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– [Jennifer] From Paris,
France, to the Magic Kingdom, this week I have four more
fun and easy lunch ideas to share with you. Hey everybody, its Jennifer
with The Family Fudge and welcome to subscriber lunch Sunday. This week I have four awesome
lunch ideas to share with you and they come from all over the world, including several lunch ideas given to me by subscribers that I
met at the Magic Kingdom. So if you’re new here go
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in the description box if you’d like to send in your lunch idea. This week I’m kicking
things off with Gia’s lunch, who I actually got to meet
in person as the kids and I were getting on Big Thunder
Mountain at Disney World. Her and her family were
so sweet to say hi to us and I was super excited to ask her what her favorite lunch idea was, so that’s exactly what
I’m gonna make today. So for Gia’s lunch today I’m
gonna be using the OmieBox, but I’m not going to be
needing the thermos section. Whoopsie, these things tip
over a little bit too easy when they’re empty. Now normally I would start
with the main course first, but for Gia’s lunch I’m gonna start with a special treat first, ’cause that’s gonna take the longest. For Gia’s special treat I’m gonna start with a yellow cake mix, but I’m not actually
gonna be making a cake. In this large bowl I’ve
added the cake mix, coconut oil, eggs, water and cinnamon. Then I’m going to just
mix it all together. Next I’m going to be using my very special Mickey Mouse doughnut maker. Now I actually found this
a while ago on Amazon, but I haven’t used it in a while. This is basically just like a waffle iron, but of course instead of making waffles I’m making Mickey shaved doughnut holes. So to do this I’m just
adding a little bit of batter to each little section. I did go ahead and put the
cake batter in a Ziploc bag, that way I could get it into
the molds a little bit easier. Now I’m gonna go ahead and close this up and in about two to three minutes I’m left with a golden-brown
delicious doughnut holes. Now I’m going to very
carefully try to remove these, I definitely don’t want
to rip off those little Mickey Mouse ears. Now of course these doughnuts would delicious just as they are, but I’m gonna make these
into churro doughnut holes. If you’ve ever been to
Disneyland or Disney World, you’ll know that churro
are a very popular treat. So this is perfect for
a Disney themed lunch. In this separate bowl I’m just adding a little
bit of white sugar and then about a teaspoon of cinnamon. Now I’m just going to
mix this all together and while these doughnut
holes are still hot I went and rolled them around in this
cinnamon and sugar mixture, and that’s all there is to it. I have to say these are
smelling just like a churro. These little doughnut
holes are gonna be awesome. So now that I have Gia’s
special treat made, it’s time to move on to
some fruit and veggies. Now Gia told me that her
favorite fruit is watermelon. So I’m gonna go ahead and
slice this one in half, then I’m going to use my
melon baller to scoop out about a dozen little balls or so. Now I know this sounds
weird, but making melon balls is actually one of my favorite things. It’s really easy to do and
they just look really fun. For my next step I’m gonna go ahead and prepare some cucumber slices. And instead of leaving these
plain I’m going to choose one of these mini little
cutters to punch out the center. I have lots of different cutters here, but I think I’m gonna go with this one. I’m not exactly sure what
you would call this shape. If you guys know what
this shape is called, well let me now in a comments down below, ’cause it’s not coming
to mind at the moment. And here’s a quick tip you guys. If you’re ever using a
really small cookie cutter I’ll often use a little food pick to pop that little piece out. ‘Cause sometimes I don’t want
to come out on their own. And speaking of food picks, I decided to go with the tiger ones. These definitely remind me
of Princess Jasmine’s tiger. And the reason I went with a Jasmine theme is because when I met Gia at Disney World she was wearing a Jasmine T-shirt. Now I know what you guys
are probably thinking, well what about that main course? So what is the main course going to be? For Gia’s main course
she requested a delicious Nutella and strawberry jam sandwich. This is such a good combination,
especially if you’re a fan of chocolate covered strawberries, which I definitely am. And for her sandwich I’m
definitely breaking out my new Pampered Chef tool. I’ve been using this all the time since I purchased it and
I’m pretty much obsessed. This little gadget makes it possible to make your own Uncrustables
at home and it works so well. So for this sandwich I’m adding
just a thin layer of Nutella to both pieces of bread. And I’m not going all the
way to the crusts here because I am gonna end
