Fun言趣语 第三期 欧洲人好像不知道在图书馆该干什么

LWX: Ai…The crowd is so hostile Doinb: Are you crying? Doinb: LWX is crying LWX: Crying because I am being beaten Crisp: He’s crying because he is too scared Tian: Europeans don’t seem to know what to do in a library LWX: Teach them, then Warhorse: I tell you, every time I play in Europe, they have the most enthusiast fans Warhorse: But don’t worry, we can have better momentum Warhorse: Although we have less supporters, It doesn’t make a difference Warhorse: Because we always have less supporters(than the opponent) Warhorse: It is more fitted for our style LWX: It’s Okay Warhorse: We never have many supporters Tian: Why isn’t the water in my cup coming out? Tian: (Asks Gimgoon) How do I open this? Gimgoon: Just like left, and like this, like that…… Tian: ???????? Gimgoon: Can you? Tian: (Wut da fk%^&*) Tian: (fine I give up) Warhorse: Get our momentum out! Warhorse: Show your mechanics! Warhorse: We must have the confidence to take 1v1 Warhorse: Okay, jiayou, everyone, jiayou! Doinb: Jiayou! (He remembers coach Warhorse’s words) (Warhorse: Be confident, trust your mechanics, be confident to take 1v1!) Gimgoon: Ah, f*ck Doinb: It’s fine, it’s fine*n Gimgoon: It’s on me, it’s on me*n Tian: Do we dive them? Doinb: I TPed. Look. AD has no flash. Tian: Flash and W him Tian: Should be able to kill both Tian: Careful, the bush, watch out for the bush Tian: Wait a little Doinb: Get out first LWX: He has TP Crisp: I can take the tower aggro Tian: I am taking the aggro LWX: Hey, I can’t finish him Tian: Just trade Tian: It’s okay. LWX: It’s good enough Doinb: I take bottom wave LWX: He has TP Crisp: Can I W him when I see the chance? Doinb: Yes Tian: I smite Crisp: I use W LWX, Doinb: Nice LWX: I have the blue buff Gimgoon: Elise has no flash Tian: Elise has no flash LWX: I am TPing, look, look LWX: I can kill Elise*2 Tian: Garen is dead Gimgoon: Rengar, Rengar is here Tian/Doinb: Slow down. Don’t chase. Doinb: Push mid Gimgoon: Rengar is here Doinb: Everybody watch out. Walk to the left Gimgoon: I am coming. I am a bit far away Doinb: To the left LWX: Can we kill him? He doesn’t have flash Doinb: Look at me Crisp/Tian: TF is dead*2 LWX: Flight slowly Gimgoon: I will be there soon Gimgoon: Wait for me Crisp: No ult, no ult, Rengar is low Crisp: Watch out for Rengar LWX: Nice. No flash*2 Tian: Kill Yummi; LWX: Nice LWX: Kill*4. Nice! Crisp: TF ulted LWX: We have vision of Baron Doinb: look at meeeeeeee Doinb: Look at me. Gogogo Tian: He doesn’t have flash right? LWX: Gimgoon, look. He has flash Doinb: The jg, the jg! Doinb: Jg, jg*5 Tian: I can only hit Garen Crisp: AD has no flash too. Look at AD. Doinb: AD*10 Tian: He doesn’t have flash*2 Gimgoon: Can we take baron? ALL: Baron*n Gimgoon: Can you four handle it? Do you need me? LWX/Crisp/Tian/Doinb: We can do it*4 Doinb: Initiate, initiate on him Gimgoon: I initiated Doinb: Get out*n Crisp: Hit the tower*3 Gimgoon: I will get out LWX: Hit Garen*2 Gimgoon: Can we kill Garen? Doinb: Hit the tower*3 40 seconds Gimgoon: 20 seconds Rengar Doinb: Hit the tower, listen to me, hit the tower Tian: We just need to take the tower Doinb: Hit the tower*n. Tian: Elise has no E. We can win if we focus on the tower Doinb: Listen to me*n Doinb: Tower tower*n Doinb: Nice, nice. Good job. All: Nice! Warhorse: Gentlemen, think about what champion you want to play Warhorse: What do you want to play this game? Doinb: I want to play Galio this game Warhorse: Hehe. How about I slap you off the stage? Doinb: (I want) Sion Warhorse: I will slap you off the