Frozen Celebration & Star Wars Legends Of The Force At Disneyland Paris 2020 ❄️✨

Good morning everyone.
– Good morning. Our first trip of 2020 at Disneyland Paris. It’s a trip where we can feel the cold. Because there is a Frozen Celebration season starting today.
– The cold never bothered us anyway. And “Legends of the Force” is starting as well today in the other park.
– The force will be with us.
– The Force will be with us. It’s the last Season of the Force. Legends of the Force. Come join us. Cheers. It’s cold.
– The cold bothers us.
– Into the unknown. And as we’ve said before. Legends of the Force is back as well. It’s the last time for this season. The whole season is on this amazing square. With ofcourse, the shows in French and English. And the meeting with Chewbacca as well. Rey will be joining him sometimes. But that’s it. But everything is on this square. Another fun thing what’s new for this season. What’s it called? The first order recruitment. I know it already. The first order recruitment. The first order is searching for people to join them. It’s starting on the stage. And after that they will ask, force, people to join them. But after that Kylo Ren will be here on this stage. And after that show, you can meet a talking Kylo Ren.
– Yes a talking one. Some new hope for Galaxy’s Edge over here. Because they won’t design this for just this last season here. Rebellions are build on hope.
– Yes, we’re waiting for Galaxy’s Edge in Paris. I got a tartelette X-wing. Tartelette, I don’t know it it’s right or not. And yeah, we’re going to eat it. It’s a good one.
– What’s the flavor?
– Lemon. And I got another snack from The Rise of Skywalker. As you know, I’m Davey Odekerken. DO. And this is DO. It looks nice. It’s a macaron. With some chocolate. I’ll save the chocolate for later. Oh, I’m breaking it. Let’s try this macaron. Always a mess. I thought it would be vanilla. But it isn’t. It’s lemon. It’s delicious. They’re linked to each other. But it’s better as the Yoda cake from last year for sure. But a funny joke. We ordered it this morning on the first morning of Legends of the Force. You took a picture how we got it, Jor. I got it like this.
– I got the DO and you got your snack like this.
– A tartelette. We were looking to each other. “Is this for real, DLP?”.
– Yes. So we went back to the Galactic Canteen and asked if there shouldn’t be something on the top of it. And she keeps looking to it. And after a while she says “Oh, yes indeed. It’s the first day of the season”. But the snacks are good. First good experience. Beside of all the star wars stuff. There are some new Frozen stuff as well. And Frozen is a new “Season”. But, Jor. Are they right about that? It’s one new show and that’s it.
– Yes they’ve added one new parade/show with an amazing new float. We’re waiting now. I’m curious what it should be. I know, most of it will be on central plaza again. We can’t stay on the middle of it like before. We have to stand around it. We can’t stand everywhere. So you have to choose what you wanna see. It looks like a great show. So, let’s enjoy it. To be honest, I expected way more from this show. They announced it as a really big show.
– I still like it.
– I had a great time. We arrived a little later yesterday because of some problems with the car. So, we’ve missed the first one. Right Jor? We’ve missed the first show but we saw some things on the internet. And we weren’t that excited about it anymore. But now we saw it in real life and we like it more as on the videos. Yeah, it was fun.
– Yeah, it was nice. Some nice songs from Frozen 2 and some nice characters. And every time you can see something else because you can switch from stages every show. Now we were at the stage with Anna and Elsa. Nice. And the new float with Sven is fantastic.
– It was nice. It was nice to see the characters.
– Yes that’s the thing. It’s nice to see those characters. If they added a meet and greet and some more stuff, you could have called it a season. Now it’s just a cavalcade. Even during your first trip of the new year, you’re facing the problems of Disneyland Paris again. Why could it be so hard to refurb this waiting time screen? Why couldn’t this be done in just one day? It’s just insane Jordy. I don’t understand.
– Good things for the new year. Get your things together. I’m curious if they’ll succeed. I’ll give them a chance. 1 chance. Good thing to know. Buzz Lightyear lazer blast is in refurbishment. A very long refurbishment. And they’ve also added a very big refurbishment wall. Whole this area is blocked of because they’ve also closed this restaurant over here.
– Hyperion. Yes, cafe Hyperion is closed as well. So, they’ve blocked this whole area. But I don’t understand.
– Me neither. They will close this attraction for half a year. That’s way too long.
– They will reopen this around December I guess. I think it will open when they’re opening the lake at the walt disney studios as well. I thin 2037.
– Exactly. This new frozen season is not way more as the cavalcade. On the program they say there’s more to do about frozen.
– But all of this was already in the parks for a while. Yes. But they also have some snacks. This is a Nutella cookie as wel know already. They also have some new snacks.
