Fun at work | A Frustrated Software Engineer Moments 8

Oh motherf—always some excuses with you guys. Fix the system. How many times should I send the request?
– Hey, bro The manager will approve it.
– What’s up? The manager will approve it. The moment he gets time, he’ll approve it for sure. Please come and fix it, man! Bastard cut the call! What are you stressed out about? Leave me, alone bro, let me work. Got lots of work to do. (laughs) Seems like you had the canteen dal for lunch. Lunch? Lunch is something destined for you. All we have to look forward to is Dassu. And those who have Dassu in their destiny, don’t have lunch. Come on, run off. Don’t waste my time. What are you doing, though? What am I doing? I’m doing the world’s filthiest job – documentation. The code is ready, but he wants documentation! Then, he’ll ask me to make a tracker. This tracker, that tracker! One day I’m going to need a tracker to track all these trackers! I’ve to give it to him in half an hour, let me work now. Hello everyone, can I have your attention? Everybody, please stop working! (laughs) You’re going to work? You’re not going to get the time now. This is HR Connect! Mother of hell. One more problem. Can everybody please gather here? Yes, come on, everybody! Goddamn HR!
– Please, leave your work! Please come! Yes, everyone!
Yes, come come, gather! Yes! From the back, get up! Come on, come on! Yes, we don’t have all day! Yes! To hell with this HR nonsense Guys, first of all I wanted to talk to you about Fire & Safety Quiz, which I had sent to you all. So guys (do fill it up), otherwise you’ll not be allowed access. So, if you want to enter these premises, you’ll have to attend to it, and you can submit it, latest by Monday. Okay? Yes! Is it clear? Yes! Okay, so this is Friday, let’s get to ‘Fun at Work’! Are you all excited? Yes! Okay, so this is Mr. Desai. He’ll be conducting some interesting games with you all today! Over to you. Hi, I’m Sahil Desai! So, we have an amazing activity lined up today. So guys, you have to talk about your role in the current project. And, each and every one of you has to guess whether it is right or wrong. So this will help you understand each other better. – Pardon me, HR overlords! I have no intentions of disrupting these activities of yours. But on behalf of everyone, I have a few questions for you. Answer them for me. Okay! So Pooja, why don’t we start with him only? Of course, why not! Let’s start with you. Come. Yes Parth, tell me about your role. The question isn’t about my role in the project, Pooja ji! Because the maid’s payment… rent for the house… Friday beer… and rising credit card bills. The constant attack by these isn’t affected by my role in the project. Madam, this is a group hit hard by appraisals. Send them onsite, on time… …give them a little hike every year… …make a couple of false promises about promotions! All of them are more than willing to take up any project role you assign to them! True! Well said! What kind of frustration is this, brothers and sisters? Which has no signs of leaving despite indulging in ‘Fun at Work’ in the middle of their project? We hereby relieve you of your responsibility for relieving us of our frustration. Enough is enough! You people choke the resource as soon as he’s taken into the project… You misuse the powers of the developer by asking him for documentation! And as for the freshers– I’ll — I’ll get back to you on this Uh..yes, of course. Of course. Excuse me… Wha–she just ran off? Well, what did she expect, of course she’ll have to get back to us! You’re a fresher? Yes sir What time did you come to office today? I was here by 9 What time are you going to leave? Got some work left over, I might be here till 9 Why don’t you just live here itself? Eat, drink, sleep and shit right here! The rustling of leaves, twinkling of stars, flowing river waters… When was the last time you saw all this? Probably when I was young. When do you plan to see it next – when you’re old? You’ll live your life when its already out of your hands? hey you all, come on, whoever’s done with their work, go home Behave like a valuable engineer, and do not try to spoil the office culture! Thank you, good night! “I LIVE HERE ONLY”

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  1. Do programmers really get treated like this in India??
    I have seen many funny videos like this, and they all have a very common theme – "Frustrated programmers being treated like slaves!"

  2. Behave like a valuable engineer and then मै यही रहता हूँ! 😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  3. Bhai Again one more. As usual Cha gaye bhai.. Ap ki video dek ke apni situation yaad ajathi he. Waiting for next video..

  4. I don’t know about India but programmers are getting fuc$ed everywhere. My project manager is a beautiful lady and all she can do is make extra promises to boss &clients. After 12 grade she did only 8 months program and somehow became project mgr. Ab bho sabki leti hain behnCho$

  5. Coder ki shakityon ka galat istemaal….. Ha ha ha…
    Enjoyed it…. Hats off to that speech. Even HR role was too realistic.

  6. I am a software engineer and i love your videos. This is what going with me. You are explaining ny kife

  7. i love when i see educated indians … changes many thoughts that i have for india ……ex:racism to muslims

    holla from africa

  8. HR ke chuche…waah yaar….yeh sale behen ke lode issi HR ko ignore kaise kar sakte hain…issi toh pehle fursat main shaddi kar lo

  9. Yeh HR k pass really koi kam nahe rehta pura week me ek task hota hai…friday ko fun day banane bus aur kuch nahe

  10. Hi Mayank, have been following your videos since the A Wednesday days. I believe you are someone who should get into creative world full time. Not just to leave this frustrating IT job behind, but also because you are quite a talent.
    Hope to see that happen soon. Do let me know if you are around in Mumbai anytime 🙂

  11. Yes from tha back ….. Item achha hai…. Sala isko video me Jo milta hai mye de dunga yaar iski setting karwa do yaar mere se….

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  13. Mayank Sir aap amazing ho!!! Please keep on doing the great work! Aap ki acting me depth aur humour dono hai. Love it

  14. Go Red Pill Men.
    Mayank Singh ne Rajkumar Rao ki phaard di.

  15. dusra kaam dhundhle developer, saley padhai dhang se ki hoati toa doctor banta, kuchh aur bantaa. developer kyun banaa be…. ghanta salo maro fir. developer developer ghanta developer. salo google se copy paste karne valo..

  16. माशाअल्लाह विडियो देखकर ऊर्जा का संचार हो रहा है।

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  18. Last sentence said by him* behave like a valuable engineer don't spoil the office culture.*. Ek dum Shi bat khi

  19. 11 years back I was working in Pune…I met a guy working in a well-known company and my conversation with him :

    Me: Hi, I am ….

    Hello, I am ….

    Me: What do you do (for your company)?

    I work on documentation

    Me: OK, documentation for what

    We have a division of departments for documentations

    Me: WTF…which documentation department

    “Financials” department

    Me: Seriously, we work on all design, code, test, deploy and then write all required documentation
    for almost all modules
    No no no,…for us, there is a separate department for each module

  20. Excellent… Superb presentation with nice concept… Best acting of the lead actor including all supporting actors…. Great presentation…. Last Board " Mai Yahin Rehta Hun" 😁😁👌

  21. waah… kya acting Ki hai bhai…
    if I would be in the film industry,
    I give you a Best Award-winning short film in acting.

  22. Developer se documentation ka kaam krate ho and
    Behave like A valuable engineer 😍
    Epic lines 🙂🙂dil khush ho gya!

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