up cutting those off. I get questions all the time about what I do with
my extra bread crusts. And I save them, and once
I have enough saved up I’ll make a French toast casserole. It’s super tasty and a great way to use all of those leftover crusts. Next I’m gonna add just a
little bit of strawberry jam right to the center. Not too much, I think that’s
a big tip on making these DIY Uncrustables, is you don’t
wanna put too much filling otherwise it’s just gonna
leak out everywhere. And just like that DIY Uncrustables. So he went ahead and added
this to the lunchbox. And I’ve also added several
other silicone liners for the rest of the items. In this back section I’m
gonna go ahead and add all of our melon balls, and I’m gonna fit as many as I can in there. And this will be the perfect place to add my little tiger picks. Not only are these cute, but the kids can actually
use them to pick up the food. ‘Cause everything is more fun when it’s eaten off a stick, right? Then in this front
section I’m gonna go ahead and load it up with the cucumber pieces. I’m adding the small pieces and a large pieces right in here. Now in this back section I’m gonna go ahead and add Gia’s snack. She chose Cheez-It’s and these are just a classic,
good old plain Cheez-It’s, always good in lunches. And then in this last little section I have just enough space for the Mickey shaped
churro doughnut holes. It looks like I’m only gonna
be able to fit two in there and that’s just fine. And then last but not
least, for Gia’s drink today she chose apple juice. Which works out perfectly because I do have a Jasmine
good2grow bottle topper. Okay guys, next up, I’m going
to be making Elliott’s lunch. He is 14-years-old and is from Paris. For Elliot’s lunch today
I’m using the blue OmieBox and I’ve added some space
themed napkins and some picks. For Elliot’s main course
I’m gonna be making some meat and cheese roll-ups. This is the perfect gluten-free option. Today I’m using a combination of cheddar cheese and mozzarella cheese, and then I’m also using
several slices of salami. Now this is actually really easy to do. I’ve just taken two slices of salami and then I’m actually
rolling the cheese stick all the way up in inside. And then to make these easier to eat and easier to fit in the lunchbox, I’m gonna go ahead and cut them in half and then I’m going to add these really awesome
space themed food picks. This definitely makes a
lunch look a lot more fun and it keeps these meat and
cheese roll-ups together, they’re not gonna fall
apart in the lunchbox. Now this is looking awesome already. Now that those are finished I’m gonna move on to some grapes. For Elliot’s lunch he
requested a combination of green grapes and red grapes, and he asked for me to cut them in half and then put them on a pick
in an alternating pattern. So there we go, these
turned out really cute. Very creative. For my next step I’m
adding Elliot’s of veggies. He asked for a combination of
both broccoli and cauliflower. I can definitely tell that Elliot loves these different color combinations. Now this actually looks really
interesting in the lunchbox because both cauliflower
and broccoli look similar, but they’re different colors. For Elliot’s snack I’m gonna be adding some Goldfish crackers, and he
requested the colorful ones, so I’m just adding a
little scoop right in here. Next up I’m adding some our
very little sweet treats. Elliot requested the Little
Bites chocolate chip muffins, so I’m gonna add about three in here, that’s all that I can fit. And I’ll go ahead and add a
little pick in there as well, just for fun. And to complete Elliot’s lunch, I’m gonna be adding a
can of Hawaiian Punch. Now for some reason I could only find this in the canned version,
which is totally fine. So I’m just gonna add can it right here and then that is everything
in Elliot’s lunch. Okay guys, this next lunch idea was actually given to
me in person by Nevaeh. Now the kids and I actually met Nevaeh, and her very sweet mom, on the ferryboat when we were
headed to the Magic Kingdom. So during our ferryboat
ride I asked Nevaeh what her perfect lunch idea is. For her main course she requested nachos. Now there are so many
different ways to make nachos, but when I was at Walmart the other day I actually saw these
little nacho cheese cups and they look really interesting. Now we’ve never actually
tried these before, but they look perfect for
throwing into lunches. This package comes with
four individual servings and cheese is microwavable,
so you could eat it hot or you could eat it at room temperature. And this also says it’s
gluten-free and mild, so it’s not gonna be a super spicy. So since it’s nacho cheese, it’s already nice and packed for me, I’ll just go ahead and
place it in the lunchbox. And then, to go along with these nachos I’m also gonna be adding
a small little container of sour cream. And then for our tortilla
