Franklin – Franklin’s Birthday Party / Franklin’s Nickname – Ep. 21

♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming over to play ♪ ♪ Growing a little ♪ ♪ Every day ♪ ♪ Here he comes with all his friends ♪ ♪ They’ve got stories got time to spend with you ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to your house ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪ ♪ Coming to my house ♪ ♪ Hey it’s Franklin ♪>>NARRATOR: Franklin’s birthday party. Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could make up games and organize teams. But Franklin had never planned his own party, and his birthday was coming up soon. (Panting) (Laughing)>>Let me help, son.>>Thanks, dad.>>Gee, Franklin, you can almost reach all by yourself! Soon you won’t need your dad’s help.>>Yeah, or the booster basket! Do you think I’ll be able to reach it after my birthday? (Laughing)>>Your birthday is on Saturday. I don’t think you’ll grow that fast!>>I suppose we should start planning your party. Do you want to do a treasure hunt again?>>Those water balloons were a big hit last year!>>Yeah… but Rabbit did all that stuff at his party. Could I do something different?>>Well, what did you have in mind?>>I don’t know yet, but I want do something that my friends will think is really neat!>>Well, Franklin, you usually have good ideas. What do you think?>>All right, you think of some things you like to do and we’ll talk about them later.>>Okay! And so mom said I could do whatever I want for my birthday party!>>Wow, so what are you gonna do?>>I can’t decide. What do you think would be really neat?>>Squirt tag!>>Yeah, squirt tag! Good idea, Bear!>>What’s a good idea?>>We’re gonna play squirt tag at Franklin’s birthday party, because his mom said he can do whatever he wants!>>If I could do whatever I wanted, I’d want to play mini golf.>>Yeah, mini golf! That’s a good idea too!>>Hi, guys!>>Hi, everybody!>>ALL: Hi!>>Yippee! (Laughing) That was like a ride at Tamarack Point!>>Have you been to Tamarack Point? It’s the best!>>That’s for sure, they’ve got mini golf!>>And rides!>>And water slides!>>And a big pool with a diving board! Why, who’s going to Tamarack Point?>>All of us!>>BEAR: Huh?>>GOOSE: What?>>BEAVER: I’m sure!>>No, really! My mom said I could do what I wanted for my birthday party, and I want to go to Tamarack Point with all my friends! (Screaming) ♪ I’m going to Tamarack Point ♪ ♪ I’m going to Tamarack Point ♪ (Sighing)>>Oops! Sorry, Franklin! I guess I got a little excited.>>Isn’t it a great idea? Everybody can do their favourite things there!>>When are we going?>>On Saturday!>>FOX: Oh, boy!>>BEAVER: I can’t wait!>>SNAIL: Me neither! This is going to be the best birthday party I’ve ever been to!>>Yeah, me too!>>RABBIT: Me three!>>BEAVER AND GOOSE: Yeah!>>Franklin, you’ve got the best ideas!>>BEAVER: Yeah!>>FOX: I’m glad you’re my friend.>>RABBIT: Me too!>>SNAIL: You’re lots of fun, Franklin!>>MOM: Tamarack Point?>>How many friends are we talking about, Franklin?>>Well, just my good friends. You know, the ones I play with all the time!>>Yes…>>How many? (Sighing)>>Ten! (Gasping)>>Ten?>>But it’s really more like nine, because you know how small Snail is! (Sighing)>>I’m sorry, dear, but I don’t think we can manage that.>>But, we’ve gotta go! I’ve already invited everybody!>>Now, Franklin, you know we’d love to take all your friends to Tamarack Point, but it’s a long way, and we can’t possibly fit everyone into our car!>>Not to mention how much it would cost! Tickets for ten kids, ten meals… hoo!>>MOM: We’ll have a nice party here instead.>>Don’t worry, Franklin, your friends will have fun. Tell them we’re going to run through the sprinkler! They’ll love that! (Groaning)>>Oh, did you see that!>>Pretty good, Fox. Watch this. Hey, look who’s here!>>It’s everybody’s favourite pal, the King of Tamarack Point…>>RABBIT AND FOX: Franklin! (Laughing)>>Hi.>>We’re practising for mini golf on Saturday.>>When we’ll get to use real golf clubs instead of these.>>You know, the thing I don’t like about Tamarack Point is… it gets too busy on Saturday.>>Why are you saying that?>>Yeah?>>Well, when it’s crowded, the line ups for mini golf are really long, and that’s no fun!>>I don’t care about line ups! We can play catch while we’re waiting!>>Yeah, I can wait! Think fast!>>Hey, you think fast! (Laughing)>>And the weather is supposed to get cold on Saturday. You don’t want to go swimming at Tamarack Point if the water’s going to be cold.