,
*someone’s bachelor’s party was spoilt. And because of that mistake, you
will be a bachelor all your life. Not because of my mistake.
Because of that crazy, hyper… …I am so intelligent and smart. I know everything about men.
Because of that mad woman. I never want to see her
face in my life. I never want to see her again. Shit!
What poison do you all drink? Why are you laughing now? What I could not make you
do all your life… …the thought of
one girl did it. She must be something, dude.
What is she? What do I do? No. What do I buy? Wow. This seems nice. No, let me find a good book. No. I should buy something
that…What is this? What is this? Oh my God. Oh God. This seems interesting. Oh God. -Are you hurt? It’s okay. Can you please help me? You should have told me.
Why did you hit a book? Sorry, I hit it by mistake. In my times, there were simple
comics and story books. So I understand what books
my son will like. Today is his 28th birthday. And he is very depressed. I want to give him a gift
that will make him happy. How sweet. -I’ll help you.
One minute. -Thank you. -Follow me. -Okay. This. I think he’ll love this. -Sure? -Yes.
-My son is not like me. He has studied a top level
English school. He reads fat books. He will feel good reading this.
It is a best seller. All right,
you are saying so I’ll take it. -Shall I say one thing? -What? I don’t read books when I am sad. I see a comedy film. Money’s worth. What are you saying?
My grandma and I do the same. Comedy films.
All tensions disappear. All old comedy films.
I love them. What are you saying?
They are my favorites. Faruque Sheikh acted so well. Headache disappears.
You don’t need medicine. -What is this? -Hi fi. Up. Wow, once more. I got it. I hope my son feels happy
reading this book. Wish your son happy birthday
from my side. That won’t do. In a way,
you gifted him this book. You will have to come and
wish him yourself. I don’t even know him. You will know him once you come. -But I…
-I won’t listen to anything. This is my card.
Come home. There is no party. Just family members. Understood? -Thank you. -Come. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday dear Soumil.
Happy birthday to you. Oops, did I get the date wrong? Today is Soumil’s birthday,
isn’t it? Yes,
but he refused to celebrate it. He is sitting alone in his
room since morning. What? Don’t worry.
Follow me. Come on. Happy birthday to you. Oh mean person.
What state are you in? Why don’t you take something? Neither is he talking to us nor
celebrating his birthday. -Nor is he getting married.
-This is the reason. This is the reason I don’t
want to talk to you both. The same topic all the time. Then don’t talk. But cut the cake. I brought 18 candles for you. Now you can drink officially. You should not be quiet
on your birthday. You should enjoy a lot. You screamed so much for
gifts in childhood. Today you did not ask even once. -Happy birthday. -Thanks. Papa where did you get
this book from? I have been searching since when.
This was sold out. It was the last copy.
That girl made me buy it. -For your birthday. -Which girl? There was one girl.
I even invited her here. Strange,
will you call just any girl home? What is wrong? It must be her. I’ll just see. You won’t go anywhere.
I’ll go. I’ll see. You are crazy.
She is my daughter’s age. Now days you face danger
from girls of that age. Papa, mummy, I’ll go. I’ll go. I like it. You? You… Happy birthday. Thank you.
This is such a lovely surprise. I accept. We do too. Thank you. -Good afternoon sir. -Afternoon.
-Coffee for you. -The usual. Right sir. -Hi. -You? Listen, give me a minute.
I want to say something to you. Does something remain to be said? Are you not satisfied after
saying so much that day? I want to talk about that day.
I want to apologise. -Look… -Anjali Singh. Anjali there is no
need to apologise. -Just excuse me.
-There is a need. I’m really sorry about what I did
with you in the restaurant. I was very worried that day. I was going through this
relationship shit. I mean, stuff. And you were right.
I have no right to judge… …you or any other man because
of my bad experiences. I’m so sorry. And I was a little high. -A little? -Okay, pretty high. And I vented my frustration at
the wrong place on the wrong man. I’m sure it must have happened
with you too. No, nothing like this ever
happened in my life. Then it will happen. Trust me. -What? -Yes. I’m sure you intend to
live a long life. And you are not a Superman. Then you will make some
mistake at some time. As it is,
I owe you one cup of coffee. That night, coffee. You forgave me? Sit. You know, you’re so… -So…
-Tell me, I love compliments. No,
I was going to say complicated. Oh,
anyway, all I was saying is… …your talks changed my
outlook towards life. My talks did. Really. Yes, trust me.
You know, after your lecture… …I decided no more tears.
Only be happy. That’s really nice. And I’m the happiest on stage. I get into another world. And that is when I decided I
would be a professional dancer. I even started training That’s fantastic. -And pretty funny, you know.
