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Closed Captions were added by Moxi Media [Chinese Suona Music] The women, including myself, in our village are a part of the 47 million women who stay behind Chinese villages It’s difficult to sustain a family just with the earnings from the farmland So the husbands have to travel far to cities, to make a live Then everything of family is on our shoulders labor on the farm the kids and the elders Well All the things can not be done without us [Ouch] Without a man at home A woman’s life is really hard It doesn’t matter even if the work is tough and exhausting We suffer the most when we need men as most of us are in thirties or forties It’s common for us to have physiological needs Once I feel the need I feel hot and anxious But the husbands are away What can we do? Well, we can only bear it [Ouch] They all say that widows are the most unfortunate In my opinion The women like us who have husbands but can’t see the husbands in a whole year live the worst life as grass widows The Chinese Widows A Five Eight Nine King Two Pass Pass Your dad is the village head Play your card Don’t bring him into this Double 7 Double 8 Two Jokers Queen Shit Each people owes me 4 bucks Fuck Money You kill me without blood The rich has ripped money off the poor once again Stop blabbering How much is the change? 16, right? What time is it now? Even playing the landlord Wait for the landlord to collect your rent Hurry to shellfe the cards Homie Jin Kui You can`t play your cards like this If I didn’t play cards like this He would win earlier stop blabbering Shuffle the cards The winner should do this You won the most Si Xian Opera I don’t want to play any more We lost all to you and you will quit I didn’t win You didn’t win? So my money and Dazhuang’s money lost it all to bastard yep Whoever wins is the bastard Look This kind of people would rather be a son of a bitch than admit it Sister-in -law, what dish is you making good dish What Fuck Lamb testicles It tastes fucking heavy If it bothers you Don’t eat it Da ku Come and have some No, thanks He’s old His bird doesn’t work any more Eating this is a waste De gen Shut your trap of nonsense Let`s go De gen Go Stay for the meal No thanks Save them for brother Jinkui When he eat these he will have enegy to do with you Go away A word like that Brother Jinkui Don’t think about that thing always and miss the train tomorrow morning Don’t worry I can do it for three times and delay nothing Three times one night? You’re bluffing Get going OK Bye Chive dumplings Chive can give you more enegy More energy? Mom What’s this? Why does it taste so weird That’s it Can it be eaten? If you don’t want to eat it Give it to your dad It’s yummy Go to the west room to sleep You have used aphrodisiac Are you still impotent? No It worked two years ago Why not now? How do I know? Not early, not late It comes at this time What’s it? What else? My period Fucking period Put this on Is it okay? Why not You will have been out for another year No matter what happens, we must do it tonight When will you come back? Maybe the end of year Do you have to go? If no How to pay off the debt arising from our marriage? Da ku Do you have to go to work in cities? I have no choice I have to earn money for our son’s wedding When will you set out? just a while We need money to support parents to pay for kid’s education How can we afford these if I don’t go out to work? Come on One more time one more time? Da ku Da ku Please, I want it One more time Brother Jin Kui De Gen hasn’t got up yet Call him De gen De gen We will be late for the train De gen Enjoy your sweet fucking time No one can help you if you miss the train Go Let’s go Let him go on Don’t find another woman there I won’t What will you do when you want it? endure it What about you when you need it? I will go to find you You can’t If you go to Beijing, it will cost hundredd of bucks Then what can I do? You endure it also I don’t want Hey Wait for me Why are you crying? Go back De gen Don’t find other women outside Such a big field Can you handle this by yourself? Without a man at home, what can I do? Come on Let me help you Thank you Uncle Nian You are welcome Please take a rest in the room No, thanks You still have much to do It’s the new wine I made How about try some before you leave? Maybe next time Mom Is the meal ready? I’m hungry Just a moment You go playing at your grandma’s home for a while Ok De gen I can’t restrain myself I can’t Dad I want to go to Beijing For what? To see Degen He is an adult. He can take care of himself If you really want, just go Give me some money please That’s all I have Dammit poor Gui hua Where are you going? Going to Beijing to find Degen Do you have message to deliver? No, thanks Isn’t she just going to find her man to sleep When I got married Jinkui never left me We ate together and slept together Who does she think she’s showing off to? That bad dog How dare you eat my stuff? Bad dog How dare you eat my stuff! Degen Your wife comes What? She’s waiting for you at the dorm Ok Close the door It’s just hundreds