Frozen Birthday Party Decorations (ONLY SPENT $14 USD TOTAL)

hello friends my name is Shawn and I am
a mom of two who had a full time job planning fun events for kids and now I
stay at home with my two year old and my 11 year old on this channel I give you
lots of DIY party ideas and today we are talking about Frozen as you can see in
the background I just got through setting up this beautiful birthday
display for the perfect decor budget-friendly from Walmart for a
Frozen birthday party if you want to see what we did for my two year old birthday
party I will link that in the description box down below because we
did ice cream birthday party for her but I’m just setting this up for fun today
and to show you all what you can pick up from Walmart that is super
budget-friendly I will put the cost of all of these little items down in the
description box below so make sure to check that out if you need some cute
party favor ideas I have a video on that and I also have a video on some DIY
party games that you’re gonna want to check out so I will link all three of
those in a playlist in the description box down below but hey let’s jump into
how I created this beautiful display behind me that was a sneak peek alright
let’s jump into today’s video here we go let me turn the camera around so I can
show you close-ups of all of the pieces from Walmart because they’re just
absolutely sparkly and adorable all right so this is the giant Ana display
it is actually taller than my daughter my daughter she’s – she comes up
probably – right here and this was you know you can use this for whatever this
was a door hanger if they had had the Christmas garland I would have added
Christmas garland up here but instead I just added the crepe paper streamers and
a couple of cute balloons and teal two colors of teal Elsa display and Olaf can
use the Olaf down there at the bottom he’s so cute oh my goodness I have a
really cute Olaf party game that you’re gonna want to watch I’ll link it in a
card but it would be so cute to play and then here’s the mirror this mirror you
can see my house let’s see can you see me I’m right there hard okay so this
mirror I thought was just perfect it just looks like a princess mirror and I
already had it in my daughter’s bedroom so it would be really cute to put Elsa
in the middle this mirror and have the little girls pretend like they’re
looking in the mirror and they’re Elsa or Anna either one my daughter she I’m
really cute Anna costume she would just love to be looking at herself like she
is Anna in the mirror it’s so cute you like the princesses okay and then up
above you see that big banner the happy birthday banner it also it came with the
posters and then also it came with the posters oh my goodness leave my messy
floor this is from me cleaning up it came with one of these and also and Anna
that you could just put somewhere but I think these would be perfect to go in
that mirror and then you can set the mirror up on the floor or wherever and
the girls could pretend like they were looking in the mirror
they’re the princesses so I am going to take down this party decor because I
want to gift it to someone in my neighborhood who is throwing a Frozen
party I’m gonna find someone so these decorations do not go to waste if you
enjoy watching clean up videos and watching me take down putting
decorations then stick around for that if not thumbs up is the best compliment
you can give me subscribe and turn on notification if
you want to see more party ideas from me on this channel here we go watch me
clean up

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