-Why? Because such a person inspired
*you to be a professional dancer… …who himself can’t even
dance at weddings. -What? -Yes.
-You have never danced. No, I cannot dance. You must have never tried so
how will you know, stupid? Once in your life,
you should try everything once. You know, believe it or not. I have done MBA. -Wow.
-Yes, because dad wanted it. I also did a corporate
job for a year. -Really. -Gosh, it was so boring. Wear a suit and give
fake smiles all day. And make plans to make money.
I just hated it. Oh God. MBA. -Corporate job?
-I work with my dad. And all day,
I think of plans to make money. Gosh, I’m sorry. -Again. -That’s okay. I have such an old habit of
speaking without thinking. It will slowly go. It’s okay. You know… People say it’s boring but
when I sit in my office… …and make business plans and
think ideas of making money. Then I feel very happy. -And always I…
-Thank you. -Hot chocolate… -Coffee. -Thanks. -Sure, sir. -Can I see your hand?
-Why, do you know palmistry? No, you’re strange.
I want to see your rings. Do you believe in gemology? Or you have just worn these tacky
rings because you like them. Tacky? No.
My mother made me wear them. I wore it for her happiness. -Really? -Yeah. That’s so sweet. So which ring is for which work? This is for health. This is for wealth and this… -And this, you know… -Oh God. -Love? -Yes. Are you serious? You think you will get love
by wearing these rings? Yes, I can get it. Don’t mind but I don’t think
flowers, stones, clouds… …anything happens with
these illogical things. You know,
love either happens or not. You feel it. It’s very simple. No, it’s not that simple. It’s actually very complicated. Like you. Huh? That is why marriages
also break up. That is because people work
with their brains. Not with their heart. Those who
listen to their heart… …have to face the truth. Everyone is scared of truth. Even me. Deep within I knew Aryan was
not good but even then I… -Aryan, who? -My ex-boyfriend. I knew something was wrong
somewhere but even then… …I ignored the truth and
the result, you know. I was slapped. That day in the restaurant,
don’t you know? -Oh yes, the fat aunty. -Exactly. You know after that incident, I
started telling myself the truth. And then slowly,
my happiness started coming back. And it’s all because of you. Not because of these
stones and rings. So, you see. You know, my mother wants
me to wear these rings. She gets happy when
I wear these rings. And if she gets happy,
I get happy. So you see. It still works. You know, you’re so… So… -Complicated.
-No, you’re so sweet. You’re very sweet. You know, to please my grandma… …I praise her bad
cakes and cookies. I have to act a lot.
It’s terrible. Her cookies or your acting. And who else is in your family? Mummy,
Papa, me and my mad sister Sumi. She is a software engineer
in the US. Are you two very close? Very. You know,
sometimes I feel very sad. That she stays so far.
Then I think… …that she’s just a
flight ticket away. What is the matter?
Does your family stay very far? Very far.
No flight also goes there. No flight goes there? Where? I’m really sorry. I didn’t know.
I should not have asked. No, I’m so stupid. I had promised myself I
would never stay sad… …thinking about my parents. I would always stay happy. Mister, this life is a stage. And we all are puppets. Our strings are in God’s hands. No one knows whose string
will be pulled when. How is it? Are your grandma’s cookies
worse or your acting? It will be difficult
to judge that. You know, you’re very cute. -Really? -Yes. I didn’t know that. Excuse me, sir. -Yes?
-Any more coffees for you, sir? -Yes. Oh my God. -What happened? It i 6:30. I had an important
meeting in office at 3:30. -Get me the bill quickly.
Thanks. -Right sir. I should pay the bill.
It was my treat. Remember? One. Not one dozen. As it is, consider this
as thanks from my side. We had such an interesting time. I… You… -You. -You know,
I have never spoken so much… …without any reason
ever before. Never. Thanks for such an
interesting time. When the company was
so interesting… …the evening was bound
to be interesting. You’re right. It was interesting
and nice and… …quite beautiful also. Why is he not talking
of meeting again? Should I talk about
meeting again? But how?
Why does she not say anything? Atleast give me her number. Oh God, Mr. Soumil Seth… …how do I give my
number myself? -Duffer. -Did you say something? No. Nothing. -Okay. -Did you say something? I…yes, I was saying that… …if you are free tomorrow
evening…. -Sneha! Stop Sneha, you will fall. What? You were saying something. Yes. I… I… -This… -What is this? My wedding card. -Sorry. -My wedding card. -Your wedding card? -Yes. You are getting married? Why? What do you mean why? No, I mean, when? On the 20th of next month. -And I love you. -Really? What?
