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hey guys back to my channel first I
would like to thank you guys very much for your patience I know that for the
last few weeks I have been with packaging holiday video since I finished
the apprenticeship but as you guys know I’m trying to get things together with
the new the mission of the tire first project with my ballon installations so
I think you so so much with that said a lot is going to change with my channel I
am NOT going to be posting posting as much to DIY projects because it’s
getting too hard to balance the business in my channel I think what I’m going to
give you is you know just behind the scenes you know follow me to different
events and I think you guys will like that too as well and you guys have been
asking for something like that as well so I think it works as far as the eyes
that’s what’s going to take a while because in some so busy with orders it
doesn’t really give me the time to build anything so what I’m gonna try to do is
just build what I need for the business and I pretty much have everything so if
you have any requests of what you would like me to build for an event or for
your business let me know in the comments below alright so today I’m
bringing you behind the scene of the design and setup of my frozen tube
backdrop this is a marketing studio shoot that I did for the Tiger forest
project with the girls last week and I hope you guys enjoy all right here we go
you see a little bit of garlic get your need to get the table here okay
today we are designing a frozen wall are we thinking with two arches on the side well I was thinking Oh show you guys in
a little bit I was thinking you see the castle that I sketch on something I was
thinking putting that in the middle surrounded by transparent balloons okay
like hitting in there and I don’t want it to be over the balloons I want it to
be like ants I decided that if it was part of it oh I got you
so how do I go okay I’ve not seen me about the arch wall kind of like a
really really big arch to work squeeze this anyways right so basically you will
have the low gravity so they can see where okay so I’m thinking we should bury it first behind that we’re going to have
the French they are iridescent so we’re going to have the area dozen in the
background right over the grid okay so it’s going to be we are going to place
the castle right in the middle and then we are going to vary with transparent
balloons and iridescent will be in the back Sol oh so you have the effect of
the iridescent behind the clear ones okay so that’s that and then I was
thinking of then once that’s done with the water right they will have a perch
here in an arch okay look like it’s just like a big frozen castle got it and then
here we can put like the snowflake blue yep they got it they got it
so we’re gonna do the back okay I mean you guys can totally say a name
beautiful in different that’s the point different cuz I was looking at the psalm
and I was display are kind of make my different that’s totally me all the time
you know cuz everything is out there pretty much you know and I don’t wanna
copy and I wanna make my own I do have this that’s when we were trying to figure out this just put that down okay so this is what we have hold on
Jesse Jesse almost love to make noise when I’m trying to talk okay guys so
this is what we have so far I’m going to since the girls have to go they’ve been
here all day thank you ladies since the girls have to go I am going to finish it
up tomorrow I’m going to add more of the clear transparent balloons on both sides
I have a gap right here and I have to add some right here so we don’t see the
edge of the castle’s and that’s it and I’m probably gonna add a little more of
the words somewhere around I might add some Silver’s as well but I’ll figure it
out later so I will let you guys see the final design in a bit all right
figure bye ladies so you guys love what do you guys think so far does it look
like my drawing yes so people can compare my drawing to the final that I’m
telling you I have vision look at that so there it is go down see same thing I
don’t care what anybody says that’s exactly what was in my brain I put it on
paper and knives on there you guys love it all right guys they say goodbye and
for those of you who love to watch balloon hockey
stay tuned I hope you guys enjoyed this video and
if you did please make sure to give me a thumbs up and if you haven’t subscribe
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