you want to come along to the world’s
biggest party crazy crazy all night beach party
buckets of alcohol crazy fire-breathing fire going face painting crazy crazy party, nuts nuts…. come on, lets go! sunsets beautiful
okay im leaving ive got the organized taxi from the hotel that’s
taking me down I’m going at 7pm because I’m I want to go
to eat to sit a bit early he’ll be fine get some food have a look
about fund the bucket of whiskey if you’re here then you miss every time and
why would you not go and explore the world’s biggest party I’m gonna do that
so I arrived and I was like I wonder what date the full moon party is there
was one full moon party every single month however there were half moon
parties of saying white moon party black moon party they’re always party but the
full moon party is the big one and people come as you’ve more over time and
go so full moon party 100 bar entrance on the entrance into a room such a
benefit yeah we just got started no limit take it the farthest do it for
them to Carter’s point me to where the bar is always exciting none of its board but son of a sovereign and yang sand is
beautiful this is nicer than a Chuang where where the other day is near shop
this is so nice thank you sir yes trashed every like on the week crazy
coming coming mr. K I’m gonna try this fried rice
barbecue pork I didn’t 20 but I’m gonna try that let’s
get a food is so good boys are so big if you come in here this
place the big food right before you start the party so good you say you know
toilet toilet show you the full moon party gosh 20 bar 20 not five they used
to been 20 but just bringing up 20s okay let me giving her a thousand bucks I drink chill about time for a refill
take shots for a cheap thrill hoping I can speak still the speaker’s bumping my
teeth look for Essen if they so made from lost lost
flip-flops talked about I’m gonna pay myself all the videos this catastrophe now they’re really
stupid let’s go get a buck and get drunk oh don’t do that here that means drink
back home that means marijuana here I’ve already been offered on the beach oh I saw put the damn that’s quite
strong nice yeah hey once again here we go
know the name know the flow turn me up a little more setting traps I’m along you
know you whack I’m a mini yes well you know I’m black to the pawn pick
a place pick a date I’ll go Goku piccolo thought you was good huh take you out
back treguna fullest huh god I was weak huh UNC don’t work I put
how we come give me that wait a city yet nitty-gritty this ain’t gonna be pretty
check not afraid get about the way y’all used to Hey look out you may when it all
goes down i’ma run this with you baby but I let you
in this town in this town I in this town Poteau homie last wait a
minute lady yon either pay no visits I can still hear that heady critics say
ain’t gonna make it is he lady I developed laser vision yeah I
burnt the people in there cruel intentions crazy trying to play me boy
you wouldn’t even make a scrimmage get Joe Duffy pass some limits got these new
rappers let me finish I really do is he spinach counting money
up in anger pretty women I was trippin yeah had the vision ding cookin came
along another 50 he’s livid cuz we really living I’m afraid train you are
her civic

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  1. Keep the videos coming!! I'll be visiting soon for a few months! Really appreciate the insight and videos of different adventures you go on. Maybe we can party together one day!

  2. Fullmoon party! This is crazy!. Please share or just click here and sub, makes it all worth wile! Much appreciated https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC8yHyNFyT7MTPH044wJET5Q?sub_confirmation=1

  3. Went there 2005, m8 kept buying E,s from a bar on the front a Swiss owner, i had i think 2, looking back i regret it, that was the only time in 16 years of visiting Thailand that i touched Drugs……………dodgy Cops everywhere and grassing locals, being locked up over there aint nice……

  4. A man that gets more smiley and happy the more drunk he gets, shows he’s of good nature…

    A man that films a blonde birds arse while getting a piggy back, is what legends are made of 😂😂😂

    Another belter vid mate lol.

  5. EPIC as usual man! Keep’em coming those wild and fun videos! Can’t wait to get back there! How long will you stay in LOS mate? We’d definitely have to party together man!

  6. that hand single also means marijuana here in Australia too your hand is the bong your thumb is part where your take your toke from and your pinky finger is your cone pieces where you put your weed

  7. Awesome Video.  Looks like a lot of fun.  Watching your videos has inspired me to book my trip.  Look forward to your next videos.

  8. I am happy i been to the fullmoon party. Did drink some magic mushroom drinks did feel like i was floating over the floor it was fucking great.

  9. Lol …I had stayed 3 whole week s there only for da party!! Was so much fun there…. just party party party all the time. One of my greatest memories ever 🤟🤟🤟🤟🤟

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