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Hello Does your fridge look like this ? Then it’s time to tackle the beast Make sure to clean out your fridge before your next trip to the supermarket. It is important to keep your fridge free from rotting, moldy food covered with bacteria to avoid food poisoning. So lets get started . Cleaning out the fridge is a pretty straightforward affair. Here are a couple of things I use for the clean out . Anti bacterial wipes. You can also use soap water and a sponge or a wash cloth Disposable Kitchen towels or shelf liners Trash bag stainless steel cleaner & a microfiber cloth Music that I love to set in the mood First things first, unplug the refrigerator from the power supply. I am not able to do this with my fridge right now so instead I adjusted the temperature settings. Take everything out from the refrigerator. Start cleaning the refrigerator from top to bottom with anti bacterial wipes or a wash cloth and a mild soap today. I prefer using anti bacterial wipes as they are very easy to use, doesn’t create any mess, removes any bacteria and germs and does what it’s supposed to do. To avoid those sticky fridge messes, I prefer laying disposable kitchen towels as shelf liners and on bins, so that whenever spills occur, all I have to do is toss the old kitchen towel and put a new one without having to struggle to wipe out the mess. You can also use washable shelf liners instead. The top and underneath of the refrigerator are two areas we often neglect to clean, but can get really dusty. Use a stainless steal cleaner to give your refrigerator that beautiful shine that it deserves . Once your done with the cleaning, don’t forget to adjust temperature accordingly and also never over stock your fridge if you want to keep produce at optimal storage temperature. Now it’s time for me to unwind with a cup of garam garam chai.

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