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  1. I loved the part about overtraining on purpose so that training works even in high-stress situations. Thank you for sharing this talk.

  2. 3 for 2! … get the FUN & FEAR right first … FOCUS will naturally come 😉

    reduce stress (cortisol) by having more AUTONOMY is your life ! not just work … haha

    having FUN … being HUMOROUS … increases performance …

  3. Normally a person who looks like this, is extremly boring. But this was fun + fear (that I miss something important!). Thanks a lot. Directly ordered the book.

  4. Am I the only one that thought it got a little awkward when the girl got on her knees in the middle of the circle? Lol

  5. …knew having some ( reasonable) level of fun. .some stress (..due dates )…some level of contrôle. ..#WW

  6. One-frame tricks in video games is when things get really hard and she might agree if explained. But, speedrunning and fighting games and wherever else one-frame tricks are found in gaming… it IS niche, I'm not sure if one-frame tricks apply in FPS games I know they have in the past but whether or not Fortnite contains that I don't know. What I'm getting at is, if you can learn to play something very technical on an instrument, any musician can appreciate that, doing something amazingly technical within a game, might only apply to that version of the game, and broader, within gaming itself. Put another way, music is more universal than gaming. Yet, games contain music, so it's an interesting thing to think about. Daigo's 3rd Strike full parry into max damage combo vs. Justin Wong comes to mind. Games without complete information and the strategy involved is crazy. More complex than Go, in many cases. I mean, in Go you're thinking move by move (without a timer?), in games you're thinking move by move too but the moves happen simultaneously at a very fast rate with many inputs and combinations of inputs possible.

    Honestly, extend your passion to a scientific/mathematical level, whatever it is. The problem is when you stop learning. At a certain point it seems in every discipline you have to take from other disciplines, diversity, versatility, adaptability, paradox, etc. philosophy is important too

  7. A very entertaining and informative talk, many thanks for sharing these helpful insights! I can't wait to see a version with the other brain parts 🙂

  8. This is a wonderful presentation. God only knows how to say Friederike but I definitely fell in love with you! God bless

  9. The audience will leave this presentation with the same expectations. Google employs self motivated and team players.The presenter is giving a 'Do' 'Don't' work ethic. To be fair, it is relevant; but dopamine and focus must come from life's essentials -a good work environment, healthy food, exercise and fun which is not short lived but sustained through personal development.

  10. Simplistic. The body provides a feedback mechanism to the primal and advanced parts of the brain, and all parts need to be working together harmoniously. Speaker is limiting her focus on the "brain", and missing the feedback to the brain, and why these might not work together. Wrong inputs– wrong processing.

  11. Funny I was reading Aristotle's Rhetoric today and there is a stanza in the book which covers everything that is pleasant. Pleasant relates to Dopamine. How wonderful these thinkers were and also, we are running in circles in terms of knowledge, we are finding newer ways to assert old knowledge.
    I tend to keep notes of what I read here, so the notes of Rhetoric is here (still incomplete): http://cupitor.online/article/168

  12. I totally disagree about the statement about habits that once they come, they won't go.
    I killed myself to be awake on 6am in mornings. A friend of mine came to our home and we waked around 10 am for a couple of days. Now I can awake on time like before.

  13. Agues there is so many factors, for example nutritional deficiency can make difference too But in overall the Video was a truly Gem 🙂 Thanks Google!

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