>>Cold water doesn’t bother me!>>Me neither, not when there’s a water slide!>>And a diving board!>>I don’t care if the water is frozen, I only go for the rides!>>Don’t worry, Franklin, your party’s going to be the best ever! Because we’re going to Tamarack Point!>>Offering the best in family fun for more than twenty years! (Laughing) ♪>>And I tried to tell everybody, but they’re so excited about going, that I didn’t want them to get mad at me!>>Oh, dear!>>I won’t get mad at you, Franklin!>>You’re a very understanding friend, Bear.>>I know. So… where is it we’re not going? (Sniffing) Tamarack Point.>>Oh.>>Sorry, Bear, I should’ve asked my mom and dad first, and I didn’t.>>Well, are you still gonna have a birthday party?>>Sure, and we’ll have lots of fun.>>Yeah, without any rides or mini golf or water slides!>>Don’t worry, Franklin, we don’t have to drive all the way to Tamarack Point to do those things!>>We don’t?>>What do you mean?>>We’ll make our own Tamarack Point!>>Yeah! Okay!>>Come along, boys! This is going to take teamwork! ♪ (Laughing) Look, they’re all standing around the car!>>FRANKLIN: Is everybody here?>>The whole gang! (Groaning)>>You first, birthday buddy! (Sighing)>>BEAVER: There he is!>>ALL: Happy birthday, Franklin!>>Thanks, guys!>>I got here first, Franklin, so can I sit in the front seat?>>But I’ll get carsick if I have to ride all the way to Tamarack Point in the back seat! Just ask my mom!>>Maybe you should see the present I got you before you decide who sits in the front!>>Actually, we’re not going to Tamarack Point. (Gasping)>>Really?>>We’re not? (Groaning)>>I knew this would happen!>>We’re going to Turtle Point, instead!>>Turtle… Point…?>>I’ve never heard of that place.>>Me neither!>>Turtle Point?>>C’mon, we’ll take you there!>>Where are we going?>>Where is this place, anyway?>>We’re walking there?>>This is probably the only ride you’ll be going on today, Snail.>>Thanks, Beaver!>>Here it is: Turtle Point! (Gasping)>>Wow!>>Look at that!>>This is so cool!>>I don’t believe this!>>FOX: Hey, mini golf!>>GOOSE: And a diving board!>>A water slide! There’s no way you guys did this!>>We did so.>>With some help from mom and dad!>>What’s everybody waiting for? This is a birthday party! Let’s start having fun! (Cheering) (Laughing)>>Here I come! Wee!>>Hey, Goose! Watch this! (Splashing) (Laughing) (Screaming)>>You’re it! (Laughing) (Laughing)>>Did you see that? This place is the best!>>Chugga-chugga, chugga-chugga! Choo-choo! Comin’ through, everybody!>>Yahoo!>>Watch this, guys!>>SNAIL: Choo-choo! Comin’ through!>>Yahoo!>>It looks like Turtle Point is a big hit, Franklin!>>Yeah, even dad is having fun!>>We’ve got squirt tag and mini golf! We’ve got train rides and water slides! We’ve got everything at Turtle Point! (Laughing)>>Hooray!>>BEAVER: Hey, Goose!>>GOOSE: Yahoo!>>NARRATOR: Franklin’s nickname. Franklin could count by twos and tie his shoes. He could zip zippers and button buttons. He could think up funny nicknames for his friends, too. But sometimes nicknames aren’t so funny. (Laughing)>>Your turn, Bear! (Cheering)>>Okay, Bear, go for it!>>Oof!>>Nice one, Bear! That’s the best jump so far!>>It is? Oh, boy, who’s next?>>Rabbit. (Laughing) (Sighing) Oh well, I got to be best for a minute, anyway.>>Wow!>>Is he ever flying!>>Whoa!>>I don’t have to mark this one.>>Yeah, you beat me by a mile, Rabbit. (Laughing)>>No-one can beat me at high jump and long jump.>>Yeah, it’s like you’ve got springs in your feet!>>He’s springy, all right! Hey! Springer! We should call you Springer! (Laughing)>>Now, there’s a suitable nickname!>>Hmm… Springer… I like that.>>Yeah, good one, Springer!>>Way to go, Springer! (Grunting)>>BEAVER: Nice one!>>BEAR: Way to go, Franklin!>>RABBIT: Good throw!>>Good, Franklin. Now, it’s Badger’s turn. (Grunting)>>Wow!>>Too far, for sure.>>Look at it go! Oh, my!>>Whoa! (Cheering) (Laughing)>>It was wide of the mark, but it’s still a ringer!>>No-one can beat a throw like that! We’ll have to start calling you Ringer!>>Yeah!>>Good name!>>I like it! (Laughing)>>Ringer… okay!>>I’m just glad we weren’t playing horseshoes! (Laughing) (Whistling)>>All right, class! There’s time for a short swim before the school bus arrives! (Cheering)>>Yippee!>>Just let go, Beaver!>>I’m not done swinging yet!>>The pond will be frozen before I get my turn! (Gasping)>>Goose! Look out! (Gasping)>>Wow!>>Whoa!>>Thanks, Franklin!