From ‘Marriage Story’ to ‘The Morning Show,’ highlights from the Golden Globe nominations

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  1. I was feeling not happy
    about Critic’s Choice Awards snubbed on Jen An. I thought she was not that good
    enough because I don’t know them, these other actresses’ show/TV series, so I
    really don’t have any idea how to compare Jen’s performance with them. That was
    fine with me; at least the award bodies let other actresses shine not because
    of popularity. For Jen An to be record-breaking in IG was something else. What
    I really like about Jen An was her work, an hour before TMS shows on Friday I
    was so excited to see that I have given up eternity for this show. I was
    invested in it that Episode 6 made me cry for the first time among the many
    works that she has done. I was proud of her for being nominated this time at GG
    2019 for playing a wholesome role which it might be impossible for young
    upcoming actresses to do in the real world. She was getting paid to play
    herself and now being nominated for best actress for playing herself (Ms.
    Aniston) is a new concept for me to imagine as a work of art. lol She is the best person (PERFECT) to play herself. So she was
    worth it to be nominated. It is like seeing The Queen Mother will play a role
    of Queen Elizabeth in a TV series, which might be hard for Queen Elizabeth
    because she wasn’t trained to be an actress in front of a camera. WHAT IS
    PHENOMENAL with Jen An was this, she made me smile and cry in just one episode
    (6 Season 1) which I haven’t experienced in my whole life of watching a TV
    series. I forgot that Jen An was an actress playing a role in front of cameras. Thank you very much HFP.

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