Fun Blippi Monster Truck Egg Hunt – Learn Colors with Blippi

Oh, look at this monster truck! I have something fun
for us to do today. Let’s go off some jumps. And let’s find some colored eggs.
Let’s go! Do you see a yellow egg around here? Yeah, there is a yellow egg
somewhere. Oh, here it is! Good job!
You found a yellow egg! Alright, let’s find some more eggs. Do you see the pink egg? Where is the pink egg? Oh, there it is! We found the pink egg.
Good job! Let’s go find some more eggs! Wow, that was a
really big jump! Speaking of big,
do you see a big egg? I don’t see it. Oh, there it is! Wow, look at this big green egg!
Good job! Alright, I think we should go find
some more eggs. Do you see a blue egg? I know it’s around here
somewhere. There it is! Yeah, this is a blue egg. Good job, we found another. Let’s find some more! Do you see another egg? The color orange. Oh, there it is! Good job! We found another egg! And this egg is the color orange. There is another egg around here. Oh, there it is! Yeah! Look, we found another egg,
and this egg is purple. Alright. Yeah, good job!
We found a bunch of colored eggs. Let’s check out all the eggs
we’ve got. We’ve got a blue egg today. Blue egg. Ok, and we’ve got a… Pink egg. Pink egg. And then we’ve got
a purple egg. Purple egg. Then, let’s see. An orange egg. Wow, orange. And, oh, another one
we’ve got today together. A yellow egg. Yellow. And last but not least,
we’ve got a green egg. And this green
egg is really big! I wonder what’s inside
this big green egg. Let’s crack the egg
and see what’s inside. Wow, look!
It’s a Blippi plush doll! Parents, siblings, grandparents,
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