of bucks Is it necessary to get angry with me like that? You think I wasted the money, right? I will never come here again Guihua, where are you going? Go home You broke bastard Guihua A stupid woman You even didn’t try to understand your man Is it fucking easy for me to make this money? Fine, get away Chinese Date Wine, homemade Date Wine Some wine? What wine is it? Date Wine Home made Is it good? Just try some Not bad How much is it? 12 Yuan for 500 gram Go away go away You are getting fined Look, I haven’t even sold it today Stop talking rubbish Money I don’t have any This is the last time I talk tp you The money I really don’t have Fuck, let’s go Without my man here, life is so stressful for me All right, I will go with you tomorrow Give me some It’s homemade, good taste, I promise, just try Really? Go away go away Step aside Why are you here again? Don’t waste time with her, just give her the ticket What did I tell you yesterday? Do you remember? Sir Please I haven’t even sold anything yet Please don’t Hello, Village Head Why are you here, Sir? Sell the wine It’s your wine? Yes Village head, you can sell wine here OK See you next time Take two bottles home No, thanks! I have some at home Sons of a bitch What’s the matter with those two officers today? They seemed to treat you as their boss Their boss is my cousin They are supposed to act like this Really? Yep Also I drank with those two people What did that man say to you? He asked me what’s the relationship with you? What did you say? Go away Who is your woman! Women’s products Take a look Take a look Women’s products Women’s products Women’s products Women’s products Take a look, Women’s products Mrs. What are you digging for? What do you want? Something I need What you need is a cock Is it wrong that I need a cock? Really? Of course, If you have I happen to have it Take a look You really have! What do you think? No thanks Stop pretending How much is it? 20 Yuan What? 20 Yuan? What a cock that costs so much? It’s not the real one If you want a real one I won’t sell it to you even for 200.000 Yuan If you really want it, how about 18 Yuan? 15 Yuan No 16 Yuan No, 17 Yuan! 16.5 Yuan Ok, 16.5 Yuan I don’t need the box Can you wrap it for me? You don’t need the box? Take a look, come on Take a look Come with me Who are you? Who am I? Somebody reported you Who reported me? This is our village head Village head, So what? So what? Take him to the village committee Go Village head I’m not selling these things on purpose Please let me go this time I promise I won’t sell it mext time How dare you say next time! This time you will get plenty of of trouble Do you know what your behaviour is? I don’t know Let me tell you On the small side You disruped the safety of our society On the big side It’s abetting a criminal destroying the harmony of our society How could I? How ? The evidence is right here Are you trying to argue your way out? I’m not No? All right Let me ask you What’s this for? For women To do what? Say it Women use it for what? Masturbate Masturbate? What’s masturbate masturbate is… Using this? Yes Such perverted behavior Not such perverted behavior Not such perverted behavior? Ok, tell me When women have this They do it by themselves Why would they need men anymore? Aren’t all men out for work? Once the women have this What the men will do when they are at home? when they are back home? This is fake Fake According to your words Thie fake one is better than a real one The fake one is always fake It should not be better than a real one How do you know? Did your wife use it? My wife has never tried Ok I think you will be quiet when I fine you 50 Yuan Village head Please don’t fine me I just did good to villagers What good? If a women has this one She will do the farmwork contentedly She won’t have affairs Bullshit Only with this one A woman will be contented? have no affairs? care of their parents well? Hand over the money What money? Your fine What? Fine 10 Yuan more Was it good after you bought it? What’s it? Don’t pretend That one Oh, that one It was very good How did you feel? Very satisfied Maybe I can lend it to you You don’t want it? I don’t want to lend it to you You used it as a real one? No matter it’s real or not It’s better than none I told you to buy one at that day You don’t want to waste money on it Now you are jealous And I won’t lend it to you Just a fake one You are so stingy If it was a real one Your would enjoy it to death She was energetic yesterday Uncle Nian What happened to my sheep? She’s fine Then why didn’t she eat or drink? She will be OK in two days Gui hua Haven’t you gone to the city? Why are you back so quick? It’s only after one day that he made me so angry What happened? I was blamed for buying the train ticket the train ticket? Exactly He wants me there But he doesn’t want me to spend any money How could this happen? From now on I will never go there again Don’t say that If you don’t go to find him Who else can you find? Nowadays It’s hard to find a toad with three legs But it’s easy to find a man with two legs What? Do you need a male too? When