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– Hey guys, welcome
back to Millennial Moms, I’m Tay, and that means it’s Tuesday. (upbeat music) Today, we are gonna be
talking about sleepovers and fun things to make
for your sleepovers. So, before I blab your faces off, let’s just get going. (funky music) All righty guys, for our DIYs, I made a couple of fun
little things that I wanted to personalize for each
girl that was coming over. I used my Cricut to personalize
these fun pillow cases. I just picked up two-packs
at Ross because they were $5 for two of them, so it’s a really good deal. I just ironed them out and
then I cut out each girl’s name and ironed those own, and you’ll wanna use a protective barrier when you’re ironing anything
on using the Cricut iron on, but you can also get iron on
fabric and print out things from the craft store, or print their names onto that
and then cut it out as well, and then we just let the girls
go crazy with fabric markers, and this took up at least 45
minutes to an hour of the day, so that was a really fun craft that the kids actually really loved. And of course, they get to take
something home and have fun that’s personalized, and then
they can always go in later and color more on it
after they’re all done if they didn’t get to finish it, but this would be a fun craft
to do while you’re watching a movie or just to hang
out with your girls and get ’em done. And they turned out so much fun, I loved seeing all the
different creative minds of all the different kids at the party. So, we had an absolute blast doing this. The next thing I made for
the girls was a hairbrush because you know you’re
gonna be doing hair at your sleepovers, and
you can use stickers, but I used my Cricut to cut
out the names of all the girls to coincide with their
pillowcases and look the same. And then, once those are on there you could mod podge over them, so they’re waterproof or whatnot, and I wrapped them in socks,
paired them with a little mug and some nails so we could have a blast throughout the rest of the night, and every girl got their own
little stuff to take home. We had so much fun at the sleepover, so if you guys wanna
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subscribe to Millennial Moms, check out right there. If you guys wanna see more from me on my own personal channel, I’m AuntieTay. Love you guys, bye.

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