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Hey Kanipakam, why are you rubbing the gel so much? I am applying sun screen lotion. Sun screen lotion, what is that? We all will get tanned by roaming in sun right? But if you apply this, we will not get tanned! Really, give it to me! Hey what are you doing? Nothing Kanipakam Just within an hour after wearing, this collar is turning black! But you just told right, things will not turn black if we apply the cream! Thus applying that cream to this collar! ** Humming song ** Listen Sundari Open the door! You drank again, idiot! Today I will not open the door! When did I leave drinking to ask this question? Open the door! Why do you need a house after drinking? Go & sleep there only! ** Abusing ** With 3 to 4 wine shops in a lane, government is taking care of us! Are you not proud of your husband? Will you open the door or not? Today I will not open the door! If you do not open the door now Will get into the drainage & die! Please do that, I will be happy! How cruel have you become? I will really go & jump now! Get lost! Oh God, did he really jump? You stupid, wait I am coming! Hey idiot, open the door! Sitting at home if you are so smart, I will be so smart after drinking! If you do not open the door now, will call everyone around Call everyone, I will also ask What work does she have outside the house at this time! What is she doing with my purse in hand? So giving me the leftover food, she is ordering fresh food!! Listen! Listen! Please give me something to eat Take it Please tell the pin number mam! 3333 So this lady is spending all the money like this! Listen! You? What are you doing here? What will happen to my earnings if you give pin numbers to everyone like this? The couple in the neighbourhood are fighting, you can go there right? The fight started because I went to their house You come in quickly! Good morning! Good morning, please tell me your problem! I have digestion problem! Unable to travel with people! Unable to work with people When I go out, I get irritated to see dirty restaurants Because of this phobia, I am losing value among friends Also feeling insecured because of this Are you able to sleep properly at night? No sir! Are you getting wired dreams in the mornings? No dreams but urgency for using washrooms! Please give me your hands, will check your pulse rate! Nothing to worry! Will prescribe tablets for a week, you will feel better! Even other doctors whom I met said the same! But I did not feel better! Others are different, Dr. Durga is different! If you do not feel better, I will quit my profession So many days, I have seen doctors who took just money from me For the first time I am seeing a doctor who has filled confidence in me! If you don’t mind A small compensation from my side doctor! Thank you! Please use the tablets from time to time! Thank You Hello Hello, Mr Mahesh! This is Dr. Durga Please tell doctor You had come for phobia treatment right? The cheque which you gave bounced, can you give another cheque? What, the cheque bounced? The tablets which you gave also bounced back after having them! You come & give me other tablets then I will come & give! ** Scolding doctor & telling him to cut the call ** Hey Chinnari Hey Chinnari Hey Chinnari! What happened? Its mid night & you are sleeping here without going home? Nothing much Have to submit the project to the HR in the morning! He will kill me if I do not submit! What will I go & come from Gachibowli after going now! Thus sleeping here Okay, but remove your glasses and sleep! I have a habit of going into dreams before sleeping Srinu! How is it related with you removing your glasses? Kajal will come into my dreams, she will be seen blur if I remove the glasses!!! Hey Mahesh What are you doing here in this scorching heat? We have a farewell party in college tomorrow! Friends have decided black as dress code I don’t have black dress My mother is not giving money too! Thus standing with white dress under the sun! You should shop black shirt from big bazaar But why are you standing here like this? ** Scolding him ** In an hour this white shirt will turn black, thus standing here! What, white shirt will turn black in an hour? How is that possible? If we roam in sun we are turning black then why not the shorts? Its not happening here, will try elsewhere! If you permit, I will get married this very moment!! Ok bro, whom will you marry? Mmmm, lite! Hey, why are you so happy? I fulfilled my grandpa’s last wish, thus feeling happy! What is that? Before dying, my grandpa took a promise from me! He said people should keep roaming around my Samadhi always! I dealt with it very smoothly! People don’t respect elders when they are with us! Then how can they go to Samasdhis? Nothing much, kept fastest free wifi around his Samadhi! Hey you are under estimating me. Ask anyone in LB Nagar, they will tell about me! What will they say? We do not know him, they will tell! In summer, people will wear cotton shirts & glasses like me! Why are you roaming with sweater & muffler? Have you lost your senses due to heat? They have kept a windmill at my girlfriend’s place itseems! So, just to protect myself from cold wore all this! That star, this star! What happened to the middle one? Hey dear I have a small doubt! What? What is the difference between complete & finish? To do the work successfully! Why 2 words when they mean the same? Wait, will tell! With me in your life all your problems are complete With you in my life, my life is finished!

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  1. Ee funbucket episode chala kothaga undhi chala days tharuvathaa ,navuukunna ……. Elaganee cheyandee jokes mudhunna episodes kudaa..

  2. Bokkkaa laga vundhi … Punch emi vestaro telisipotundhi and meru adi kuda enka lag conversation tho enka worst chestunaru … BUT LAST THREE ARE SUPERB YARH .

  3. Jokes unte baguntundi. Mega serial chusina effect kaligindi. Next time koncham jokes tho video cheyyandi please

  4. అత్యంత చెత్త ఎపిసోడ్… ఫన్ బకెట్ వాల్యూ పోయే రోజులు తీసుకొస్తున్నారు…. ఎందుకో ఏమో మీరే తెలుసుకోవాలి…. (వ్యాపారాలు పక్కన పెట్టండి )

  5. లాస్ట్ జోక్ చాలా బాగుంది 😆😆😆😆😆😆

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