stage LWX: Lee Sin learnt W. Doinb: Watch Lee*2 Doinb: Watch out for Lee*2 Doinb: Slowly*2 Tian: I am probably dying Tian: (To Crisp) Do you have eat? LWX: Come closer*2 Tian: I am dead Tian: Ai. Can win this fight LWX: We need to go*4. Crisp: You shouldn’t E flash just now. Doinb: I need to flash*2 Tian: Alistar no flash. Crisp: I can go up there. Wait for me. Crisp: He will probably take this canon minion Tian: I activated predator. LWX: He’s ulting me Tian: I am coming*3 Tian: Look at Alistar. Kill Alistar Gimgoon: Their toplaner can TP Doinb: Nice LWX: Nice Gimgoon: Then I can probably escape Gimgoon: Can you look at me? Gimgoon: (Kai’sa) No ult*3 Doinb: Do you have ult, Tian? LWX: Nice! Kill him All: Nice LWX: Let’s get the inner turret LWX: Lee Sin might but up there*2 Tian: I don’t think so. He should be in bot lane Crisp: Lee is probably up there LWX: Finish(the baron)*4 Tian: Can we finish it? LWX: Finish it*4 Doinb: Nice nice. LWX: Lee Sin Lee Sin Doinb: The support*2 Crisp: I have ult. Look look LWX: I can fight*2 Doinb: I can’t fight*2 Tian: We can’t fight. Mid mid mid. Don’t let them finish it Tian: TF is in bot Doinb: I can come. Slow down. I am on my way LWX: He’s dead*n Tian: Chase him. TF doesn’t have ult Doinb: He has TP. Tian: He has no ult. Interrupt him. He can’t kill you LWX: It’s okay. He’s dead Crisp: He’s in it. Gimgoon: He is TPing*2 Doinb: Push bot. Just push bot. Base quickly if you need to. Be quick. LWX: Eat me*N Doinb: Slow*2 LWX: Back first*2 Tian: I can E flash Crisp: Watch out. Alistar skills CDing Doinb: Look look this Tian: I E flash. Tian: TF no flash. I have Zhonya. Don’t worry about me Doinb: hit the Keg, hit the keg Doinb: Gimgoon, I have R*2 Tian: He has no flash. We can finish it.*2 Doinb: He’s dead. Leave him alone. Gimgoon: Dead dead. Doinb: Finish it. Nice Doinb: Ah~Kimodi~ Gimgoon: Argh, last game was such a pity. LWX: It’s on me. It’s on me. Doinb: It’s okay. You’ve done your best. LWX: One more game Doinb: It’s fine. We did our best. If I have the Deathcap I would have carried in that fight Gimgoon: We would have won if I walked forward Doinb: Why couldn’t you just give me 3800, no, 3600 gold? Gimgoon: I have no money 🙁 Doinb: If only everyone give me…(calculating) Tian: We were all very poor LWX: Hey how about not taking Kai’sa. Just let me have her once. ******** Doinb: They won’t give you Kai’sa. You are the best Kai’sa in LPL Tian: It’s actually easier for us to win if they take Kai’sa (LWX: Daddy Tian stop trashtalking me PLZ!) Warhorse: Hello hello hello? Can you hear me this time? Doinb: Yes yes we can hear you Doinb: I know why we lost just now. Your mic has no sound, Warhorse Warhorse: I know, I know Doinb: Aiyo. You didn’t cheer us up, Warhorse! What were you doing, Warhorse? It’s all your fault. It’s all on Warhorse guys. Crisp: Hey they took Kayle Warhorse: Then I will give you Ryze, just take Ryze, take Ryze, smash him. LWX: How about Camille Ryze? Warhorse: Camille Ryze Gragas, let’s do it! Gimgoon: Yeah Camille Ryze LWX: I am taking it then, brother Inb? Doinb: Do it*3 Warhorse: Don’t forget our aggressiveness. Be confident to outplay them! All: Jiayou! Doinb: As long as I have advantage at the beginning I will win the whole matchup Gimgoon: Do we wanna invade at lv1? I don’t think so, we shouldn’t invade Doinb: No, no invade Gimgoon: Okay Doinb: Jiayou! Gimgoon: Jiayou! Tian: Hey, watch out for their lv. Gimgoon: Okay Doinb: Watch out for their smartcast LWX: They are here*2. Doinb: Watch out for their smartcast LWX: They scared me. Gimgoon: