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Hello Friends…..I , your friend Anu Singhal , is back with you with a fantastic new balloon game This game can also be played as a punctuality game As you all can see that there are some balloons kept here now.. Let’s see that what do we have to do in this game Make a list of the names of people of members in your group Just like I have made I have 6 members in my group Seema , Meena , Sona , Mona , Mita , and Geeta I have made and put the slips of their name of the members in the balloon before inflating the balloons I have written the numbers 1 to 6 on the inflated balloons. Now nobody knows slip of whose name is in which balloon So the name of each member is there in any one balloon Now call the members and give them these slips on which nothing is written Ask them to write any number of their choice from 1 – 6 on this slip ( because we have 6 members in our group ) Now.. Collect all the slips from the members Now whichever number is written the most time We will take the balloon numbered with that number and blast it The one whose name will be written on slip inside the balloon will be our winner Now.. I will see that which number is written the most times in my slip In my slips, number 3 is written the most times So it will take the balloon number 3 I found it And I will blast it in front of all members [Blast] And whichever slip we we get in this This is MITA So the winner of our game is Mita Friends, do you find this game interesting???? If you like this game Please LIKE my video And do not forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel Thank you Friends.

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