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Hi all Hey Sai Bro What are the audience’s expressions? Last episode skit was average they think Assuming that this skit will be good They are waiting with expectations Oh what is the next skit? Mahi Bhai!!! What is Mahi bhai like Shanta bhai? Bro, mahi bhai is not a person, it is an emotion!!! You look awesome just like xerox of buffalo! There is 1 Lakh rupees in it. So what is the work for me? You should warn my husband! What did he do? He is doing nothing, thus you should warn him! Doing nothing? Doing nothing means, not doing things I tell! Not cooking, not washing and not cleaning!!! I understood! You work will be done, you can go now. Before our Mahi bhai’s introduction We should tell you about a stupid fellow He generally makes us mad by doing all the tik toc videos! That’s the matter See & enjoy! He & his tic toks Broooooooo…. What? We got a deal! Hey, now put the background!!! Who are you all? Seems like these days you are not washing clothes Not cooking itseems Not washing utensils itseems! My house, my wife, my wish! What’s the problem with you? Now if you don’t do the work told by your wife This video will go viral on whatsaap Facebook, insta & tic tok. Will do! Take this 2000/- & do a small work for me Rs.2000/-? My dog has ran away with another dog! Search that for me! Bro is getting frustrated Don’t know what tic tok he will do now Frustration… Frustration Frustration.. Cool.. Cool Why is he still here, send him out!!! Cool.. Cool Hello You should kidnap a few Hey hey, we got a deal! But the way, whom should we kidnap My mom My dad My grandfather My brother Why should we kidnap all of them? They are not letting me play PUBG peacefully!! Hi dear! Happy Valentine’s Day dear! Thank you. Wish you the same! Do you know 1 thing? Got a dream this morning that you gave me a platinum necklace! Does it mean………. Ooooo Will meet in the evening right!!! Wait till then! So sweet! Love you!!! Love you too dear! Hey dear Hi dear Where is my gift! Here Why did you give this baby? What did you tell in the morning? Got a dream this morning that you gave me a platinum necklace! This means…… The meaning will be in this, look into this!!! Let us all eat peacefully by keeping the cell phones aside! You kept chapathi right? Punch ah? We can watch that in TVs Now in Youtube also ah? Hello! Dear, I have come to a shopping mall! Diamond necklaces are beautiful here! Rs.40,000/- itseems, should I take? Only 40,000/- take dear! The sarees here are also very nice! Rs.5000/- only itseems, should I take? Rs.5000/- only, take 4 dear! Dear, your card is with me only Should I use your card? Is your card different from mine? Both are the same, take dear! Hey seems like there is a lot of money in your card! Have you taken any loan? Giving your wife offers Keep that matter aside! Just look call I answered!!! This phone is mine bro!!! Hey she saw! Who is he? Oh god! He is following me only! Why is he following me? What are you trying to do, following me from Somajiguda to Punjagutta? Following from punjagutta to Srinagar colony You have come from Srinagar colony to Krishnanagar What is your problem? I have not seen a beautiful girl like you in Hyderabad!!! Oh god!!! Why did you make me so beautiful? So will you follow if we are beautiful? Hello, what beauty are you talking about? You have turned your hotspot without password Able to access internet very fast!!! Wait for 2 mins & the video will be downloaded completely!!! Sir, order sir! You idiot! Don’t you understand I am blind? Go and get a spoon from the kitchen, I will tell the order. What? He will tell the dishes by smelling ah? What? Spoon ah? Okay sir! Paneer Curry!!! But salt is slightly more in this curry Reduce salt & do it a little spicy for me! Get 2 phulkas also with these please! How did he say ya? Hey, Bhimvaram pulav!!! Bhimvaram pulav, how is he guessing so correctly? But in this add little pepper & get 2 plates go! Nellore fish curry Nellore fish curry?? Where is it? I don’t even know that this dish is there in my hotel! But how is he telling so accurately? Make it double spicy & get it for me! Hey come here! Give that spoon! We are getting the same rotten smell right? What is the time? Today, I should crack his knack of tasting Where are you all? Hey, come here Is this spoon for Sir? Give it to me! You be here. Okay sir Charuuuu Charu.. I just completed making kheema curry & was making parcels Why did you call me? Can you sip it once & give? Why baby? Please do it once for me! Anything for you baby! ** Village Name ** ** Lake front ** ** Girls Name ** Seems like my ex-girlfriend is working here!!! Dear venkatalakshmi, where are you? Seenu Will you do one thing for me this Valentine’s Day? You ask & I deny? You just ask whatever you want! That bald uncle has kept jewelry exhibition in Lalitha Jewelry itseems We both will shop together & should make a bill of Rs.5 Lakhs! Just because I gave a chance, she has put a tender! Seenu….. Have you asked me something reasonable? Ask something else, we can do it. Really! So, this time you will not deny right What do you think about seenu? Just ask & will do it for you. Give me your phone once, will read all your messages There is a lot of traffic get ready we will go now! Whistle once & attract the girl Whistle again & attract her to yourself! Whistle yet another time & make her melt for you Who can do this according to you? This can be possible either by the rich or the courageous Or an intellectual person Or if we are lucky, even we can Absolutely wrong, this is possible only by a pressure cooker in the kitchen!!! Arey, forgot to keep the watch Phone is also switched off, how now? There is someone there! What is the time? Oh, hindi ah? What is the time? Idiot, shook all the body parts with a punch! Why did he punch me so badly? Oh reason ah? He cannot speak & it is 1 o clock now. Thus punched you once!!!

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  1. అరేయ్ మహేష్ విత్త నీకు మొడ్డ ఉందా పూకు ఉందా సోది లంజ కొడకా ని అమ్మ పూకు గాలి లంజలు రా అవి మా ఫ్రెండ్ కి నాకు గొడవ అయింది రా కోజా గా ని అమ్మ ని రోడ్డు మీద దెంగిస్తా రా సుల్లి గా మీది ఫన్ బకెట్ కాదు రా నా సుల్లి క్రింద ఆతులు లా బకెట్

  2. 10:35 idhi tamil lo unna comedy scene meekantu oka manchi perundhi please copy cat ani peru thechukokandi all the best guys

  3. Sri TeluguOne variki namaskaramulandi, manchi Fun Bucket video itchi nanduku meeku dhanyavadamulandi.

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