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Only we can get the luck of sharing a single under ware my friend! That is true bro Bro, i am hungry. How much money do you have? I have Rs.500/- I also have Rs.500/-, we can go to a restaurant & have nice biryani! Rs.500/- ? But you should have Rs.505/- bro! No, he did not give me any change bro! Hey, he gave.  You ate half of the curry saying that you will taste it. And forgot in hurry!  Hey, you the one who was teasing that girl And dreamt that I got Rs.5/- more No he gave  No he did not give No he gave. He did not give! No he gave No he did not give! Heyyy, he gave!!! He gave!!! Guys, what are you fighting for so badly? Hey bro, reentry ah? You don’t want? Okay i am leaving! No bro. Audience will not accept! Okay. But why are you guys fighting? No bro, it is related to us. Okay, you tell bro! He said right, it is related to us! Oh, when two handsome men are fighting Another handsome man wanted to solve the issue You guys are telling dialogues like it is related to us!!! Tell me what is the matter? Nothing bro. You idiots When two gentlemen are fighting Another gentleman is trying to solve the issue and  Why are you not speaking properly? Tell what is the problem Nothing bro! We are missing Rs.5/- from yesterday night’s curry You stupid You guys seem sot me smart as me  But did such a silly thing? People will put curry leaves in food but not coins! Curry means curry point where we missed Rs.5/- You think curry point is Kashi to drop Rs.5/- ? You will not understand bro. ** Native Proverb ** You guys are telling like A Korean movie which has Bhojpuri subtitles! Tell me clearly, what happened? I will tell you what exactly happened Just stop it! The amount of clutter in your brain is as bad as the drainage in hyderabad. Your 5 rupees have not gone anywhere! it is with you only! How? Will tell How much do you have? Rs.500/- Give me How is Rs.5/- related to Rs.500/- ? Are you handsome? Yes Then this is also related! How much do you have? Rs.500/- Give me Why is he asking me? How much ever you icy, you will not get the answer! I will tell you the answer, give me the money! How much should I give you? Rs.500/- Take Your debt is recovered? Now give your friend Rs.500/- Why should I give? Think like that Okay, thought Here take it! Now you should give me Rs.500/- right? Think like that When he can think, can’t you think? Give One, Two! Right Now you should give your friend Rs.500/- Why should I give? Think! Thought Give Where do I have? You thought, i am not there ? You thought one handsome will not help another handsome? Ask me loan Give me a loan Rs.500/- Hey what is that? A person askling for loan should be humble I have to help my friend, give me Rs.500/- Okay, give Hey take it my friend! Okay! Now your friend met with an accident! When did my friend meet with an accident? Think! He is in critical condition now, give him Rs.1000/- I have Rs.500/- only You thought one gentleman will not help another gentleman? Ask for loan! Bro, my friend is serious in hospital, will you give me Rs.500 loan? Here take Thanks bro Now give it to your friend! Hey take Rs.1000/- Take care of your health, use this for medicines! Now you are fine & came out of hospital How is your health now? Very fine now Having tables on time? Yes yes. You remember, you had taken loan of Rs.500? Give How much should you give him? Rs.500 Give it! Your friend is fine now You have taken loan, when will you return it? Will give Give Now are all your loans cleared? Yes. Over Happy? Yes happy Friends should not fight. Specially a handsome like you A gentleman like you Should never fight! Okay? Thank you bro! You came like god & cleared all our debts! Promise that you will not fight. Promise Yes, pinky promise Ok, bye. Hey my dear Tell me my dear. Good that he came & cleared all our debts I am hungry, come we will go and eat biryani Rs.500/- ? Hey we lost our 500 bro!!! Mine also bro Hey, see this is how 6 packs looks like. Hey this is 8 packs Look at this folds & biceps Look at the chest, will kill you with a strike What will you strike Look here Look here When 2 body builders are fighting, I have come here to solve the problem What is the problem guys? It is like… You guys have money? Yes, we have Then okay! Bajjis Bajjis…. Hot hot bajji. It will melt in your mouth. hot hot bajji. Fresh & tasty bajji. come & taste Tell madam, what do you want? Holding a jilebi you are telling bajji, whats wring? I will tell as I like, what is your problem? Idiot, you do not what to tell Please do not shout loudly If the ants or flies listen, they will come & eat these jilebis!!! Wow, what a beautiful girl! Excuse me, will you give me lift till Hitech City? If such a beautiful girl asks lift, I will will give me property too! Yes, please come. She is awesome! Hello madam, excuse… The patient has got cured now, see to it that he pays his bills Doctor… Careful careful… Doctor, this girl has fainted please see  Is it? You wait out. I will check. Congratulations, your project is a success. All your efforts have been rewarded, you are going to become a father Your wife is pregnant. Who is whose wife? I do not know her doctor. Listen Mr. Prakashraj To make her pregnant, you need no details You are unnecessarily connecting the dots She is not my wife. Doctor, he has only done everything! What is this girl talking? I have understood! If you want more clarity Inspector is waiting inside with more clarity! I don’t know that girl inspector! I gave her lift & since she fainted, bought her to hospital Really? Would you have taken to your room if she did not faint? Inspector I just joked! We have understood from the reports that you are not the father of her baby! Thank god! I should now tell you an exiting news. We have found out that you can never become a father! Can I never become a father! Don’t I have an option to become a father? I am married & have 2 kids right? Then whom were they born to? What is this, why are so many people here? Excuse me? Hey quite Excuse me Hey just wait!!! What? There used to be no one near the park.  What special today? There are so many people? Nothing bro, a rape was done in this park yesterday! Rape? Generally people won’t be seen in such places right? Why so many people today? Rape not on girl but on a boy! That is why so many people gathered! Did the people who rape, came again today? Did some interesting scenes happen or not? No bro, even I am waiting for that only! ** Native Song of Excitement ** Why are you still standing here? Will you not to see? ** Native Song of Excitement ** Hey bro, give half kg jilebi! Will you eat bro? No no, I also want to sell just like you. Idiot! To eat only, give! Hey bro, give me some sugar. Why sugar bro? I have a habit of eating something sweet after eating anything!!! Hey, are all the arrangements for the meeting done? Have all our guests come from everywhere? I will be there in 30 mins & will shake the meeting Why are you becoming so nervous? Nothing bro. Do you believe in God? I will believe in girls but not God! You should be like this only, you are the future!!! Be careful, you are doing too much! What should we do now? We are arranging a meeting for people like us, come lets go! Mom, the meeting is over now. We are coming now!!! Bro, how did the meeting happen? With the grace of all the lords, the meeting went on very well!!!

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  2. Boring anipisthe oka like kottaandi na cmnt ki @tone knchem manchi videos chayandi boss rota ga wrost ga unnay navvu ravadam amo gaani virakthi ga undhi

  3. kullipoyina jokes kuda levu indulo mari enta back aypotunnaru kanisam Tiktok videos laganna cheyandi chustaru…….

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