>>Nice dive! That was a close one!>>Yeah, we should call you Dunker!>>Dunker? That’s a name for someone who eats milk and cookies all the time! Why not… um… Diver?>>Diver…? Yeah, that sounds good! (Splashing) (Laughing)>>BEAVER: Look out below! (Splashing) (Laughing)>>We’ll call you Splash!>>Okay!>>No way, we’re calling you Cannonball!>>Cannonball? Um, I like Splash.>>Okay, okay, stop! Splash… good name!>>Thanks!>>Aww, the whistle! Already? All I had was a shower.>>One more spin across the pond! (Splashing)>>Wow!>>Gee, was that ever fast! I’ve got a name for you: Speedy!>>Yeah, that’s what I was gonna say!>>Speedy, that’s me! The world’s fastest turtle!>>Hey, Diver, I’m going to Ringer’s place after supper. Do you want to go too? (Laughing)>>Sure, Splash!>>Hi, Springer!>>Hi, Speedy, how’s it going?>>Okay, Springer! (Laughing) What’s the matter, Bear?>>All you guys have nicknames. I’m just plain old Bear.>>You’re right. You should have a nickname too! How about… um… Grizzly!>>Grizzly, yeah!>>Sure!>>Hi, Grrr-izzly!>>That makes me sound mean! I want a name like you guys have. You know, something I’m good at.>>Snacks!>>Huh?>>Yeah!>>Good one!>>Snacks!>>Perfect!>>That’s it for sure! No-one’s as good at eating snacks as you are, Bear! (Laughing)>>Yeah… I guess…>>Speedy has the ball! Can he do it? Yay, Speedy ties the game! He passes it over to Snacks. It’s up to him to break the tie! Snack-er! Snack-er! Snack-er!>>Franklin, I have to concentrate. (Stomach rumbling) (Laughing)>>Sounds like Snacks is concentrating on something to eat!>>I can’t help it if my stomach does that. I haven’t had my supper yet. (Chuckling)>>Okay. Snacks makes a stupendous throw!>>Thanks, Franklin!>>No, I’m Speedy, and you’re Snacks, right?>>You can be Speedy, I’ll be Bear.>>What’s wrong with using our nicknames? It’s fun!>>Fun for you, you’re Speedy. But Snacks? What’s special about that? Everybody eats snacks.>>Aw, come on, Bear. Everyone likes it! It’s not like being called Stinky or something. Snacks… it’s funny.>>Yeah… okay…>>C’mon, Snacks! Let’s finish the game!>>Hey, Splash, Diver! Bring your snacks over here! Not you, Snacks, these snacks! (Laughing) Hmm… these raisin boxes keep getting smaller.>>And carrots keep getting shorter!>>Try putting peanut butter on a cracker this small.>>What kind do you have, Snacks? Whoa!>>Now that’s what I call a snack, Snacks! (Laughing)>>Heh… I guess it is sort of big, isn’t it?>>Move over, Snacks! You and your cookie are hogging all the shade! (Laughing)>>Hey, Ringer, do you have any more crackers?>>Um… no. Maybe Snacks will give you a giant cookie crumb! (Laughing)>>Hey, Snack– Hey, where’d he go?>>I don’t know. He just got up and left! (Gasping)>>Why are you sitting in here?>>Everyone keeps calling me Snacks and making fun of me when I eat.>>Oh, is that all? C’mon, Bear, you know we’re just having fun. Anyway, everybody really likes you! You shouldn’t let it bother you.>>Hey, Speedy! We’re playing hide and seek and guess what?>>What?>>You’re it! (Laughing)>>Meet me outside, Snacks! (Laughing) (Twig snapping)>>One, two, three on Springer!>>You’ve got to touch me first, Speedy! Home free!>>Oh!>>Hey, what’s that!?>>Huh? What’s what? I don’t see anything.>>ALL: Home free! (Laughing)>>Where did you guys come from?>>From behind that tree!>>You may be called Speedy at the pond, but you’re Pokey at the playgrounds! (Laughing)>>Pokey, that’s a good name!>>BEAVER: Are you going to be it again, Pokey, or is Snacks going to be it this time? (Laughing)>>I don’t like being called Pokey!>>And I don’t like the name Snacks, either! (Laughing)>>C’mon, Bear, it’s just for fun!>>It’s fun for you, but it hurts my feelings! You wouldn’t like it if I called you Chomper.>>You do chew your pencils a lot. (Gasping)>>I can’t help it if I chew on my pencils! Everyone in my family does! (Giggling)>>Chomper!>>What are you laughing at, Long Ears!>>I have an idea. Why don’t we pick our own nicknames! Then we won’t have names we don’t like!>>I like that idea, Bear!>>Good thinking.>>Yeah!>>Good idea, Bear.>>Thanks!>>Sorry I named you Snacks.>>That’s okay.>>You pick the name you like!>>Hmm… Of all the names for me, the name I’d like best… is… Bear. (Laughing)>>Bear! Why didn’t I think of that? That’s perfect for you.>>Yeah, that’s a good name.>>I like it.>>Bear!>>Good name!>>C’mon, I feel like finishing my snack, and I’ve got enough cookie for everybody!>>Sounds great, Bear!>>Yeah!>>Let’s go! (Laughing) ♪

