Frozen 2 – Elsa and Anna Give Olaf a Birthday Surprise!

Thanks everyone for coming to game night, but today we’re not playing charades What?! But we always play charades? I know but today’s a very special day. So I’ve invited someone to help us play a very special game. I’m here! A little birdie told me it was somebody’s birthday today. It’s Olaf’s birthday! That’s right Olaf you’re one today! Birthday! Birthday? Birthday!!! I have a special game for you. Ha ha ha ha and whoever wins gets this special present, okay What are all of these balloons for? So we are going to play a game, okay, so this is how the game goes We are going to split up into two teams boys and girls. Okay Each team takes turns popping the balloons…pop..pop…pop. Okay So each team will take turns popping the balloons. Okay, and inside are either letters and you have to spell the word FROZEN Have you heard this word before? Okay good. Also there are some balloons that are not so good. You will have to do funny things. So the first team to spell the word FROZEN…get’s this present. no way! Who get’s to go first? Well since it’s Olaf’s birthday his team get’s to go first. Okay. hmm I getta go first! I pick this white balloon! my favorite color… Act like Sven for 10 seconds. Ready…set…go… My turn They got an F first letter out…first letter of FROZEN. Okay, it looks like it’s Christoff’s turn. I’m going for this one. Think I got an F…R! Oh yeah! Ok looks like Anna’s turn. I am moving! We need an F…we got R O Okay, this is going so good. Next person’s turn. I believe it’s Elsa. Oh Elsa? Where is Elsa? (singing) Let it snow…Let it snow!! Elsa!! Someone’s getting distracted. Oh, sorry guys, I just thought we need a little bit more snow. Act like Christoff for 10 seconds. How does Christoff act? Reindeer are better than people Sven don’t you think it’s true? Need you…(mumbing) and curse you… got me…let’s call it a night. Good night! Don’t let the frostbite…bite. That was a pretty good job! Someone is having problems… (singing) Let it go! Let it go! I really want that present we have to win this! Okay. Well at least we’re beating the boys. Wait? If you win? I don’t get a present for my birthday?!? Don’t worry Olaf! We are going to win anyways. I’ve got this for the girls. Okay? No one’s picked black. You are now frozen stay frozen in a place until your next turn. Hurry hurry Sing “Into the Unknown” at the top of your Lungs. (singing) “Into the Unknown” I think only one of you should do it…I agree she is a little pitchy. Elsa it’s your turn. Good to be not frozen anymore Okay, it’s my turn. I am going for the blue. And it’s not a punishment You are now frozen…stay frozen in your place until your next turn…three…two…one… Okay, who’s next…Anna’s turn. Okay That didn’t work out as planned Crank call the trolls. Crank call the trolls? How am I going to do that? I have a cell phone. Hi is Samantha there? The rolling troll.. Well I am the pizza man and Samantha ordered 3000 pizzas My turn. I have to know what’s inside? No you don’t Kristoff. Well they really want the Z…so should we just give them an O? Okay Okay That’s the only letter we need if we have all the other letters. All right, it’s my turn Turns out you don’t have FROZEN. We need to get a Z and then win different letters So then they’re gonna be begging for us to have the Z and then we’re gonna switch Crank call marshmallow. Okay Okan can I borrow your cell phone? Hey is your refrigerator running?…Well you better go catch it. Well this worked out…since it’s my birthday! What? A snowball!? Oh, yes. It’s made from the magical ice at the North mountains. Ice? Magical? I know what we need. Oh it’s snowing! Magical! Time for sauna…bye bye. Happy Birthday Olaf. I want sauna. I wonder what happens to snow in a sauna? If you want to see another awesome frozen video click this video below. Make sure to LIKE and subscribe below

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