Fun Alligator Facts!

Happy Friday Folks! Get your teeth into some fun facts with this
video all about the alligator! Watch and learn about the difference between
an alligator and a crocodile and find out all about the mating rituals of these fascinating
beasts! Watch right through to the end and you can
find out how the sex of the little baby alligators is determined while they are still inside
the egg. These ferocious creatures belong to the animal
family of the crocodilian s which includes both alligators and the crocodile. It is believed that the species from an evolutionary
perspective is closely related to birds who’s ancestors were dinosaurs! The alligator is a cold blooded reptile and
differs from the crocodile in a number of way. The crocodile is more aggressive on average
than an alligator. Alligators usually live in freshwater and
the crocodile favours the salty water environment. While crocodiles are found all over the world,
the alligator are only located in North America and Asia. Alligators have a U shaped snout while the
crocodiles is pointy like the letter V. These dinosaur like animals have large and
powerful tails which are used to help with swimming. The ears and nostrils along with their eyes
are all floated just above the surface of the water while they swim. Did you know that the alligator has one of
the strongest bites in the entire world! Despites being such a good biter, the muscles
used to open up the mouth is quite weak which is why zookeepers and handlers can keep an
alligators mouth closed with a small amount of tape. Hmmm. These alligators sure are interesting! Make sure to hit that like button and subscribe
to Happy Friday for more amazing facts. There are two main alligator species and the
name of the species relates to the geographical habitat. The Chinese alligator has a tapered snout
and is a relatively small little gator. The American alligator are much bigger and
strong than their Chinese counterparts. Both alligator species are opportunistic eaters
chomping down on any food that comes into their path. Being carnivorous the animals tend to eat
fish, birds, other replies and mammals. The food that eat individual will mainly eat
depends on its size and some alligators have ben known to eat fruit such as wild grapes
and berries. In addition to be competent swimmers the alligator
can walk confidently on the land with two distinct walking techniques. The animal using a low walk with its belly
dragging on the ground. The second walking technique the high walk,
lifts up the torso of the gator giving this walk its high walking name. Here is an alligator fact that you might not
know, throughout their entire lives the reptile will continue to grow. Male alligators can grow up to 3.4 metres
in length and weigh up to a massive 450 kilograms. On average, an alligator can live for around
50 years in the wild. Some of the captive creatures have exceeded
more than 70 years. Did you know that the alligator communicates
with complex calls and sounds despite having no vocal cords? By sucking air into their lungs and blowing
it out the animal is able to growl, hiss and bellow. They can even make a cough like sound which
is called a chumpf. The male alligator will use its bellowing
sounds during mating seasons to court the females. Other seduction strategies include head and
tail water slapping, back rubbing and the blowing of bubbles. One of the most interesting facts we found
when researching this video is about the alligators eggs. Did you know that the each little babies sex
is determined by the temperature of the egg? If the egg is in a warm location for the sex
will be male but if its in a cool shady place the egg will produce a female. What a fascinating fact. Did you learn something? Check out some of our other videos over here. Thanks for watching – Happy Friday!

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