– Yes but then they have to open the stands and otherwise you have to wait a hour or more. We know how this will taste. But it’s Elsa. So, let’s try. Cheers mate. Still good. Guys, we’re ready in front of the Tower of Terror for every show from Legends of the Force. Legends of the Force is all on this square here. As we know for a couple of years already. But that means we have to wait a little while now. And if you really like shows, like us. This is the best park. So, you’re standing here and you’ll see a whole marathon of shows in a row. First show is The Imperial March. After that we’ll see the First Order March. And after that we’ll see the Legends of a Galaxy far far away. And between all this, there is something new. But we’ll show that later. Let’s watch some shows over here. Excited. That was show number one. Let’s go to show number two? Because they’re shows.
– Yeah, let’s go.
– Snap your fingers. And you can also get some fries to stay warm while you’re waiting for the shows. And it’s not something really new for legends of the force. But they got a nice seasonal paper. It’s all about the little things here. And we’re going to wait for a meeting with Rey and Chewbacca. I hope she’ll be there. Because she might be joining him. It’s not for sure if she’ll be there. it’s a meeting with Chewbacca and Rey might join you. So, we’re going to do that. And we’ll keep ourselves warm with the fries. Enjoy. Jor, we’ve just met Rey in Paris. So much fun. The queue wasn’t that long as I expected. What do you think? It wasn’t the six hours as I’ve expected. But that’s nice. Just do it. It’s nice.
– We don’t need Lineberty.
– No Lineberty and you can take a picture with Rey.. Mission accomplished. And Chewie.
– Yes and chewie. Chewie was so much fun. He was getting excited about the micro on here. We got the micro on here. Look. And he was getting curious about it. He had to say hello. As we’ve said before. Disney is acting like the Frozen Season is bigger as how it is in real life. They’re also saying that the Frozen Animation Celebration is something for the new season. But it’s already in here for a longer time. You can experience it here.
– It’s fun.
– Yes, it’s fun. But we won’t do it. We’ve seen it. And we didn’t liked it very much. It was okay for me. Jordy didn’t liked it at all. So, if you’ve missed it. This is inside. I’ll skip this one. We have to say, we got our food very quick here at En Coulise. They’re making a new menu every year. This year they’re having a rebellion menu. I’ll show you. Because our favorite wookie is on the burger. So funny. And we have a R2D2 dessert as well. I’ll say, let’s enjoy this. Where should I start? Spicy. I love spicy. My dessert. You want a bite? Mine! R2D2 dessert. You don’t eat this every day. Look how cool. I’m going to try it. It’s hard to eat? What’s inside? I think raspberry. The force is strong with this one. We’re waiting for Star Wars a galactic celebration. But I don’t know the guy next to me. It’s a very weird story. Wait wait, I don’t really like persons with hats and stuff. A bit too much. Why? I’ll say you, this hat is very warm. We’ve seen Star wars a galactic celebration. And they’ve added a little scene of The Rise of Skywalker. Very cool. Loud music here. It’s kind of the same as last years. But this show is always amazing. Love it. I wanna say that we’re walking outside with all the crowds. But there isn’t a crowd at the moment. So, that was the double season vlog.
– Double season, double fun. Frozen vs Star wars. Star wars is winning about the offerings. Star wars is good. I’m putting this away because I’m not crazy. It was bit cold.
– You’re crazy enough.
– I saw myself in the camera and was thinking like “Oh put it way”. The frozen show is good when they didn’t put a season around it. I’ve expected more about it.
– You hoped. Yes, I hoped. But maybe we got spoiled last years about entertainment. It was fun, we’ve laughed.
– I really liked it. I loved star wars. Some new stuff and amazing shows. It’s the last year for this season. Enjoy it while you can. Star wars will be here untill somewhere in march. And frozen untill may. It should be different ways.
– I think so. Guys, it’s a wrap from here. I would say, till the next one.
– Till the next one.
– Put the hat on.
– No. Till the next one. Bye bye. Day 2 of the season. Day 2 for the food. And we’re back at the dessert. And we discovered that it’s mango inside. And Jordy discovered a lifesaver. Not a lightsaber but saver. Everybody is eating like this, like I did. But Jordy discovered something. You can eat it like this. .

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  1. Het pak van Kylo is dan ook niet alleen voor DLP ontwikkeld, maar in principe voor alle parken. Ik heb nog steeds hoop dat het succes van Florida en California er voor zorgt dat we ALSNOG een volledige Galaxy's Edge krijgen ipv de helft, de ruimte is er in ieder geval wel voor.

  2. It was so nice to meet you on Saturday, we are big fans from your vlogs! (And what a surprise to see us in this one at 9:45 mn). Cheers from Berlin

  3. Thank you for sharig these shows! Star Wars Season of the Force is fantastic! Frozen 2 is interesting…but good. I wonder how happy the entertainers with the black & ice blue pantsuits. 🤔😖 The Star Wars meal looked great! The Chewbacca burger was huge! The R2-D2 dessert is cool, too. The food there is fun! Happy when you share the shows AND the food. 😁 Glad you shared your experiences at Star Wars Galaxy's Edge with Rey — she will see them for herself at Hollywood Studios soon enough.😉 Thank you for such an entertaining vlog! 👏👏👏

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