No, I mean I’d love that to come. For the wedding. You please come. Actually I am not a bag
fan of marriages. And at this time, not at all. But I will try. Congratulations. -Bye. -Bye. Since then, my happiness slowly
started coming back. And it’s all because of you. Either love happens or not. You feel it. It’s very simple. Soumil Seth. I have never spoken so much,
without any reason every before. Thanks for such an
interesting time. When the company was
so interesting… …the evening was bound
to be interesting. My wedding card. Are you getting married? Why? -And I love you. -Really? What I could not make
you do all my life… …the thought of one
girl made you do it. She must be something, dude. Why are you standing so far? Soumil,
what’s the matter with you? You are getting married. Not getting a baby. Why are you pacing up and down
like an expectant father? -Sidharth, I… -Brother. What is the matter?
Is everything all right? Just come pre-wedding jitters,
I’m sure. I was also very nervous
before my wedding. There is no need for
being nervous. Everything will happen properly.
As it is… …the wedding is in the evening. The wedding is in the
evening but… …Sneha wants us to
exchange vows now. Love, vows, romance, like that
show, Bold and the beautiful. What? Bold and the beautiful? Can you believe it? It is her favorite TV show. -That stupid serial?
-Hey, it’s not stupid. That’s a good show.
I am seeing since 14 years. -What? -Look, I like it, okay. -Are you serious?
-And the chicks are really hot. I agree. Thank God you did not tell
me before marriage. Or I would definitely
change my mind. Guys,
Sumi, stop your argument, please. And think about Soumil’s problem. Are you sure she wants
to exchange vows? I’m absolutely sure. This happened after seeing
your wedding video. Seeing her excitement,
both our parents agreed. You are gone. When is this episode
number 2346… …of Bold and the beautiful
being shot? In an hour. She wants to wear a gown too. Alfie, where’s your video camera? Is the battery charged? Come on, this is not funny. You know how bad I am
at giving speeches. You don’t have to give a speech. You just have to say a few lines. I’ll help you. I’ll write it.
Something sweet and romantic. You just have to say it. He could not even say nursery
rhymes since childhood. How can he say such romantic
lines in front of two families? This is going to be a disaster. I shouldn’t have thrown his card. I am so foolish. That you are. I don’t even have his
number or address. How will I go there? What will you do even if
you find the address? He is getting married today. He’s getting married. And what do you think,
seeing your face… …he will leave his bride
and come into your arms? I don’t know what he will do. Infact, I don’t even know
what I will do there. I just want to see his face
once before his marriage. Then not going will be better. If you go somewhere,
create a scene, listen and talk. Then it is right. Just seeing his face, boring end. What? This is not a film. I am going mad. No one goes mad by drinking
coffee with someone on evening. Unless he was already mad. He paid the bill with his credit
card in the coffee shop. I can find his address if I
go there and get that bill. You’re serious. Are you really saying
these words or you… You are joking. I am dead serious. I will have to go to
the coffee shop. I think that’s the only way. -What?
-Oh God, please explain to her. She will make a scene of
herself over there. Not everyone is fortunate to
create a scene in love. Like it had happened to me. -Grandma, you? -Yes. Your grandpa and I
were neighbours. We fell in love the day
he was getting married. -What? -He was on the horse. Ready to bring his party. And I screamed out of my window,
I love you. -Then? -Then what? He also screamed,
why did you not tell me before? The petticoat and blouse have
been stitched for another girl. -Grandma…
-I also answered quickly. You can get a petticoat and
blouse stitched again. But today if you get married… …then you can’t get
my love again. Grandma you are the best. Thank you. Bye loser. Grandma,
I have heard this story before. Of course,
the film ‘Life in a Metro’. Konkona and Irfaan.
My name is Khan. Sanju, my father was so strict… …that forget screaming
from the window… …he did not even let
me glance out of it. We had not seen each other
before marriage. But then we did not see
anyone all our lives. This is called love
at first sight. Isn’t it? -Excuse me.
-Yes. -I need your help. I came here for coffee with
someone on 23rd June. We had 10-12 cups of coffee. That’s besides the point. -I want the bill.
-You must have the bill. The one I came with
paid the bill. Then he must have the bill. I don’t know him. I mean,
I know him but not his address. And to find his address,
I want that bill. I’m sorry, I can’t help you. Will you have a cup of coffee? I did not come for coffee. You… Relax. You want Soumil Seth’s address? -Yes. -Tall, fair, bespectacled. -Creased pant shirt. -Yes. – I know his address.
-Then tell me. -Is it matters of the heart?
