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Good morning! Happy Monday right? Happy Monday… okay. Today I have kind of a lot. Um yeah I’m not really sure. I woke up with like a bad dream but I’m just gonna do a lot of cleaning,
organizing, chill, because I have to sleep when he sleeps type of day and just a lot of self-care because I’m really starting to think more about my self care you know while I’m pregnant. Instead of just you know making sure everything’s
perfect. So that’s all we’re gonna do. I already had my shot and I need to do
an emergency pickup of some Crinone gel, my medication because Saturday when we went camping I realized that I only had two left so for Saturday and Sunday night and that was it. I wasn’t sure if the pharmacy was gonna
be able to get it right away on Monday. So I called… well I emailed the
nurse and she said that she can give me two of them today to pick up this
morning but the pharmacy did say that they would have it ready by noon. So
Jenna’s gonna pick that up for me and yeah. Yes my house looks like it’s a mess but
what I’m actually doing is I’m taking things and getting them ready to sell. So you might be asking why? I intend to pay off some of our debts, try to reduce that down as much as possible and because we have to save up money for a new breast pump. I really, really want to get the Elvie. I know it’s early. I’m only eight
weeks. I’m thinking way ahead but I already know from a long time ago and I saw it and so now I really want to get one. I’m not sure if insurance will cover it. I mean I know they won’t cover the whole thing regardless, but they said… well possibly might not be covered because I already got one less than
three years ago. So we will see. But I’m probably gonna have to pay the full $500. So yeah we gotta save some money. Cleaning… oh… So I am cleaning and it was a success. I have put all the 0 to 3 and 3 to 6 months in one of these tubs. So now I have some maternity things. I just took all of my pants out because they’re comfortable and they fit so why not. Right… um yeah I can still fit in
regular pants but maternity pants are just so much more comfortable. I did
some laundry, I hung up some cloth diapers, and now I have more things to
put over to sell I have a diaper pail, and more laundry downstairs and um that right…. yeah right…. there. That is his like little chair he tends to sit in there. I’m considering selling it. Just because I think I’d rather get a
regular like sit-up chair because that one’s really reclined back and I don’t
like that. So we’ll see. I might sell it. I don’t know. So he is still sleeping. It’s almost 3:30 and I’m just gonna keep going until I’m
forced to wake him up and then head out and pick up Jenna. So we are going to the playground. Luckily it’s really close by the house. It is so hard to keep a toddler on
the sidewalk. Yeah I wanted to show you his shoes
later they are so cute. I don’t think I’ve shown you. I bought them from Buy Buy Baby.
I was just looking at the Elvie there and I bought them for like five bucks. Yeah they’re cute! Okay end of the day I took my last pill
all my medication is done. We’re gonna watch some of The Originals… vampires woo! Then sleep and rest. Ugh, I’m ready… ugh! Good night!

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