having a sex with a ram You are now fine Don’t do it It’s too tough for a woman Let me do it Brother Nian Try the wine I made Ok It’s pretty strong Yes This is the freshest patch Maybe I can give you another less strong one? No, thanks That’s it People who like to drink Always prefer the stronger ones Here Have some dishes too Ok If it were not you today My crops would have died Let me toast to you Ok Cheers Good puppy Let me feed you some meat Hungry puppy You ate up all the meat in my hand so quickly Come on, Baby You are full It’s time to go to bed with me Good puppy Sleep with me Brother Nian Maybe more? No thanks I’m already buzzed Don’t worry Just a little more I feed you sausage everydy so you can service me But you didn’t So you have no chance to eat more sausage again Do you hear me? If you don’t serve me I will leave you alone alone What happened? Mom, what’s the trouble with you? Grandma, what should we do? Call your dad Ask him to hurry back home What happened? What did you do? Just tell me the truth Her private part is wounded seriously What? Stop pretending Now you has nothing to do and save your wife a little Doctor What happened? You know what happened Here Go to take X-ray We don’t want to remove her uterus Remove her uterus? What is this? Tell me I`m asking you What is this? and for what? Do you want to make me angry to death? You bitch Are you deaf? If you didn’t use this stupid thing on yourself Would you get yourself hurt? Great Besides the money was wasted I haven’t a woman too All the villagers know this shameless thing Why are you so quiet? Say something You’re not at home in the whole year Do you know women’s suffering? What kind of life am I living I am even worse than the female sheep When she is horny I can find her a male sheep to relieve her What about me? When I need a man Who can help me? Who can relieve me? You’re not at home all year round Who will be blamed for this? It’s yourself who are incompetent If not You could have brought her out to the city with you and she won’t end ruining her body Your wife is already like this now You can ignore that Pretend everything’s still the same Keep the family together If you choose divorce Based on our family’s situation Prepare to stay single for the rest of your life Besides She only bought a fake She didn’t have affairs If she were like Xiuju who had affairs What can you do? Your wife is like that Listen to mom Just accept it Brother Jin Kui How many times did you do with your wife when you went home? Shit 50 times? Fuck She is disable My wife is now disable What? Girl Are you looking for a job I can offer you a job Follow me Let’s go Follow me It’s ahead Follow me Help! Here you are You should make money like this You feel good and get money This is my business card Call me Da ku Don’t believe anything from children’s mouth I won’t Then you tell me Who took all the fucking pills in here? Da ku What are you doing? What? You have anotherr man, right? I’m going to lock it and see how can you do it Da ku Please forgive me Forgive you? No I promise I promise I won’t do it again in the future In the future? How dare you say the future with me? Listen I’m going to lock it It’s good to you and it’s good to me Listen You are mine I can’t use it Neither can others Bitch Go away Da ku He is an animal I’ve had enough of it I’ve had enough of it Please take me away I can get divorce I can live with you Let’s go What are you doing Sewing pillow case There are so many already Do you need more? Why not use the sewing machine? still by hand? Look at her What are you cooking for dinner? Noodles Same every day We eat the same every day Look, that old rascal Hi is too old but has a mistress What an old rascal Shameless Double 4 Double 10 Double 2 Homie Daku You can’t call him Homie Daku anymore Why not? Your dad will marry Xiuju soon According to her generation You need to call him Uncle Daku My dad and Xiuju? Impossible Jinkui Where are we going? Aren’t we going to the bus station? Just follow me Let’s go having some fun What fun? Degen We haven’t touched women for over a year Wrong Last time Guihua came here You had done it for one time Today let’s go have some fun as the city people do Let’s go Do you need special service? No thanks — Don’t worry How much? One hundred bucks Ok One for each I will go to arrange girls Boss Welcome Boss Sir Let me help you Daku Mr. Lin Are you divorced? I’d rather die than get divorced I don’t mean to blame you but your wife was seduced by an olad man Are you still a man? How useless I’m just a woman I don’t ask for much I just want to have a man who really cares about me During the day. I can work with him And in the night, we can sleep together Will you promise me? I will Then I have no regret in my life Yes So do I Brother Nian Please play one more song for me I have lived like a widow even since I just married you How many more years will you make me live like this? Men can have affairs outside What about us? Are we destined to suffer this? They committed suicide by taking poison

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