-Yes, it is. Then why are you talking to me? His wedding preparations are
going on in that bungalow. What? I take coffee for Soumil sir. Hazelnut cappuccino
with extra cream. -You are the best.
Thank you. -All the best. All my life, I have searched
for such a life partner… ..seeing whose house,
I feel like settling there. Seeing you it feels like… …I don’t need to
search for anyone. Your style of laughing
and walking. Your mother and father. I like everything a lot. I have written a poem
on this topic. -Really? -Specially for today. Specially for you. Shall I? I am the river,
you are the ocean. I am the rain, you are the cloud. Take me to your home quickly. We are made for each other. Thank you. Sneha you just said such
sweet things… …about my family and me. Thank you for that.
It was really sweet. But it is very difficult
for me to say all this. I have always been
a practical man. I listen to my mind. Because listening to your heart,
you have to face the truth… …and everyone fears the truth. But today I want to
listen to my heart. I want to face the truth. I want to know who am I. What am I doing? What do I want for my life? Hello, I had said these lines
to you in the coffee shop. -She… -You? What are you doing here? You had called me
to your wedding. But you said you don’t
like weddings. She is the girl from the
restaurant, isn’t she? Did you call her? -No. -No? -Yes. -Yes? I mean no.
I had called her but… …I did not think
you would come. Yes, I remembered now. Even I had called her. -Oh, hi. -Oh, yes. Who is she? What is going on? I shouldn’t have come. I’m sorry. Hey, wait. Soumil, you had said that
you don’t know her. Then how did you call her here? When I said, I really did
not know her. Believe me. -And now? -Now? Now I know her a little. Meaning? Dance bar after marriage also? My girl is so unfortunate. Oh no, Grandma was right. I shouldn’t have come. Then why did you come? Because… Because I wanted to
tell you something. What? Why are you watching my face?
Tell me. I… I… -I… -Tell me. I think I’ve fallen in
love with you, stupid. What is she saying?
What is happening? I’m sorry. Do you also love her? Tell me what the truth is. I don’t know. I don’t know what is
right or wrong. But let me finish what I had
started before she came. Sneha you are a very good girl. My parents also like you a lot. And you’ll make some
a very happy man. But that man is not me. We are not made for each other. We are not made for each other. And I wanted to tell you this
before all this drama. I don’t want to make false
promises and spoil our lives. Sorry mummy. Sorry papa. Till today I did what
made you happy. Now I want to find my
happiness myself. I apologise profusely
to all of you. I’m sorry. Sneha, I’m so sorry. Really. Come, let’s go. You? What are you doing here? You
should be at your wedding. Are you always so emotional
or is today a special day? Do you always ask stupid
*questions or is today a special day? Oh yes, I had forgotten.
You are getting married today. If you had such a problem
with my marriage… …then why did you
not tell me before? I myself did not know,
so how could I tell you? Anyway, it’s off. -The marriage is off.
-Really? Wow. -What? I mean, shit. I’m sorry. I spoilt everything, didn’t I? Not actually. This would happen even
if you did not come. The drama and excitement
increased with your arrival. But…By the way…
how did you come? You are very funny.
You gave me the invitation card. But you had thrown it
in the garbage can. You saw that? My eyes are very sharp. So what else have your
eyes noticed? Your nose wrinkles when
you get angry. Like this. When you get sad, lines come
on your forehead. Like this. But when you are really happy… …from your heart,
then your eyes also smile. And sometimes when you feel shy,
your cheeks become red. Like they are happening now. No way. Your eyes are very sharp. You noticed everything
so quickly. I have noticed one thing about
you at every meeting. And today is our fourth meeting. Gosh1 You are keeping a
count of our meetings. How cheesy. What else could I do?
I was slapped at every meeting. And even today,
as soon as I saw you… …I understood I
would be slapped. -And that happened.
-Oh, Mr. Hotshot MBA. Your accounts is weak. -Why? -No slap during
the coffee meeting. Yes, you’re right.
But the effect of that meeting… …was more dangerous
than a slap. My complete life changed. So, what is your intention now? I desperately need
a cup of coffee. Hazelnut Cappuccino
with extra cream. -How do you know?
-My eyes are also very sharp. Let me tell you one more thing. -I don’t know to make ‘Dhokla’.
-Will do. -I love you. -I also. And action. -Once again. -And action. Sid Mehra has promised and
he will fulfill it. Once more. Drinking is not important… -What is the line? -Cut. -If I find him somewhere…
-Relax. I promise to be a better person. So Miss Mona Singh. Daddy… One more. Cut it. They have a big business
in Surat… What business? Here atleast face and eyes… Cut. -From where do we start?
-From there. -From where? -Cut. Cut. It is enough.

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