They have sweeper LWX: They might have gotten some xp Gimgoon: He wants to fight me. He put a ward down. My E is ready in 10s. 8s. Tian: Get ready to chase him down. Gimgoon: 3 seconds, 2… Tian: He is already dead. He has no flash. Tian: Use you E wisely. Use your E. Gimgoon: Okay Okay Tian: He is slowed down. He is dead. Tian: I will hide until you ult. You can look for the opening Tian: Look Doinb: I will directly TP on it. I will TP. Doinb:……just hit turret*2 Doinb: I am not trashtalking LWX. He is just tra- Doinb: I am TPing. Look Gimgoon*2 Tian: He has flash. He has ult, and stopwatch LWX: Slow down*2. Let’s go mid Crisp: Look*3 Doinb: Blow him back? Tian: Someone seem to be there. Someone is there. LWX: Can we hit the turret? Hi turret*5 Crisp: Hey can we break the base and force Cass back? Doinb: Yes yes LWX: I have ult*4 Doinb: Don’t throw your ult everywhere. Save it for now. LWX: Okay I will wait till they clear this wave Gimgoon: Watch out for Pyke’s Q. Pyke has no Q Tian: I have predator on. I am not hitting tower Doinb: I EW*3. This*3 LWX: This is good. Don’t take inhib let’s not take inhib Crisp: No inhib*3 Tian: Cass is back*2. Let’s go back*2 Gimgoon: Their toplaner can TP LWX: Back back back LWX: I can ult him. Do we start the fight? Doinb: I can’t join. Better not LWX: Look look Doinb: Can you look? Doinb: I am coming. Nice nice Doinb: Can you guys go top? Nice Crisp: Yes we can rotate top. No pressure now. They can’t kill us. Doinb: Great. Nice Doinb: Okay. Don’t give them. (To Gimgoon) Will you get tower dived? Gimgoon: No no no. Impossible. There is no way. Doinb: Okay Doinb: Did AD TP? LWX: Yes. AD TPed. Crisp: Lee Sin is going top Gimgoon: There is probably a fight… LWX: Pyke is going top, Gimgoon, you need to leave. Let’s take the drake. Gimgoon: I can’t leave now Doinb: Just waste them some time, then LWX: I think you’ll have to die (Doinb: Will you get dived? Gimgoon: No no no. Impossible. There is no way.) Crisp: Mid and Jg have stopwatch LWX: Here*5 Doinb: Any wards? LWX: Any hourglass? Doinb: I am TPing. Tian: Can you eat me? Kai’sa no ult. LWX: Heeey. Lee Sin*N. Crisp: Just look Lee Sin LWX: Lee Sin has flash Tian: Kayle*5. Doinb: Kayle is dead Tian: I am too scared to fight*2. You guys go*2. LWX: Slow*3. ADADAD Doinb: Baron*3 Crisp: I have ult. Can you guys follow? LWX: Don’t*3. Just do baron. Crisp: Okay Gimgoon: They still have Lee Sin. What do you think? LWX: Lee has no flash*2 Tian: Can we find him? Gimgoon: I can’t find Lee. Where is he? Tian: Does Pyke still have ult? LWX: Lee has no flash, no flash Crisp: Pyke has ult. I don’t have wards Tian: I will probably die Doinb: Wait a sec I look…oh Pyke is gone. What do you think? Tian: Do we go 50/50? Doinb: Gimgoon go up there, go up there! LWX&Doinb: Gimgoon go up there, up up up Tian: Stop stop he has Q Gimgoon: AD has no flash Crisp: He has no ult Gimgoon: AD no flash LWX: It’s good. It’s good Tian: It’s your baron. I didn’t get smite out. Nice LWX: It’s pretty good (Player highlights) LWX: I have GA. Tian: Pyke wants to initiate LWX: It’s fine. I have GA Crisp: Pyke has no flash. LWX: Just kill Pyke Tian: He has ult. LWX: Slow slow LWX: Slow down slow down Tian: Look look look. LWX: Cass Cass Tian: Look here. We can finish! All: Nice! Doinb: Okay! Crisp: Madrid library Tian: Can they just quiet down a bit, even now…. Crisp: So loud Tian: We have such advantage and they were still yelling “Fnatic” during the pause. What are they yelling for? Doinb: Nice! LWX good!

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