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  1. When I was in high school! These kids were calling a student by a nickname that he found offensive! He told them to stop and they didn't listen! The kids who were calling by the nickname that offended him got written up for bullying! That's an example of bullying! Be careful with nicknames that they found offensive! How would those people like it if it was the other way around!

  2. if Tamarack Point is the Cedar Point of the Franklin universe then yea a birthday party there would be awesome! 😛 but yea im sure it would be waaaay expensive not to mention the long linesO.O

  3. lol all of them are just gold diggers. They're just fanboying franklin all because he's taking them to Tamarack Point XD

  4. Wow… If Franklin had just asked if Bear could go, then they could've gone to Tamarack Point… And I resent the fact that Snail thinks he's Franklin's best friend. Clearly, it's Bear. And I'd tell Beaver to get her butt home if I saw her take Franklin's gift like that…

  5. it was not ten kids it was more like 7 kids franklin lied. Franklin makes me annoyed sometimes, he should've asked his parents first. That water balloon idea seemed like fun.

  6. I really don’t blame bear for not wanting to be called snacks. I wouldn’t like it either. I don’t like being cold make babe at home because I sleep that way at night. And I don’t like sneaky either or Musset. That one sounds stupid. Moose it sounds to bad stupid. But will need to be called Beethoven probably sounds stupid her but I like it I want to be called Beethoven hee hee

  7. Franklin can count by twos and tie his shoes. he doesn't even wear shoes
    XD. anyway i like this show

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