chips I’m gonna be using these small round ones. I actually find these at Walmart and I think that these smaller round ones are the perfect tortilla chip for lunches. This smaller size makes it perfect for dipping into the nacho cheese and they just fit really
well in the lunchbox. Now that we have our nachos ready to go it’s time to add some broccoli. Nevaeh chose broccoli for her vegetable. I’ll go ahead and decorate
these with a little Ariel pick. And then for Nevaeh’s
fruit she chose an apple. So I’m gonna go ahead and slice this up and then add it to the lunchbox. Now that brings us to the snack. For Nevaeh’s lunch today
she chose a fruit bar. So I have this little mango flavored one. Now it’s not gonna fit in
a lunchbox very well as is, so I’ll go ahead and cut it
up and add it right in there. And then right next to that
I’m also going to be adding in Nevaeh’s sweet treat and
she chose mini Kit Kat bars. Whenever I see mini Kit Kat bars out it definitely makes me think of Halloween. Guys let me know in the comment down below what your favorite Halloween treat is. I’m partial to the Kit Kat’s, but I also have a big fan of the Reese’s. And finally four Nevaeh’s drink today she chose orange juice. So I just have a little bottle that I’m gonna add right here on the side. Okay friends, now that
brings us to Habiba’s lunch. Habiba is 19-years-old
and she’s from Egypt. For her lunch today I’m gonna
be using the pink OmieBox. And I decided to go with
some Hello Kitty napkins, ’cause they are so fun and
colorful, I just love them and I haven’t used them in quite a while. Now for Habiba’s lunch I’m
definitely gonna be needing the thermos section of this lunchbox because we’re making a hot lunch. For this main course
I’m going to be starting with some thinly sliced pastrami. Now we actually love pastrami around here, but for some reason I
don’t buy it very often. Now if you’ve never
actually tried pastrami it’s really very good. It’s very popular for lunches. It’s made of beef, but they also add lots
of herbs and spices. And then I think it’s usually smoked, so it’s got a really good
smoky flavor as well. So I’m gonna take these lunch meat slices and I’m actually going
to be chopping them up, almost like you would chop up bacon. Then I’m going to add these to my pan and I’m gonna cook these
until they’re crispy. Now that that’s done I’m gonna go ahead and crack two eggs directly into this pan and I’m gonna scramble these
up with the pastrami in there. Now I have to say I’ve never actually made
this combination before, but it sounds so good and
it’s smelling delicious too. You should definitely give this one a try if you’re a big fan of egg scrambles. So now that these are done, I went ahead and added
them to the thermos section and I wanna make sure to
get that lid on right away so the food can stay nice and hot. And now it’s time to prepare
some fruit and veggies. For her Habiba’s lunch today
she chose a watermelon, but this time I am breaking out my little heart shaped cookie cutter to make some heart-shaped
watermelon pieces, and then I’m gonna fit
as many of these pieces in the lunchbox as I can. Now on the side Habiba also requested some little fried potatoes, these were actually frozen so I just went ahead and heated them up. And to go along with them she
also requested some olives. Now instead of adding
just regular black olives, I’ve decided to go with
these green olives. These are actually
really tiny little olives with pimentos inside. They’re not really spicy,
but they are really tangy, I guess you would say. Personally I love green olives, but not all of my kids are fans. For snack time today, Habiba
requested some mixed nuts. So in this little container I have almonds, peanuts, cashews and hazelnuts. And I went ahead and put them in this separate little container, that way when I put them in the lunchbox I don’t have to worry
about this watermelon juice getting them all soggy, ’cause that would not be very tasty. Next up I’m gonna be adding
Habiba’s special treat, she requested an Oreo ice cream sandwich. But unfortunately my store didn’t have any ice cream
sandwiches with Oreos, but they did have a Klondike bar, which is kind of similar. Still gonna be very tasty. And then last but not
least, for Habiba’s drink, she requested some tea. But not just regular team, to this I’ve also added
a little bit of sugar, so it’s a little bit sweetened, and then I also added
a little bit of milk. So it’s kind of like
a cold milk tea drink, which actually sounds really good. Let me know in the comments down below if you’re a fan of milk tea. Okay everybody, thank you
so much for joining me for another week of fun lunch ideas. Let me know in the comments down below, out of all of these lunches
which one was your favorite? Thanks for watching and I’ll
see you in my next video.

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